Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Penang Food 1

It is extremely difficult for me to blog about food.

I tried before. I blogged about a food place in Edinburgh before. Here

But then as you can see, quite fail la.

When the food arrives, the first thing in my mind is:


Taking picture before eating is so disrespecting the famine africans.


Anyway, due to my severe lack of idea to blog, turning to food might be my next best bet.

And moreover, I am so damn f***ing bored.

Everyday doing nothing at home.

So, I brought my mum, who has been unemployed since 55 years ago, to go around Penang to jalan jalan cari makan.

This would be the first to feature in this blog.

Toh Soon Cafe

Maybe because today was still holiday for some, it was quite busy.

The menu is simple. Roti with butter or kaya or both, any kind of beverages a normal kopitiam offers, and half boiled egg.

Just a small alley between the totally-white-elephant-failure-overly-nicely-decorated-Lebuh Campbell and Jalan something, google-lah yourself.

Ohya, I was told that this place is famous for Kopi O. and also Chief Minister LGE's coffee place. So if got children who failed to get JPA, come here and wait for him la.

I didnt order the half boiled egg, because of my profound medical knowledge of salmonella. (it has high geliness anyway).

SPOT the difference(s) between the two pictures below.

Yes. They are completely similar. I copy and paste. Thanks for participating.


Eve said...

hate u ..

Anonymous said...

i was fooled, but still love your blog.