Sunday, November 21, 2010


It has been a month, I doctored.

I am now less BS. Less blow, less slow.

But I gues I am still blower and slower as compared to the average speed of other one month's old houseman.

Sometimes I wonder....

Why scolding is the most used medium of vertical teaching in our hospitals? What is it so hard that the superior cant tell the mistakes done by subordinates; properly and professionally? How time wasting is that to take a minute to understand how it happens?

At times I wonder if all of us can have a video of our career growth. I wonder how my MO wrote her first few documentations. Is it that newbie like us are extremely slow and blow in comparison to your first month that you need to be that disturbed?

At times I wonder....

Are we keeping the patient for our training and let fate takes the own course? How can refering back and forth can be the plan for the patient?

Why is it that we write TCA instead of PCA? TCA - To come again, PCA - Please come again?

Why is it wrong to write, TCA as soon as possible, as compared to TCA stat.

If you like to use stat so much, how on earth that you dont know the root word of stat? As much as I hate that word also I know it is statim. Perhaps we all should keep learning our dictions and terminology before you use them.

To those who think that I am depress, worry you shall not.

I am not. I am currently doing ok. The first test of housemanship is to be able to take scoldings, be it reasonable or not,


and the ang that you know, is as usual,

why am i so handsome. why.