Monday, December 26, 2011

Monday, November 28, 2011


Teka teki.

Very long time liau didnt kasi.

1. During thunderstorm, u dengar dulu or u nampak dulu?

Ans: Nampak dulu. Coz mata di depan telinga.

2. During orang kentut, u dengar dulu or u bau dulu?

Ans: I lari dulu.

Original from Ang.

Btw: Why Rimau? Why....

Friday, November 25, 2011


How much knowledge can one stores in the memory?

Its depressing when everything you read doesnt seemed to stick.

It used to be easier.

Guess age is catching up. faster than i thought.

On the mean time:

I do enjoy my job at the moment.


Well guided.

And, most importantly;

I am working with a jokeable bunch.

Hope this will last.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Thank you!

The adrenaline rush you guys gave me was.....PRICELESS~!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Others!


I need a break la.

Long break from the urge to settle things, for other people.


I myself also cannot understand why!

Saturday, November 05, 2011

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Lif (e)

Tekan lif.

Lif come.

Lif door open.


I tekan button.

Lif door close.


But what if tekan too kuat?

Pecah la.

Then how?

Still sampai.

Just that its pecah now.

No longer can tekan no more.

Hope that the button dont pecah.

But then hor, ada crack a little bit liau.

I saw one crack one.


Friday, October 28, 2011


Damn tired.

Finish tagging.

Dont know whether I had learn even 10% to be functioning.


Maybe i m just too stupaeds.

!!! MRCPCH ?

Thursday, October 13, 2011


Young doctors mollycoddled

I REFER to “Overworked housemen” (Letters, Oct 5) and other grouses that increasingly make their way into our media by Generation Y housemen. As a specialist in a government hospital in Selangor, I feel that instead of silence that may be misconstrued as guilt, there is a need to reply.

We are now at a crossroads in our health system. The high standards that were maintained through the years have fallen by the wayside. This is especially evident from the constant complaints of the younger generation, although the system and the government are bending over backwards to accommodate them. The reasons:

-- An overload of new housemen/doctors – 500 a year in 1998 and 7,500 in 2011, with the number estimated to rise to 10,000 in coming years.

-- Too many medical schools in the country – 42 at the last count, with some having very low standards. Indonesia with a population of about 300 million has half the number. How did these colleges come to be recognised?

-- Too many medical schools recognised overseas, with the standards, especially of Russian ones, being extremely low.

-- So we are now inundated with housemen to train, wherein 60% are of very low standard – meaning not even fit to pass the finals in a medical school exam, let alone to treat patients.

-- We, the specialists, are forced to retrain and even reteach these incompetents.

-- There are only so many times you can give advice to a person who doesn’t listen – sometimes when a patient’s life is at stake, voices have to be raised! Don’t you agree?

-- Increasingly, our politicians get involved when some VIP’s son or daughter who can’t cope, just wants to float through. Many specialists have been given letters of warning, when all they were doing was enforcing appropriate disciplinary action in respect of housemen who had gone AWOL.

-- The number of litigation cases against the Health Ministry due to housemen is at an all-time high.

-- The shift system was opposed by all senior faculty in the ministry, vis a vis all senior specialists, but it was forced on us. Who is going to monitor all these housemen under the shift system – the specialists?

-- When these housemen become medical officers and specialists, are they also going to go on shift?

-- We have better things to do than mollycoddle a tsunami of sub-standard doctors. If we are not careful, there will be a great exodus of specialists from the public health system in the next few years.

All you see in government hospital nowadays are the poor and the illegals – everyone else has an insurance card! So to the powers that be, wake up and smell the coffee.

via email


He is right.

I have never moan about being scolded by my boss, with justifiable reason.

But I am very disappointed with the way things are going.

Is it our fault that we ended up with 50 HOs in one department?

Is it our fault that we ended up doing shift work?

Is it our fault that we have house officer graduated from Russia?

then why are we getting all the moaning?


I find it increasing irritating, (probably too strong a word to use), increasing uneasiness when specialists complained regarding the low standard of my fellow equals of house officers

Fact: House officer does not need to know much, if the current job description is all we do.

Mental strength is all that you need.

It doesnt matter where you graduate from, as long as you have the correct attitude to study whenever, you have the time, and shift system, my respectable Dr S.A, is the window of opportunity for that free time.

I graduated from one of the finest Medical School in the world, but I do not see myself better than my Russian colleagues who put effort in what he/she does.

But when all of us keep pressing on the fact that they are RUSSIANs, UKRAINIANs, I think we are not, anywhere near to solve the issue.

The fact is, like you said, at a very important juncture of which what we do now, or rather, what we dont do now, will shape the future of health care in our country. Our health care. not just "them", coz eventually all of us, our family members, will have medical problems, using the healthcare systems, be it public or private.

We need to change the leadership and management style in our training hospital. We need to change the attitude of all the specialists, and those who are bestowed with the noble duty to train the younger doctors.

Rather than embarked on the similar issue each and everytime, blaming it to the policy makers only,

Why not we have a pow-wow to sit down and work out, what we can do to make this work?

Changing the training structure?

Changing the attitudes of house-officers?

Pumping in confidence?

Getting them more involved in everyday decision makings?

Put in more effort to get them into formalised trainings?

My respectable readers;

There is no such thing as poor medical graduate, in my opinion,

Coz either you are a high flying gold medalist medical graduate who knows the whole of davidsons, or you are just another medical graduate who knows nothing.

But we will learn.

No such thing as poor houseman!

Only poorly taught trained, poorly motivated house officers.

At least that is I would like to think of my fellow colleagues and myself.

That we all are doctors, and we all sacrificed our valuable youths, to be a someone that can help someone else, in times of need.

That we are not just trying to get past each year only to look for the newest car, buying another house, feeding another family.

While others are sacrificing their youth to gather more money, to live better, to spend more time with family,

we are still studying, for exams, exams and more exams, to be a better positioned, better know-how, better equipped doctor. and that, is independent, of

where you graduate from.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


When I opened The Star Online to read news, the box of the most viewed news by Malaysians would never fail to amaze / amuse me.

The day after Najib announced his latest budget, the all important budget news only managed to get to the number 4, not too sure whether it is of particular order.

The other news are all the grandfather raping grandson, mother selling daughters to prostitution etc etc.

Make no mistakes that all these news come not from the star itself, they came from a strange segment called: News from elsewhere.

It compiles news pieces from chinese dailies, internet dailies, indian dailies, and most importantly, Harian Metro.

Harian Metro, my fellow readers, is the MOST, horny newspaper on this land.

I dont know where they get their stories, but everyday, without fail, they will have a front page story of somewhat sex related story.

If you dont believe in me, just pop down to one of the newspaper stand in town, and look for harian metro.

I can assure u, it gets u reading.

The reason why thestar keep publishing their newspiece? I dont know.

Probably the best news is always, horny news.

Harian metro, ftw.


I tried to figure out what I want to do in the future.

The truth is, funnily enough, we live in today's world, thinking of tomorrow.

We sacrifice health, for work, for money.

We then sacrifice money, for health, for continuation of ability to work, to get more money, to be sacrificed for recuperating health we lost in search of money.

We live in today's world, keep thinking of the past, and worrying of the future.

Perhaps the best thing to, is to keep going, keep going, keep going.

I dont believe in the : when the going gets tough, the tougher gets going.

The toughest makes tougher calls, and toughest call, is to change, not doing the normal way.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Shift work may affect housemen’s training, says Abdul Hamid

PETALING JAYA: The creation of shift duties to ease the long working hours of housemen in public hospitals may affect their training.

Physicians for Social Responsibility vice-president Datuk Dr Abdul Hamid Abdul Kadir voiced concern that training and supervision would be affected for those on the night shift because senior doctors only come when on call.

“New graduates require special attention and the shift system will not help train new house officers (HOs),” he said in an interview.

In his Budget 2012 speech on Friday, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak said that the Government had introduced a flexible schedule with an average of 60 working hours per week for housemen to ease the workload of doctors who had to work for up to 120 hours per week.

He said that they would be paid a Special Flexible Working Allowance of RM600 a month effective Sept 1 this year, replacing the on-call allowance.

Dr Abdul Hamid said the over-crowding of housemen in most government hospitals had led to a lack of supervision and the night shift would only make the situation worse.

Health Minister Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai said they would still be taught during overlapping shifts when housemen from both shifts would be present.

“We will make sure they get the exposure they need,” he said.

Liow said shifts and reduced hours were needed to prevent on-calls that were extended for long without rest.


what training?

training to trace result?

training to refer social workers?

training to trace CT Scan?

training to escort pt to the other hospital 20 mins away?

what training?

Sunday, October 09, 2011

In celebration of First Anniversary of Doctorship,

Whatablog!! is proudly present to you a community service message:

Do Not Be A Doctor!

You are, constantly in very bad position to make decisions.


Thursday, September 29, 2011

Life is Fair!

The best part of housemanship is that you get to pass on the shit to ur boss.


Monday, September 19, 2011


What a week.

Worked so hard.

But failed to prioritize.

The priority to be houseman is to always go and attend course during busy times so as to avoid jobs. and god willingly, the job would be sorted by some other people.

The priority to be houseman is to make sure your logbook is filled up correctly, cheated properly so as to avoid extension, and god willingly, you would finish ur housemanship in time, logbookcally.

I failed to prioritize.

It is not to do ur job properly.

It is not to make sure patients are attended well.

It is not to make sure your teammates can pull through their day with your maximum ability to help.

It is not.

It is all about filling logbook and attending courses.


Monday, September 12, 2011

How to Lose Weight in Simple Steps of 1, 2, 3


Why suddenly can turn fat one?

How come!!

Its a super vicious cycle.

Fatter - mau eat banyaker = became fatter - eat morer - became poorer - fatter.

I read a lot of articles about how to lose weight.

I think the below exercise is quite useful. all of us, regardless age or sex can practice when needed.

Losing Weight Exercise.

1. Turn ur head to the left.

2. Now in one swift motion, turn it to right.

3. Repeat Step 1 and 2.

4. This exercise should be repeated until the person who offers food leave.

- Ya, L.A.M.E.

Got this while listening to Mix Fm.

Anyway, seriously, i wanna save more money to buy big house, big cars and more wives.



Ladies and Gentleman,



- SPP, established since 2005.

Saturday, September 10, 2011


I dont understand why my mobile servicer can charge me a new 6% service tax without the knowledge and approval from government

And yet they are still using the same old satelit since 10 years ago,

still operating in an industry with no raw material needed to produce the goods,

still have the same number of competitors in the market

and still have the same blardy level of corporate tax imposed on them.

I dont understand why my ministers are willing to travel up to 14 hours to another continent to meet the Malaysians' students there and, oh ya, might as well signing the 10000th MoU with Latvia and Croatia.

And yet they never step inside the estate school whose roof is still leaking rainwater.

I dont understand why there is absolutely no news on any shits involving the ruling government and ministers.

Are my ministers all decendants of Amon Re that i need to pray to for adequate rain and good yield for my sago farm every year?

I dont understand why all opposition MPs is said evil and unpatriotic for questioning the army expenditure on purchasing a tank 10 times the market price and paying a new hospital price to a middle man company to maintain a stupid submarine?

I dont understand why my government said the economic growth is healthy at 5% and inflation is neglible but the people's salary remained more or less the same for past 5 years but the price of kopi ais increased at an average 10sen a year since 5 years ago.

What does the 5% grow means? Fungi growth rate?

I dont understand why my MP's are all so hyped up on history of Bukit Kepong this week, sex video last month and whose sperm up whose anus last year.

and not many interested when will the hospital shah alam ready for service? probably that we can wait but we need to get to the bottom of who was Mat Indera, communist or freedom fighter as soon as possible.

I cant read the news too often. I get depressed very easily.

Tuesday, September 06, 2011


I always find the starting sentence of "Thank you very much for the kind referral" as the most reassuring sentence in the casenote of any patients.

I wanted to believe that the other side really, thankful, that i refer to him/her.

The very nature of our work is highly dangerous, and risky.

To both, patient and us.

As our CPH always said, defining self knowledge and capabilities' boundaries would be one of the most difficult things to do as medical practitioners.

We refer because we are not in the right position to make that call.

I would take pride when people refer to me.

I would really meant it when i said, "many thanks for your referral"

That is the whole idea of specialization.

That is why butcher only good in cutting meat, and plumber can do the pipings.

When the nurse refer to us the lowly houseman for spike of fever, or high bp, low urine output;

I sincerely wanted to help.

Because we are having the same dillemma when we refer our MO/specialist for high urea/creat overnight.

We want some of greater-than-us position, capability, experience, and know-how to tell us what to do, and doing the right thing. In some level, to protect us.

I cant never quite understand the fury of certain people upon getting referrals.

Also the grumpiness when attending to case referred.

To me, it is impossible to present a case without get bombarded if the other party set out the intention to do so.

I dare say even when I heard some biggies presenting to another biggie, there are gaps that i can pick up, cut in and ask for.

Why they chose not to do so?

Because the focus is to work together with mutual respect, end point is to find out the problem and solve it.

Some of the referrals are bad, i must admit, but human, like Pavlov (the dog fella) said, will inevitably, learn.

Sometimes our gaps of knowledge with lack of experience dealing with particular problem is restricting our ability to present case well, we simply dont know what is the thing they look for.

But instead of going NGAUM!!!!, the benefit of doubts has to be given to the trainee.


Monday, September 05, 2011

Primary team, again!

Going back to primary team tonight.

which means to go back to the work of a normal houseman, running bloods, tracing results, referring cases to subspec and get bombarded.

Had been enjoying myself for 1.5 months at the subspec.

In some ways I missed those primary team work.

Taking bloods in the wee hours of morning, rushing to do reviews, presenting case to bosses knowing nth abt the patient, etc etc.

All it needs is team work, team work and team work.

Hope i have got myself a great team, with someone that can tell me what to do.

Tired of telling other ppl what to do.

1 month of primary team work!!

Miss writing:

1. Continue ID plan.

2. Continue Endocrine plan.

3. Continue Nephro plan.

4. Refer cardiology.

(hidden plan: 5. Continue god's plan )

Friday, September 02, 2011

The art to lead

To lead is to gain trust.

To gain trust is to trust first.

Leading is not all that hard, but trusting other people is harder.

To trust that you will follow and do as what I said,

not because I am better than you in some sense, but because

you trusted me that I am doing this for all of us.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Who should be a doctor?

one who is perfect in everything he or she does.

one who does not feel a bit lazy in doing everyday routine.

one who studies hard during medical school.

one who examines hundreds of patients in medical school, and actively interested in examine patients during working hours

one who reads on most up to date guidelines

one who understands the meaning of death

one who fully understands the saying, bos is always right, and if you think bos is wrong, you are wrong.

if the above is getting you saying, where can like that one! if bos is wrong it is our job to say bos is wrong.

my very next question squarely is:

how sure are you that your bos is wrong?

is it because the patient dies?

is it because you have read and experienced so much so that you have the confidence otherwise?

is it because you think your bos is uselesser than you despite in seeing world earlier than you?

i should have done other things because

i am too nice to be a doctor.

what? nice means you are good to go!


nice hearted, empty brain. and shaky hands make a very bad doctor.

it is just too unfair to the patient to be the tool of learning...

Saturday, August 20, 2011


I have a total of 3 calls in the 8 days, after a week of free from calls (for unknown reason)

Life is great without call.

I guess the whole dilemma regarding the call system vs shift system is rather hypothetical.

U cant compare 2 things when you only have the experience of doing one.

I think shift system is the way forward in view of the difference in the working environment and the expectations, challenges and styles nowadays.

The argument that houseman would have less practice is void, from my point of view, because there is nothing much going on during oncall.

Cutting corners is the only thing happening at 3am.

Judgement are suboptimal.

Procedures MUST be postponed to coming morning because it is dangerous to both the patients and doctors, in a way.

So what is the whole thing of training during calls that they meant?

Do they mean during calls we get to do more bloods?

Or clerk more case half asleep?

It is nearing impossibility to operate during that kind of hours in training spirit.

With no disrespect to the old timer who had their training the EOD calls way, i think working environment is different now.

I am constantly pushed to work without knowing exactly what I am doing.

I just do because it is the right thing to do, according to what the books say.

Medical school prepared us very badly.

The increase number of medical students in medical schools dilute the quality they produce.

The diluted product like me will produce even more diluted MO, as the housemanship in big numbers is again, dilutional.

Now the titre is amazingly worrying, even to me myself as the receiving end, of less work, less scolding.

Big man make big decisions.

I wonder if i would be man enough to make that big decision, to do some other things rather than doing important things without knowing the important things.

- haih =(

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


A wise man by the name of Wafi once told me,

Ang, you go back Malaysia, you sure boroi.

How true.

Celebrating One Year Anniversary of my return last week, I indeed, gained, a few inches!


i need to lose those inches.

if not i would need to fork out quite some money to buy new pants!


I used to wear 34 in my school days at the height of my fattiness.

Then successfully reduced to 32.

In UK, 34 back, then 32 due to economy downturn at one time.



34 also cannot wear.

argh, sit up 30 times nocte!

eh now, stat then nocte.

The ultimate call arrived yesterday night, when,













Thursday, August 11, 2011


I posted this on my facebook note, apparently making a huge impact in medical.

My sources told me that I am gonna kena due to this inappropriate narration, which is unprofessional.

I failed to understand. like. seriously. dun understand.

someone get offended by below's post? i read through more than 10 times, failed to detect any haramness.

------------------------------------------------facebook note. tears of joy.

I have to document this down.

I constantly in tears of joy during my first 7 days in SIMC.

Had the BEST call ever, if u ever call it a call anyway.

Bosses are extremely NICE. like, a few more steps they achieve god-ship liau. u know, that kind that have a temple and ppl go ask for 4D number.


I ate so much in one week.

Breakfast. Used to be a once a week thing in OnG, and non-existence in Surgery. Now in SIMC, is OD!!

We come and do rounds around 630am. By 715-720 all done already, then go do our first business order of the day: BREAKFAST!

about 750am, go to meeting room, listen to some discussion.

Then, if meeting finish early, the bos would ask all of us for minum first.

WAH! I tot i was having visual and auditory hallucination!

Breakfast before rounds!!!!???? WHO INVENT one!?

Then, the rounds would be so besto.

Bos apologised to me when he asked me to say again coz he couldnt hear me, coz i mumbled~!


Wahlau wei!

I mumbled coz i followed the teachings of James Boren: When in doubt, mumbled!

I first day la! Mcam dont really know the case one, and he smiled and the other MO chip in chip in, present a bit a bit.


Anyway, long story cut short,

this rotation is the best la.

I coin another categorisation for boses.

Flipping friendly, and non-flipping friendly.

if they ask u something...

U flip flip flip 3-4 times they still waiting and didnt mengamuk, they belonged to the flipping friendly type.

Damn, tears of joy so much that i can mandi using it.

can i stay in simc for another month, pls?


Sunday, August 07, 2011

How to be a happy HO?

I constantly asked this question.

To myself.

How to be a happy HO?

I find that the most important part is that one should always remember that HO is not houseofficer.

HO, is a doctor.

There are times we found ourselves so dejected and not appreciated, but we have to remember, we are doctors.

Screw the bosses who treat us otherwise.

Doing the job well is not just taking the blood and trace result.

It is not satisfying if that is all we do.

I find it satisfying when I explain things to patients.

I find it extremely satisfying when i explain the discharge plan with the patient.

I am extremely pissed off when i heard one guy told me, brother, setttled. I settled the thing already.

The patient is still desat-ing, the job that he said settled was, to refer anaest.

He referred.

F u la. U are not a operator or messenger.

For godness sake, at least set a line la, brother.

May all HO find happiness in everything you do.

I mean it.

Thursday, August 04, 2011


Many of my friends never read news.

Why? I asked some of them before.

Oh coz it doesnt matter to them.

Rubbish! Double rubbish!

Because if government announcing duit raya, it would be in the NEWS!!!

- In supporting of CEUPACS, for 2 months bonus this year pls BOS!

Monday, August 01, 2011

Mid 20 crisis

To whom it may concern:

As we move from the late teens to early twenties, is it inevitable that our conversations and thoughts are centered around relationships, breakups and marriages.

As we nearing the end of the twenties, we sort of nearing the end of the acceptance that it is allright to hold the torch of singlehood.

This is even more relevant to the female gender.

I used to proclaim that in medical school, Year 1 you are Tesco finest, Year 2 you are Tesco brand, Year 3 you are tesco value, Year 4 you are reduced to clear, Year 5 you are in the charity shop.

It is actually very true. As we succumb and bow to the greatness of birth age, we cant seem to overcome the pressure of the afromentioned.

and paradoxically, as we get older, the pool of targets are getting smaller, and everyone seemed to be coupled.

And it is inevitable, that one of these days, someone somewhere somehow, will have to explore the impossibility of taking those who are taken.

This post is dedicated to those who explored, be it a successful trial, or in vain. There is no right or wrong side in war. Good luck and may you have the strength to battle through everything thrown to you. two.

- Relationship specialist-

ehem! it is ok one la! f them who see u no up. I see u very up.

Sunday, July 31, 2011


I'm Depressed!

ID actually stands for Infectious Diseases Department.

I just finished my 2 weeks there.

And I kid you not - i was depressed!!!

Ang Depress? Doesnt sound like it isn;t?


I guess the saddest part of working is when the person u work for

does not trust u.

of coz trust is not someting you entitled for,

but you try to earn it.

My 9mths housemanship did not go well with my very kind bos, who kind of, able to pick up the gaps, like, many many many gaps i had as a houseman.

It was depressing.

On a brighter note, i actually learnt a lot from ID ward.

I actually, kind of,

like ID specialty.

Monday, July 25, 2011


Defining my knowledge boundaries is depressing.

Sunday, July 24, 2011


BB's gone.

It has been brain dead for a few weeks now.

Today I brought him to a specialist.

Diagnosis: Brain Death.

Such was the great story of Mr BB, a great companion of mine through 2010-2011.

Next, Nokia 3210.

Friday, July 22, 2011


By the end of August, I would:

1. Lose 5kg of weight (out of 8kg i earned throughout the housemanship)

2. Not to put on any additional weight.

3. To read up on TB. Embarassing la wei, working in ID department without knowing TB.

3 resolutions only.


Actually doable is very tricky word.

It can be interpreted by DO-able. MEaning able to do one.

Or DOA-ble. Meaning it is impossible to do, u only can doa.

Enough of crap la today. Past 48 hours had been a crappy one for me.

Crap non stop.

i wish i have a quieter personality. It makes me more intellectual. Unlike now, ha ha ha.


Too bad la.

Saturday, July 09, 2011

Bersih 2.0

Sorry for being just a news reader.

On behalf of the democracy spirit, I thanked you for the walk.

The right of assembly is the cornerstone of civil liberty.

Now PM Najib, call for an election before Raya.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011


It is great to have u back for a few months.


When I was bored, I asked you out and we went for a movie. Of all movies - Rio.

When I was hungry, I asked you out to eat. Of all places - petanak market.

When I need a transport to airport, I asked you to fetch. Of all people, you the one without a car.

All the best in your Psy career.

Hope that one day, we will be working together.

Coz it would be damn easy to refer to u.

"Hello, wei datang ward aku. ada patient gila."

Ha ha ha.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011



1. For EOD regime except for post admission day.

2. Slowly stepped down the time allocated. To start slow with 1hr due to running-naive past 5 years.

3. For pre-running high carbo diet

4. Adequate hydration

5. Aim for regime x 3/12

6. Weekly weights. Inform if weight reducing in trend.

7. Stopped all late night supper and unnecessary snacks.

8. Strict calories charting.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Bersih 2.0

This is funny.

Bersih 2.0's organiser claimed that the main objective of the rally is to call for a clean election.

Mainly these people are from Oppositions.

The mega non-governmental-organisation by the name of Perkasa and obviously bored UMNO Youth not happy.

The election is clean enough-lah, they said.

To Perkasa (or rather to be fair to other members of Perkasa whom I knew, it was IA), the Bersih 2.0 is pengacau keamanan Malaysia. Then somewhere along the lines it was said to be anti-Malay. Flights of thoughts also cannot catch the logic of our dear esteemable Pasir Mas.

Then suddenly... UMNO Youth said they are going to organise another rally ON THE SAME day.To support the current electorate system, claimed to be fair enough.

Somewhere along the way, UMNO was saying that if it is not clean, would the Opposition think they can win 5 states and deny BN of 2/3 in previous election?

Funny. 9 of July, tarikh keramat. Everyone mau rally the same day.

A quick search in Google of what so significant about the date answered my curiousity:

July 9 1986 – The New Zealand Parliament passes the Homosexual Law Reform Act legalising homosexuality in New Zealand.

I see.

Well, all 3 rally at the same day, I want to go all 3 la.

As a rakyat, I have one suggestion:

For the 3 parties involved, instead of all in one day, why not make it alternate week? Now seriously. We have rally every now and then across the planet. There is no need to rush. Unless the election is to be organised on the 10 of July, we still have time.

Seriously. Perkasa can have the tarikh keramat of 9 July. Bersih 2.0 Pengacau. Reason: To show and reaffirm our sincerity that we are really not keen to have a Christian country here.

Then UMNO can do another one. Cukup Bersih 1.0 16 July.

Then the orginal rally of Bersih 2.0 can go ahead.

I am looking at it in the most fair way la.

Star walk can do rally, wesak day got rally. National day also rally.

For the information of Perkasa, if a rally is organised 1-2 months ago, no one will burn cars and throw stones la. Whats the point? The burn cars and buildings mostly done in kneejerk rally, when the rally people are not getting enough attention.

And regarding concerns of business would be affected and financial lost claimed to be in MILLIONS, in my opinion, cuti rehat one day like dat time we closed for Malaysia victory in Suzuki Cup should be adequate to avoid the million dollar business effect.

The rally stand to benefit the small scale hawker selling drinks there me thinks.

Why not just think of this as a family day, that 40-50k ppl wearing same color going for a walk, like Star Walk, rather than thinking Anwar would hold a torch and stand on the pile of corpses of 20 innocent bypassers and burning the EC chairman alive?

As for the claim that Election is clean and fair enough, go back to school, restudy the subject of Moral.

If really election is clean enough (some people i know do have low threshold of cleanliness),well, why not make a rally of Lagi Bersih Sikit Boleh?

Friday, June 24, 2011

The New Ruling for Sarawak Houseman

This is a classic classic example of the way our gahmen works.

9 months ago, I attended a briefing/induction in Kuala Lumpur, and the spokesperson from Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia with the full authority from the Ministry briefed us this way:

For those who served the first and second year in East Malaysia, you will be given priority to be transfered out to West Malaysia upon completion of the 2 years service.

This is to encourage more people to work in East Msia, where the demands are higher.

For those who served in Semenanjung, if you are sent to East Malaysia, you have to go. Infact, most of you would be sent there thereafter.


Today, a new guideline issued.

Housemen who completed the first 2 years of service, would be made compulsory to serve another year in whichever places in Sarawak. Any application for transfers out of Sarawak would not be entertained.

The thing is, i dont mind working here.

But, I dont like the flip-flop decision making.

Say 1 today, do another tomorrow.

To the people up there in the ministry, pls buck up.

With this type of policy making, you are having a wrong concept.

The reason why we ended up with the current number of houseman, is your, MINISTRY's fault. NOT OUR FAULT.

The very first sign of weak policy making is the inability to predict into the future.

You make a policy like this, would you think anyone would apply to Sarawak? To commit 3 years here?

and you would have tonnes of application to go out of Sarawak with this type of compulsory thingy.

The beauty of serving the people is to serve voluntarily.

Making it compulsory defeats the purpose, although it make up the number.

Please correct me if I am wrong. I would really love if I am wrong about this new guidelines issued to me this morning.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Day 1 Medical


I think i would love to work here.

Boss is friendly, nice.

Smaller boss is accommodating.

My initials struck them to think of clopidogrel and aspirin.

I might not know much now.

But i definitely want to know more, such was my feeling post-tagging-day-1.

My mum always said, bangali ppl very friendly.

how true!

my boss is damn funny and friendly.

Friday, June 17, 2011


in 8 hrs time, i would be in a new department with new bosses and new colleagues (well, at least for now before the old colleagues from O&G came!)

for 4 months in O&G, i was blessed with great bosses and great colleagues. and not forgetting most importantly, great nurses la (i meant it, no one can do episio repair faster than the midwives/jm i swear)

great bosses who was being extremely patience with me and especially my nonsense and sub-competent know-how in medicine.

great colleagues who entertained me with their laughter when I trying to entertain them with my high level jokes (lame)

i'll name you 3 of the best colleagues i ever had for 4 months! - Khairunisa, Jane and Kristie. Unlimited support for blood taking and line setting whenever i faced difficulties.

I'll swear the next time you see me, i am able to squeeze blood out of stone!

great nurses, ehem, some i honestly dont remember their names la.

So many of them leh.

But all in all, despite my lawakness and clumsiness,

O&G let me through.

Thank you very much.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Mr Guna. RIP.

I have many good teachers in my life.

One of them who stood out so uniquely - Mr Vincent Gunaseelan, my biology teacher International Baccalaureate, Mara College Banting.

He left an unique impression in my life, one which is somewhat different from our textbook of "Good Teachers".

He taught me to be realistic.

To be honest to yourself, and to other people around you.

He taught me that we are all human, we all have weakness, and of course, luckily, we all have our own strengths.

You are a better human when what you do better enables you to redeem, cover and overcome what you have done due to your weakness. Sometimes it happens, sometimes it doesn't.

You are a better student when what you have done during your times of hard work and total concentration enables you to redeem what you have done during your times of slackness and procrastination. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesnt.

You are a better family man when what you earn enables you to pay what your family spend. When how your time spent with your family enables you to repay for the time you spent with work or any other things or with another family, hopefully not. =P.

"KMB is a school of scholars. If we do extremely well, we are doing our job fine. If we did not do well, we failed, terribly and horribly."

and i recalled this, when he said this to me (and probably a lot of other ppl as well):

"The difference between you and me, is 1. age. 2. you are smarter than me."

"Nothing else."

Such was his non-pretentious, humble and erm - take this:, joker personality.

He taught me for 2 years. A total of four semesters.

Both years, for four semesters, he couldn't finish his syllabus with my class, MO3E.

He blamed me, eric, hanis, azados and another few kaki kacau, and himself.

He said our class is more entertaining to teach. More relaxing, thus we have to go slower. Ha ha ha.

In the end of the day, he said, if we score in exams (we are scholars in KMB) it would not because of his lessons. and if we didnt score in exams, it would not be because of him didnt finish the syllabus.

Sometimes I wonder, if i tell this to the world, who would agree this guy as a good teacher?

He smokes, he drinks. He jokes around.

Me, in many ways, influenced by him to take things more lightly rather than stress up myself.

I owe him for the way he looked up, the way he valued, me as a person.

And I agree with you Mr Guna:

Woman gives sound advice. 90% sound. 10% advice.


R. I. P.

(ps to friends, fellow ex students, I do not know the exact cause of his passing)

End of Hols...


Happy times sonic speed one.

So fast habis liau my stay in Penang.

Tmr 7.10am flying back to the land of sadness - OH NO OH NO OH NO!!!!!

To those who had finished their finals and embarking into the journey of housemanship, welcome to my world!

I might have exaggerate certain things about HO-ship.

All is not that bad la, especially if you have the drive.

Just a few pointers:

1. Get a gf prior to start service.

2. Get a placement nearer to home. Family support is of utmost importance.

3. Get a hobby which you can do at home, and it should not be sleeping.

4. Get a contena of pens.

5. Get another contena of pens.

Enough of crap, all the best in your undertakings. Be strong. Be strong. And, be strong!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I am, a voter.

I just checked my status as voter.

I am officially registered!

To vote in:

- DUN of Batu Lancang.

- Parliment of Jelutong.

It has been said that GE13 would be called within this year.


Check your status!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Quo Vadis?

There's a famous saying which was quite meaningful, I felt.

Life is like an egg.

If it is cracked from external pressure, that is the end, of life.

If it is cracked from internal pressure, that is the beginning, of life.

I believe it is not just myself, all of us constantly under pressure.

Be it pressure to be a perfect person, pressure to be a perfect son, pressure to be a perfect husband, and so on and so forth...

Let Ang the joker give u an important lesson today, since you are reading this:

I am trying my best not to let the external pressure break me.

Always, work from the within.

Asking myself, what I want in life?

What is success?

Is success measured by how much money when I die?

Or success is measured by how many people remember me when I die?


Sorry for the improperly serious entry today.

As i am still contemplating what to do with my life.

Status quo?

Or make a break?

Quo Vadis Quo Vadis?

If i am not able to resolve this issue, what is the point I drag anyone else into my life?

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

The Last Day

Tmr is my last day in O&G

By no means that I am super good in O&G already, but I think I have the basic understandings to handle o&g cases la... well, i hope.

Going back to Penang on Saturday, due to, oncall tmr.

I do not think that I would love to do O&G in the future, for obvious reason.

My untrustable face, would be a traumatic experience to patients.

Ya. Surprised that I know that?

Handsome face is always not trustable, by large.

I am still, the most,

handsome person I had ever met.

Thanks for the support (yes u, u, coz u r following this blog)

A picture to define my 4 months posting:

4 babies in synchronised happiness

Guess what i said to them?

"Dont do medicine"


"Welcome to the world"

Saturday, June 04, 2011

Kuching lack of....



I got the emotion to make this entry because I had enough!!!

Dimsum places are so hard to come by in this part of the world and to make things worse,


the only place that I frequented for dimsum, whenever i am able to (due to the nature of my job which is not very dimsum-friendly) is the Mitsu tea house (cant really recall the name, something along that line)

Realised I took two pictures there while i ate there the other day.

solo dimsuming with thestar.paper.hard.copy

Despite it's appearance, this is no pork bun.

Kuching, pls open more dim sum place.

N.B. other places which have dimsum:

1. Hongkong noodle house
2. 101 there
3. After 3. Surprisingly served the better dimsum than the others!

no more.