Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Holiday

Apparently rabbit is treating ox fairly good this year

So far ok-lah i supposed.

Coming to the end of the surgical posting already.


Rabbit has been a mix year so far, or in the beginning I should say.

Good news is that my full-of-nonsense attitude is largely acceptable among the colleagues and nurses.

Not so well accepted by bosses (some of them i guess).

Other good news is that saving all my leaves for end of posting is really good. It reduces the chance of come-into-contact with bosses, so the chance of kena extended is minimized.

Also managed to do a sharing appendix yesterday pm. Left one sharing and i am done!

The not-so-good thing is the blardy presentation (again!, despite my true love to present stuffs)

The difference between presenting here is that here I am presenting things i don;t know but the whole floor knows (i know it defeats the purpose of them listening to me, but what-to-do).

Presenting in Dubrovnik is that I am presenting something only I know, no one else knows. And of course the full blown all-paid-for holiday in Dubrovnik and 5 star hotels.


Need to go and read up on Burn Management, never do any attachment there also.


I shall celebrate V-day reading Burns.

Thanks for reading, if u are. Happy Valentines Day!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Hello World!

I am back!

Finally managed to get internet connected!

One more week to the end of 1/6 housemanship.


btw, happy valentines day to those who are blessed with another half.

And happy holiday to everyone else, the day after!