Tuesday, April 12, 2011

HOs, MOs, and the rest of it.

Postcall today. Let me rant through pls. Thanks.

I define HO - House-Officers as one who stays (House) in the place one works (Office)

It is not easy to come to sense with this oxymoronic phrase of House-Officer as no other language can say it out as nice as English.

How do you translate it to BM?

Pegawai Perumahan.


House Officers in particularly me, go to work with very different mood, everyday.

Sometimes, high. Sometimes, low. Sometimes, no one knows.

And no one affect your mood more than your, MO. Not your bigger bos.

Is MO a short hand for, Marah Orang?

Or is it, eMO?

Seriously by now you should be putting your hands together applauding my creativity.


Speaking of MO, funnily enough, the generation of MO we happened to have are of different upbringing and character building (medical training wise)

I finally come to term with why I was so pissed with 5 year old kid playing I-phone.

It is the same. Cause we are different entity in similar time space.

Okay. Futhermore.

HOs and MOs, seldom, play together happily, in general.

Well, they are your bosses, thats for a reason.

But again my screwed up logic come out with another explanation.

HO and MO coming too close:

HOMO. We just not ready for this orientation just yet.

Ang is the best.

Anyway, is it a bad thing that your MO is treating you badly?

Not necessarily.

Being a houseman killed off your dreams to save life when you embarked on your medical school journey.

Your fear no1, obviously is to do something wrong and harm the patient.

But honestly, probably not very distant away the fear no2, is to get screwed by your MO.

Sometimes, the screwing is with screwdriver, perfectly serves the cause.

But sometimes, or politically correct let me put it, a few times, very very few times, the screwing is the tukul hitting the screw, in the name of teaching but lack of reason.

When this happen, politically correct again, not always, very rare, one in a millionth probably, hehe, gives you the drives to work more carefully, and harder, to be better, than your bos.

And ultimately, your dream, the dry dream, the day dream, the houseman's dream, is to be the bos of your current bos.

And screw back. and for reason I do not know why, this Dan Brown's thing came to me:

House Officer's Dream = is to be, HOD. Head of Department.

We are closer than them, the MOD.

(Pls, dont get angry if you are reading this note with the similar mood with reading Ten Teachers. I am writing this with the mood of writing Mastika. Oncall tmr. again.)

Sunday, April 03, 2011



I still dont understand.

I have been in Kuching for the past 5 months or so.

Legend has it that James Brooke name this place after a cat.


Until now.

I still havent seen any cats around this area.

All i see so far.

Dogs....Dogs...and more Dogs.

And that the dogs here are no ordinary dogs.

They sing their doggie anthem when the Mat Kool ice cream guy comes with the motor. Seriously. I swear.

So why there are so many dogs and no cats in a place that supposed to be having a lot of cats as the name suggests?

I know.

Coz all the dogs are scammed to come here.

They thought there will be a lot of cats for them here.

This is sort of like the Ladies Nights scam in clubs.

All you see is batangs, batangs, and more batangs.

Coz all also thought a lot of ladies on ladies nights.

You might wonder why am I talking so much rubbish so randomly?

Coz someone asked me why I choose kuching.

I said, to get chix.

coz I tot kuching girls all stay on trees, and I can easily impress them with a torch light and claim that I am son of Amon Re.

I was wrong. very wrong.

Not only they dont stay on trees...

There is not many chix in kuching.


(Post call excitation. Sorry if you are offended. I am purely joking.)