Wednesday, June 29, 2011


It is great to have u back for a few months.


When I was bored, I asked you out and we went for a movie. Of all movies - Rio.

When I was hungry, I asked you out to eat. Of all places - petanak market.

When I need a transport to airport, I asked you to fetch. Of all people, you the one without a car.

All the best in your Psy career.

Hope that one day, we will be working together.

Coz it would be damn easy to refer to u.

"Hello, wei datang ward aku. ada patient gila."

Ha ha ha.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011



1. For EOD regime except for post admission day.

2. Slowly stepped down the time allocated. To start slow with 1hr due to running-naive past 5 years.

3. For pre-running high carbo diet

4. Adequate hydration

5. Aim for regime x 3/12

6. Weekly weights. Inform if weight reducing in trend.

7. Stopped all late night supper and unnecessary snacks.

8. Strict calories charting.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Bersih 2.0

This is funny.

Bersih 2.0's organiser claimed that the main objective of the rally is to call for a clean election.

Mainly these people are from Oppositions.

The mega non-governmental-organisation by the name of Perkasa and obviously bored UMNO Youth not happy.

The election is clean enough-lah, they said.

To Perkasa (or rather to be fair to other members of Perkasa whom I knew, it was IA), the Bersih 2.0 is pengacau keamanan Malaysia. Then somewhere along the lines it was said to be anti-Malay. Flights of thoughts also cannot catch the logic of our dear esteemable Pasir Mas.

Then suddenly... UMNO Youth said they are going to organise another rally ON THE SAME day.To support the current electorate system, claimed to be fair enough.

Somewhere along the way, UMNO was saying that if it is not clean, would the Opposition think they can win 5 states and deny BN of 2/3 in previous election?

Funny. 9 of July, tarikh keramat. Everyone mau rally the same day.

A quick search in Google of what so significant about the date answered my curiousity:

July 9 1986 – The New Zealand Parliament passes the Homosexual Law Reform Act legalising homosexuality in New Zealand.

I see.

Well, all 3 rally at the same day, I want to go all 3 la.

As a rakyat, I have one suggestion:

For the 3 parties involved, instead of all in one day, why not make it alternate week? Now seriously. We have rally every now and then across the planet. There is no need to rush. Unless the election is to be organised on the 10 of July, we still have time.

Seriously. Perkasa can have the tarikh keramat of 9 July. Bersih 2.0 Pengacau. Reason: To show and reaffirm our sincerity that we are really not keen to have a Christian country here.

Then UMNO can do another one. Cukup Bersih 1.0 16 July.

Then the orginal rally of Bersih 2.0 can go ahead.

I am looking at it in the most fair way la.

Star walk can do rally, wesak day got rally. National day also rally.

For the information of Perkasa, if a rally is organised 1-2 months ago, no one will burn cars and throw stones la. Whats the point? The burn cars and buildings mostly done in kneejerk rally, when the rally people are not getting enough attention.

And regarding concerns of business would be affected and financial lost claimed to be in MILLIONS, in my opinion, cuti rehat one day like dat time we closed for Malaysia victory in Suzuki Cup should be adequate to avoid the million dollar business effect.

The rally stand to benefit the small scale hawker selling drinks there me thinks.

Why not just think of this as a family day, that 40-50k ppl wearing same color going for a walk, like Star Walk, rather than thinking Anwar would hold a torch and stand on the pile of corpses of 20 innocent bypassers and burning the EC chairman alive?

As for the claim that Election is clean and fair enough, go back to school, restudy the subject of Moral.

If really election is clean enough (some people i know do have low threshold of cleanliness),well, why not make a rally of Lagi Bersih Sikit Boleh?

Friday, June 24, 2011

The New Ruling for Sarawak Houseman

This is a classic classic example of the way our gahmen works.

9 months ago, I attended a briefing/induction in Kuala Lumpur, and the spokesperson from Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia with the full authority from the Ministry briefed us this way:

For those who served the first and second year in East Malaysia, you will be given priority to be transfered out to West Malaysia upon completion of the 2 years service.

This is to encourage more people to work in East Msia, where the demands are higher.

For those who served in Semenanjung, if you are sent to East Malaysia, you have to go. Infact, most of you would be sent there thereafter.


Today, a new guideline issued.

Housemen who completed the first 2 years of service, would be made compulsory to serve another year in whichever places in Sarawak. Any application for transfers out of Sarawak would not be entertained.

The thing is, i dont mind working here.

But, I dont like the flip-flop decision making.

Say 1 today, do another tomorrow.

To the people up there in the ministry, pls buck up.

With this type of policy making, you are having a wrong concept.

The reason why we ended up with the current number of houseman, is your, MINISTRY's fault. NOT OUR FAULT.

The very first sign of weak policy making is the inability to predict into the future.

You make a policy like this, would you think anyone would apply to Sarawak? To commit 3 years here?

and you would have tonnes of application to go out of Sarawak with this type of compulsory thingy.

The beauty of serving the people is to serve voluntarily.

Making it compulsory defeats the purpose, although it make up the number.

Please correct me if I am wrong. I would really love if I am wrong about this new guidelines issued to me this morning.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Day 1 Medical


I think i would love to work here.

Boss is friendly, nice.

Smaller boss is accommodating.

My initials struck them to think of clopidogrel and aspirin.

I might not know much now.

But i definitely want to know more, such was my feeling post-tagging-day-1.

My mum always said, bangali ppl very friendly.

how true!

my boss is damn funny and friendly.

Friday, June 17, 2011


in 8 hrs time, i would be in a new department with new bosses and new colleagues (well, at least for now before the old colleagues from O&G came!)

for 4 months in O&G, i was blessed with great bosses and great colleagues. and not forgetting most importantly, great nurses la (i meant it, no one can do episio repair faster than the midwives/jm i swear)

great bosses who was being extremely patience with me and especially my nonsense and sub-competent know-how in medicine.

great colleagues who entertained me with their laughter when I trying to entertain them with my high level jokes (lame)

i'll name you 3 of the best colleagues i ever had for 4 months! - Khairunisa, Jane and Kristie. Unlimited support for blood taking and line setting whenever i faced difficulties.

I'll swear the next time you see me, i am able to squeeze blood out of stone!

great nurses, ehem, some i honestly dont remember their names la.

So many of them leh.

But all in all, despite my lawakness and clumsiness,

O&G let me through.

Thank you very much.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Mr Guna. RIP.

I have many good teachers in my life.

One of them who stood out so uniquely - Mr Vincent Gunaseelan, my biology teacher International Baccalaureate, Mara College Banting.

He left an unique impression in my life, one which is somewhat different from our textbook of "Good Teachers".

He taught me to be realistic.

To be honest to yourself, and to other people around you.

He taught me that we are all human, we all have weakness, and of course, luckily, we all have our own strengths.

You are a better human when what you do better enables you to redeem, cover and overcome what you have done due to your weakness. Sometimes it happens, sometimes it doesn't.

You are a better student when what you have done during your times of hard work and total concentration enables you to redeem what you have done during your times of slackness and procrastination. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesnt.

You are a better family man when what you earn enables you to pay what your family spend. When how your time spent with your family enables you to repay for the time you spent with work or any other things or with another family, hopefully not. =P.

"KMB is a school of scholars. If we do extremely well, we are doing our job fine. If we did not do well, we failed, terribly and horribly."

and i recalled this, when he said this to me (and probably a lot of other ppl as well):

"The difference between you and me, is 1. age. 2. you are smarter than me."

"Nothing else."

Such was his non-pretentious, humble and erm - take this:, joker personality.

He taught me for 2 years. A total of four semesters.

Both years, for four semesters, he couldn't finish his syllabus with my class, MO3E.

He blamed me, eric, hanis, azados and another few kaki kacau, and himself.

He said our class is more entertaining to teach. More relaxing, thus we have to go slower. Ha ha ha.

In the end of the day, he said, if we score in exams (we are scholars in KMB) it would not because of his lessons. and if we didnt score in exams, it would not be because of him didnt finish the syllabus.

Sometimes I wonder, if i tell this to the world, who would agree this guy as a good teacher?

He smokes, he drinks. He jokes around.

Me, in many ways, influenced by him to take things more lightly rather than stress up myself.

I owe him for the way he looked up, the way he valued, me as a person.

And I agree with you Mr Guna:

Woman gives sound advice. 90% sound. 10% advice.


R. I. P.

(ps to friends, fellow ex students, I do not know the exact cause of his passing)

End of Hols...


Happy times sonic speed one.

So fast habis liau my stay in Penang.

Tmr 7.10am flying back to the land of sadness - OH NO OH NO OH NO!!!!!

To those who had finished their finals and embarking into the journey of housemanship, welcome to my world!

I might have exaggerate certain things about HO-ship.

All is not that bad la, especially if you have the drive.

Just a few pointers:

1. Get a gf prior to start service.

2. Get a placement nearer to home. Family support is of utmost importance.

3. Get a hobby which you can do at home, and it should not be sleeping.

4. Get a contena of pens.

5. Get another contena of pens.

Enough of crap, all the best in your undertakings. Be strong. Be strong. And, be strong!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I am, a voter.

I just checked my status as voter.

I am officially registered!

To vote in:

- DUN of Batu Lancang.

- Parliment of Jelutong.

It has been said that GE13 would be called within this year.


Check your status!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Quo Vadis?

There's a famous saying which was quite meaningful, I felt.

Life is like an egg.

If it is cracked from external pressure, that is the end, of life.

If it is cracked from internal pressure, that is the beginning, of life.

I believe it is not just myself, all of us constantly under pressure.

Be it pressure to be a perfect person, pressure to be a perfect son, pressure to be a perfect husband, and so on and so forth...

Let Ang the joker give u an important lesson today, since you are reading this:

I am trying my best not to let the external pressure break me.

Always, work from the within.

Asking myself, what I want in life?

What is success?

Is success measured by how much money when I die?

Or success is measured by how many people remember me when I die?


Sorry for the improperly serious entry today.

As i am still contemplating what to do with my life.

Status quo?

Or make a break?

Quo Vadis Quo Vadis?

If i am not able to resolve this issue, what is the point I drag anyone else into my life?

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

The Last Day

Tmr is my last day in O&G

By no means that I am super good in O&G already, but I think I have the basic understandings to handle o&g cases la... well, i hope.

Going back to Penang on Saturday, due to, oncall tmr.

I do not think that I would love to do O&G in the future, for obvious reason.

My untrustable face, would be a traumatic experience to patients.

Ya. Surprised that I know that?

Handsome face is always not trustable, by large.

I am still, the most,

handsome person I had ever met.

Thanks for the support (yes u, u, coz u r following this blog)

A picture to define my 4 months posting:

4 babies in synchronised happiness

Guess what i said to them?

"Dont do medicine"


"Welcome to the world"

Saturday, June 04, 2011

Kuching lack of....



I got the emotion to make this entry because I had enough!!!

Dimsum places are so hard to come by in this part of the world and to make things worse,


the only place that I frequented for dimsum, whenever i am able to (due to the nature of my job which is not very dimsum-friendly) is the Mitsu tea house (cant really recall the name, something along that line)

Realised I took two pictures there while i ate there the other day.

solo dimsuming with thestar.paper.hard.copy

Despite it's appearance, this is no pork bun.

Kuching, pls open more dim sum place.

N.B. other places which have dimsum:

1. Hongkong noodle house
2. 101 there
3. After 3. Surprisingly served the better dimsum than the others!

no more.

Hari peGawai

Hari Gawai used to be just 2 words on the calendar, and the kajian tempatan book.

But in Sarawak, the state is giving 2 weeks school holidays leh.

Mind you chinese new year only has 1 week school holiday.

Anyway, sempena we are given half day off during public holiday, I joined a group of other tak-tau-malu-gang, go around driving for hours to visit ppl who are celebrating gawai.

equipped with 3 cars but only 7 ppl (due to miscommunication regarding the distance, i tot very near!!!) we polluted the world even more that day.

First, we went to Bau.

This is Wilmore's place in Bau. That's where I try this tebu-tuak. Very nice.

After makan till puas, we moved on.

Damn far la the second destination, somewhere called annah rais.

I tot it was a scam, coz i searched googlemap for Anak Rais, no address found.

It reminds me of Scottish Highlands, the road there.

It was so packed and jammed in Annah Rais, a rumah panjang, which to my disappointment, not very panjang! Hahaha.

But nevertheless, it is still very longy, homely, and traditionally designed, with Astro, and full 2G signal.

Which brings a very important question mark to my life. WHY MY HOUSE IN KUCHING GOT NO PHONE SIGNAL!!!

Very nice groupie, with my baldy head, and the girl who conned me into balding my head, and my fellow baldies.

Dont have to go to Sarawak Cultural Village for this kind of bridge. Its everywhere!

An equally poyo friend of mine.

Tebu crasher!

I posted this picture to highlight the many many pictures of generations of this bidayuh family.

Then we moved on to Lydia's house!

Didnt take a groupie in this house, because.........

1. So tired of taking pic.

2. This is a normal house la.

Nevertheless, it has this -

Whole kampung Petag share the same postbox!

Not very tradisional house as u can see.

I ate the 3rd "Lunch", damn full!

We then moved on, to Drent's House.

Damn far.

Near Serian liau!

There's a lot of scenery there, but too bad we were driving in the dark, cant take much picture.

Next time la!

The end of our Gawai Trip.