Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Who should be a doctor?

one who is perfect in everything he or she does.

one who does not feel a bit lazy in doing everyday routine.

one who studies hard during medical school.

one who examines hundreds of patients in medical school, and actively interested in examine patients during working hours

one who reads on most up to date guidelines

one who understands the meaning of death

one who fully understands the saying, bos is always right, and if you think bos is wrong, you are wrong.

if the above is getting you saying, where can like that one! if bos is wrong it is our job to say bos is wrong.

my very next question squarely is:

how sure are you that your bos is wrong?

is it because the patient dies?

is it because you have read and experienced so much so that you have the confidence otherwise?

is it because you think your bos is uselesser than you despite in seeing world earlier than you?

i should have done other things because

i am too nice to be a doctor.

what? nice means you are good to go!


nice hearted, empty brain. and shaky hands make a very bad doctor.

it is just too unfair to the patient to be the tool of learning...

Saturday, August 20, 2011


I have a total of 3 calls in the 8 days, after a week of free from calls (for unknown reason)

Life is great without call.

I guess the whole dilemma regarding the call system vs shift system is rather hypothetical.

U cant compare 2 things when you only have the experience of doing one.

I think shift system is the way forward in view of the difference in the working environment and the expectations, challenges and styles nowadays.

The argument that houseman would have less practice is void, from my point of view, because there is nothing much going on during oncall.

Cutting corners is the only thing happening at 3am.

Judgement are suboptimal.

Procedures MUST be postponed to coming morning because it is dangerous to both the patients and doctors, in a way.

So what is the whole thing of training during calls that they meant?

Do they mean during calls we get to do more bloods?

Or clerk more case half asleep?

It is nearing impossibility to operate during that kind of hours in training spirit.

With no disrespect to the old timer who had their training the EOD calls way, i think working environment is different now.

I am constantly pushed to work without knowing exactly what I am doing.

I just do because it is the right thing to do, according to what the books say.

Medical school prepared us very badly.

The increase number of medical students in medical schools dilute the quality they produce.

The diluted product like me will produce even more diluted MO, as the housemanship in big numbers is again, dilutional.

Now the titre is amazingly worrying, even to me myself as the receiving end, of less work, less scolding.

Big man make big decisions.

I wonder if i would be man enough to make that big decision, to do some other things rather than doing important things without knowing the important things.

- haih =(

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


A wise man by the name of Wafi once told me,

Ang, you go back Malaysia, you sure boroi.

How true.

Celebrating One Year Anniversary of my return last week, I indeed, gained, a few inches!


i need to lose those inches.

if not i would need to fork out quite some money to buy new pants!


I used to wear 34 in my school days at the height of my fattiness.

Then successfully reduced to 32.

In UK, 34 back, then 32 due to economy downturn at one time.



34 also cannot wear.

argh, sit up 30 times nocte!

eh now, stat then nocte.

The ultimate call arrived yesterday night, when,













Thursday, August 11, 2011


I posted this on my facebook note, apparently making a huge impact in medical.

My sources told me that I am gonna kena due to this inappropriate narration, which is unprofessional.

I failed to understand. like. seriously. dun understand.

someone get offended by below's post? i read through more than 10 times, failed to detect any haramness.

------------------------------------------------facebook note. tears of joy.

I have to document this down.

I constantly in tears of joy during my first 7 days in SIMC.

Had the BEST call ever, if u ever call it a call anyway.

Bosses are extremely NICE. like, a few more steps they achieve god-ship liau. u know, that kind that have a temple and ppl go ask for 4D number.


I ate so much in one week.

Breakfast. Used to be a once a week thing in OnG, and non-existence in Surgery. Now in SIMC, is OD!!

We come and do rounds around 630am. By 715-720 all done already, then go do our first business order of the day: BREAKFAST!

about 750am, go to meeting room, listen to some discussion.

Then, if meeting finish early, the bos would ask all of us for minum first.

WAH! I tot i was having visual and auditory hallucination!

Breakfast before rounds!!!!???? WHO INVENT one!?

Then, the rounds would be so besto.

Bos apologised to me when he asked me to say again coz he couldnt hear me, coz i mumbled~!


Wahlau wei!

I mumbled coz i followed the teachings of James Boren: When in doubt, mumbled!

I first day la! Mcam dont really know the case one, and he smiled and the other MO chip in chip in, present a bit a bit.


Anyway, long story cut short,

this rotation is the best la.

I coin another categorisation for boses.

Flipping friendly, and non-flipping friendly.

if they ask u something...

U flip flip flip 3-4 times they still waiting and didnt mengamuk, they belonged to the flipping friendly type.

Damn, tears of joy so much that i can mandi using it.

can i stay in simc for another month, pls?


Sunday, August 07, 2011

How to be a happy HO?

I constantly asked this question.

To myself.

How to be a happy HO?

I find that the most important part is that one should always remember that HO is not houseofficer.

HO, is a doctor.

There are times we found ourselves so dejected and not appreciated, but we have to remember, we are doctors.

Screw the bosses who treat us otherwise.

Doing the job well is not just taking the blood and trace result.

It is not satisfying if that is all we do.

I find it satisfying when I explain things to patients.

I find it extremely satisfying when i explain the discharge plan with the patient.

I am extremely pissed off when i heard one guy told me, brother, setttled. I settled the thing already.

The patient is still desat-ing, the job that he said settled was, to refer anaest.

He referred.

F u la. U are not a operator or messenger.

For godness sake, at least set a line la, brother.

May all HO find happiness in everything you do.

I mean it.

Thursday, August 04, 2011


Many of my friends never read news.

Why? I asked some of them before.

Oh coz it doesnt matter to them.

Rubbish! Double rubbish!

Because if government announcing duit raya, it would be in the NEWS!!!

- In supporting of CEUPACS, for 2 months bonus this year pls BOS!

Monday, August 01, 2011

Mid 20 crisis

To whom it may concern:

As we move from the late teens to early twenties, is it inevitable that our conversations and thoughts are centered around relationships, breakups and marriages.

As we nearing the end of the twenties, we sort of nearing the end of the acceptance that it is allright to hold the torch of singlehood.

This is even more relevant to the female gender.

I used to proclaim that in medical school, Year 1 you are Tesco finest, Year 2 you are Tesco brand, Year 3 you are tesco value, Year 4 you are reduced to clear, Year 5 you are in the charity shop.

It is actually very true. As we succumb and bow to the greatness of birth age, we cant seem to overcome the pressure of the afromentioned.

and paradoxically, as we get older, the pool of targets are getting smaller, and everyone seemed to be coupled.

And it is inevitable, that one of these days, someone somewhere somehow, will have to explore the impossibility of taking those who are taken.

This post is dedicated to those who explored, be it a successful trial, or in vain. There is no right or wrong side in war. Good luck and may you have the strength to battle through everything thrown to you. two.

- Relationship specialist-

ehem! it is ok one la! f them who see u no up. I see u very up.