Thursday, September 29, 2011

Life is Fair!

The best part of housemanship is that you get to pass on the shit to ur boss.


Monday, September 19, 2011


What a week.

Worked so hard.

But failed to prioritize.

The priority to be houseman is to always go and attend course during busy times so as to avoid jobs. and god willingly, the job would be sorted by some other people.

The priority to be houseman is to make sure your logbook is filled up correctly, cheated properly so as to avoid extension, and god willingly, you would finish ur housemanship in time, logbookcally.

I failed to prioritize.

It is not to do ur job properly.

It is not to make sure patients are attended well.

It is not to make sure your teammates can pull through their day with your maximum ability to help.

It is not.

It is all about filling logbook and attending courses.


Monday, September 12, 2011

How to Lose Weight in Simple Steps of 1, 2, 3


Why suddenly can turn fat one?

How come!!

Its a super vicious cycle.

Fatter - mau eat banyaker = became fatter - eat morer - became poorer - fatter.

I read a lot of articles about how to lose weight.

I think the below exercise is quite useful. all of us, regardless age or sex can practice when needed.

Losing Weight Exercise.

1. Turn ur head to the left.

2. Now in one swift motion, turn it to right.

3. Repeat Step 1 and 2.

4. This exercise should be repeated until the person who offers food leave.

- Ya, L.A.M.E.

Got this while listening to Mix Fm.

Anyway, seriously, i wanna save more money to buy big house, big cars and more wives.



Ladies and Gentleman,



- SPP, established since 2005.

Saturday, September 10, 2011


I dont understand why my mobile servicer can charge me a new 6% service tax without the knowledge and approval from government

And yet they are still using the same old satelit since 10 years ago,

still operating in an industry with no raw material needed to produce the goods,

still have the same number of competitors in the market

and still have the same blardy level of corporate tax imposed on them.

I dont understand why my ministers are willing to travel up to 14 hours to another continent to meet the Malaysians' students there and, oh ya, might as well signing the 10000th MoU with Latvia and Croatia.

And yet they never step inside the estate school whose roof is still leaking rainwater.

I dont understand why there is absolutely no news on any shits involving the ruling government and ministers.

Are my ministers all decendants of Amon Re that i need to pray to for adequate rain and good yield for my sago farm every year?

I dont understand why all opposition MPs is said evil and unpatriotic for questioning the army expenditure on purchasing a tank 10 times the market price and paying a new hospital price to a middle man company to maintain a stupid submarine?

I dont understand why my government said the economic growth is healthy at 5% and inflation is neglible but the people's salary remained more or less the same for past 5 years but the price of kopi ais increased at an average 10sen a year since 5 years ago.

What does the 5% grow means? Fungi growth rate?

I dont understand why my MP's are all so hyped up on history of Bukit Kepong this week, sex video last month and whose sperm up whose anus last year.

and not many interested when will the hospital shah alam ready for service? probably that we can wait but we need to get to the bottom of who was Mat Indera, communist or freedom fighter as soon as possible.

I cant read the news too often. I get depressed very easily.

Tuesday, September 06, 2011


I always find the starting sentence of "Thank you very much for the kind referral" as the most reassuring sentence in the casenote of any patients.

I wanted to believe that the other side really, thankful, that i refer to him/her.

The very nature of our work is highly dangerous, and risky.

To both, patient and us.

As our CPH always said, defining self knowledge and capabilities' boundaries would be one of the most difficult things to do as medical practitioners.

We refer because we are not in the right position to make that call.

I would take pride when people refer to me.

I would really meant it when i said, "many thanks for your referral"

That is the whole idea of specialization.

That is why butcher only good in cutting meat, and plumber can do the pipings.

When the nurse refer to us the lowly houseman for spike of fever, or high bp, low urine output;

I sincerely wanted to help.

Because we are having the same dillemma when we refer our MO/specialist for high urea/creat overnight.

We want some of greater-than-us position, capability, experience, and know-how to tell us what to do, and doing the right thing. In some level, to protect us.

I cant never quite understand the fury of certain people upon getting referrals.

Also the grumpiness when attending to case referred.

To me, it is impossible to present a case without get bombarded if the other party set out the intention to do so.

I dare say even when I heard some biggies presenting to another biggie, there are gaps that i can pick up, cut in and ask for.

Why they chose not to do so?

Because the focus is to work together with mutual respect, end point is to find out the problem and solve it.

Some of the referrals are bad, i must admit, but human, like Pavlov (the dog fella) said, will inevitably, learn.

Sometimes our gaps of knowledge with lack of experience dealing with particular problem is restricting our ability to present case well, we simply dont know what is the thing they look for.

But instead of going NGAUM!!!!, the benefit of doubts has to be given to the trainee.


Monday, September 05, 2011

Primary team, again!

Going back to primary team tonight.

which means to go back to the work of a normal houseman, running bloods, tracing results, referring cases to subspec and get bombarded.

Had been enjoying myself for 1.5 months at the subspec.

In some ways I missed those primary team work.

Taking bloods in the wee hours of morning, rushing to do reviews, presenting case to bosses knowing nth abt the patient, etc etc.

All it needs is team work, team work and team work.

Hope i have got myself a great team, with someone that can tell me what to do.

Tired of telling other ppl what to do.

1 month of primary team work!!

Miss writing:

1. Continue ID plan.

2. Continue Endocrine plan.

3. Continue Nephro plan.

4. Refer cardiology.

(hidden plan: 5. Continue god's plan )

Friday, September 02, 2011

The art to lead

To lead is to gain trust.

To gain trust is to trust first.

Leading is not all that hard, but trusting other people is harder.

To trust that you will follow and do as what I said,

not because I am better than you in some sense, but because

you trusted me that I am doing this for all of us.