Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Oh distractions!!

Why no leave me alone?

It is so hard to concentrate to study nowadays.

Internet down: kenot study. Coz kenot understand things and kenot look it up in the net.

Internet working: Kenot study. Coz either 9gag, or fb, or both of them simultaneously.




Monday, February 27, 2012

Semi Pro

Its Monday.

i slept less than 5 hours the night before.

The thing about this posting is that, jobs are familiar; taking bloods, tracing bloods, reporting CT scan, etc etc.

All of those which I had already learnt bit by bit past a year or so.

But, rounds are early. Patients' turnover is high. 

Less satisfying, if i may say so.

Now, the first patient I reviewed today, damn, i got emoed.

"Doctor, would I be able to run and jump like previously after op?"

He is a case of road traffic accident, riding on motorbike, knocked by a car doing illegal uturn.

Mid shaft humerus #.

#true story# opps, too much of 9gag, the # sign will immediately digress me to 9gag. (if u dont understand this line, means u have a life outside the net)

# = fracture

21 year old. Tukang kebun in a school.

That's his main job.

His side job; Semi Pro footballer. Playing in a semi pro league.

(Dafug thats the job I want)

His total income as tukang kebun is not much, I would imagine.

"Would i be able to play football again?"

Then I asked him, is he paid, as a footballer?

"By goals"


I told him, I am not too sure. He should ask a more senior person, perhaps someone who had seen more cases of his kind.

I examined him.

His knee, stiff.

His quad and hamstrings gone.

Post trauma day 20. Still awaiting op.

Dont play football and ride motor.

WHOSE fault?

Government la!!!

Sanity: "Wadafug. Everything also blame the government."


We have been doing Ops sikap since the day Parameswara was born.

It is useless.

Let me offer another logic for the JPJ and Government.

Less road users = less accidents.

Better public transport = less road users.

Cheap, comfortable, safe, on time buses = better public transport.


Monday, February 20, 2012

5th rounds: FIGHT!

Leaving probably one of my favourite postings all time, kind of like, sad.

Although I am not good enough to be the good houseman I wanted to be, I think I learnt damn a lot.

I vividly remembered how shit was my Paeds posting in medical school.

I was asked to go back to the ward in Livingstone on the last day of my posting which was weekend to feed the babies, because, my supervisors realised that I have not been in ward enough.

#true story#

I think Paeds in Kuching is really a good posting for housemanship.

The pressure and need to perform is always there.

Probably when I'm there, the overcrowding houseman made it easier compare to the previous batches.

But as we all know, you are always in the thinking that your own batch of people are better than the next ones.

Since zaman Parameswara till now. Asked yourself, correct or not? Your camp, your project team, your whatever is always, in your mind, better than the next ones. They always have the easier path.

When you have so many houseman, the care ones are the ones suffering.

You can of course snake around and survive. like any other postings.

Shift system shift things around until it reaches someone who decided not to shift it around anymore and just get the shit job done.

#true story#

I dont think my bosses are reading my blog. (well i hope not!)

I think some of them are really true hero.

That one and only specialist who stayed in hospital until 3am. You know who.

I have my highest regard for him. I have always said: If i am sick, i want to be taken care by him.

But if i am working, if can, i dont want to work for him.

Reason is simple: I am not good enough for him.

Ha ha ha.

He deserved a datukship la.

To paeds department: Continue this good work. Houseman passing paeds have high level of confidence in practicing medicine because they have been put through the hell hot seats difficult position and came out alive.

To all babies of the world, stay cute!


Sunday, February 19, 2012

Dont 1care?

I read with interest regarding the "debate" our NHS-like healthcare reform.

Details are so scattered. I think our health minister himself not too sure what is happening.

But there are a few things that we are sure about:

1. No matter what kind of reform, it would not happen before the 13th general election.

2. No matter how shit this reform is, it would definitely better than the current ones, on paper.

Our current system does not work. It works well for those who has the capability to get private insurance. The burden on the public sector is just, too much. 

The saddest thing as a doctor is to see your patient dies in waiting list.

Anyway, Change, in this country is a huge challenge.

We are so resistant to change.

Especially on government policy.

Blame who? Blame what?

Me thinks our complexity of politics + business + race + religion in the way we run this country.

Our current system does no justice to those who needs healthcare most.

1Care offers a change to offer justice, to give treatment based on needs, and not ability to pay.

But how many of us would happily contribute to the fund that might not benefit them at all?

I forseen an enormous resistance from the private GPs in this incorporation.

Dont know if it is true or not cut 10% from your monthly pay? Seems illogical to me because then the 1care fund from the top 10 billionaires based in Malaysia would be enough to run a few hospitals.

Good luck health ministry (Good luck DG)

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Up. Date.

Ho Ho Ho.

A few updates regarding the author (obviously if you are reading this, you in someways want to know whats going on with me isnt it?)

1. Borderlinely passed my Paeds posting. Going to Ortho next.

Now i said borderlinely passed because actually, in real fact: I failed nearly failed. Knowledge like mine would not survive viva one la. Joke joke can la. Trace trace result can la. answer question? fml.

However, i think i was passed because i am handsome.very handsome.

The small one also saying: Finished! No more!

2. Recurrent, chronic, left ankle and small joints of the left feet swelling and pain.

I kind of give up on it already. 

Dont know why. Want to say got rheumato, or some autoimmune component, also cannot, CRP and ESR both not high. Other test all negatives. 

Want to say traumatic, tertendang or something, kenot also, pasal not active past 3-4 weeks liau, have been puasa football for 1 mth liau. 

Must be black magic from one of the thousand hot chix i rejected last time on moral grounds.

Anyway, no football. no life. no.....shit la.

Few would able to understand my feeling.

Playing everyday, to now, not playing for FOUR weeks. fml.

Also, mobility is the most important attributes of houseman.

I am basically immobile due to the ankle thing. as such, i am useless. fml.

basically this update is really the most fml one la.


3. Awaiting weight gain.

Due to the above matter, I gathered an extra layer of fat in my stomach. 

I am now ruled out of six pack. 

ah , be rational la. I am going to aim for maintaining my current pants, and no needing renovative work of purchasing another whole set of new pants to accommodate the new me. 

fatter me.

depress la.

New ME.

Thanks for reading. You can now proceed to studying or continue working.

Saturday, February 04, 2012

Housemanship 2


I can roughly write a book on how to be a great houseman.

Anyone can be houseman.

Anyone can pass housemanship.

But it is the end of route which makes me scared.

I passed several postings up till now, but am i really competent to be a doctor in that particular field?

The answer, honestly, is a big NO.

I think as a houseman, we are not the housemen of those times when we have the knowledge we carried forward from medical school sufficiently for us to battle through housemanship just to gain practical knowledge.

We need to constantly study to remember.

Because our system is such that we can be a medical graduate by just studying for exam.

Similar theory, can we carry forward knowledge and skill from Housemanship to battle through daily work to save life?

No, honestly. At least to me.

One can pass housemanship easily, but the question is really, do you want to it with eyes close and heart shut?

The thought of which department I want to apply to be MO, really saddens me.

I am no ready for any department, i think.

I am a doctor. Do no harm is my priority. Saving life?

One can of course, but hook, crook, and mouth, and little bit of luck going pass housemanship.

You can keep telling yourself that "all i want is go through this and then be a MO"

But, can you?

"I am going into admin, public health"

Fair enough.

But, how great is your housemanship?

It is the company of fellow housemen that defines who are you, and your value.

Suck up bosses, constant MIA, still would able to get you through current era, but times will come when:

"Eiyer, this Dr A? He is useless, I did housemanship with him"

That my readers, according to Maslow, is the lowest point of life you want to achieve.

Self, esteem.

I hope I am not falling to that category.

But it saddens me when some people readily, knowingly, be in that category.

Like a boss!