Monday, March 26, 2012

For Medical Aspirants

SPM results was out last week.

Ah, again, best result in years according to the exam board.

Come I share with you guys why i think, recruiting top scorers to medical, is paradoxically unwise.

Medicine is not that all complicated that only a selected few can understand them.

It is very difficult to be bad in things you do everyday.

Like seriously.

Then why only accept top scorers, 30As to be in medical school?

The fact is that, we should be looking for honest and driven personalities to be doctors.

These are people who can talk well, who can justify that they have seen enough craps in early part of their lives that they can empathise of the sick people. 

But no, our society, decided that only top scorers can be doctors.

Or rich people can be doctors.

Academic inflation is hitting medical so hard that medical school is just, after all, a 5 year period where you let the society to be prepared for you to have a change in name to, Dr whoever.

This is a fact.

So young doctors, who are mostly high achievers in school and college, who has high ego and abundant of self-belief since young, refused to be known that they do not know.

So we dont ask questions usually. Especially basics. 

Because it will reveal that we dont know that basic thing.

And then how are we going to understand the more complicated things.

Then, there you go a vicious cycle, you will end up knowing....nothing.

And most of the time, people ask questions to show that they know something, paradoxical isnt it you see.

Life as doctors is not as rosy as you can imagine. It is definitely not the end of the world if you are driven by a cause.

For SPM high achievers, my sincere advice is that medicine is not the only route to show the world you are smart.

It is definitely not the key to successful life or afterlife.

A song dedicated to fellow housemen who are having a hard time now.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

It is not just a....leg

We in medical field tend to forget that people come to us, look up at us with hope.

We solve their medical problem that they cant solve it, because it is a medical problem, because we are the medical ppl.

How true isit?

It is very difficult to be bad in things that you do everyday.

One patient, 21 year old Nepalese man, came to A&E with injury to his right leg.

The poor guy had a massive water pipe, industrial type, made of steel, fell to his leg.

Crush injury. Entire leg from knee down was crushed paper thin.

I have the picture, but I am not going to upload it. Too much for public.

The A&E gave him adequate pain killer, so he doesnt feel pain.

He is 21, fit, young, so he doesnt feel the big volume of blood he has lost so far.

I told him, we need to cut the leg. To save his life.

He looked at me, he can speak acceptable English.

Cant we just wrap it?

Poor guy. I show him the picture of his leg.

He cried.

Came 2 weeks ago from Nepal.

Going to go home as OKU. That's if he survived the surgery.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Since I have a car, my exposure to music has increased 1000 folds.

Now this is very nice. much nicer than the original one.

(I do, after all, have SQ to appreciate art.)

Friday, March 09, 2012

Tailor skill

Ah, damn memalukan today.

Was asked to close the subcutaenous layer today.

Suture like shit.

OMG, dont know where to hide my face liau.

Shit man, need to get the episiotomy repairing skill back.

Haiya, memalukan memalukan memalukan

Wednesday, March 07, 2012

District hospital

Went to Serian Hospital for ortho visiting OT yesterday.

60km away from kuching. Quite nice and quite town tho.

The hospital is typical of district settings. Where a stets around ur neck made u god.

We settled our job and went for lunch.

Serian is famous for pork dishes i heard. And durian, unmistakably judging from the big durian roubdabout awaiting u on arrival to this town.

I imagine myself sent to one of these hospitals, but much much further. O...m...g.

Sure bosan like shit.

But surely within a few months, sure became super gila power.

Haih. Hopefully tak kena. I just knew of a friend who was sent to belaga to relieve MOs. Same level with me one.

Arggghhh. Stressssss.

Can i just be a semi pro footballer and sell burger?

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Monday, March 05, 2012


Just a note about my health, for those who was wondering if i m still sick.

My pneumonia - thank god, resolved. But causative organism: UNKNOWN.

Damn scary right, coz if unknown meaning TB is always a possiblity.

But chest x ray now is good la, clear but got some residue bronchograms at the lower right zone. (reported by radiologist hahahha) meaning some residue damage la. shit.


Still swolen a little bit but function wise, came back liau. Full range of movement.

Played futsal x 2.

First try, memang cannot play. Because cannot sprint and shoot. 

Bagaikan pergi perang tidak bawa senjata. 

Second try, a week after that, memang better. 

But still long way to go before regain the previous level.

And have to think of a way to get rid 6 kg i gained from this illness episode.

I never thought bacteria was that heavy.

Saturday, March 03, 2012

Ortho in me!!

This was my first reduction and fixation.

Done when i was a medical student using only cheap implants.


Inborn talent of metabolism.

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Thursday, March 01, 2012


Had my first night shift / oncall yesterday in the new department - Orthopaedics.

Thank god it was a cold one, and fun!

(somehow in someways i think next call i sure burnt the ward)

Anyhow, I just felt so thankful.

Motorbike is really the number 1 cause of Orthopedics admission.

Break this bone break that bone.

I think afterall, i will just stick to commute in 4 wheel vehicles rather than the year long plan of cycling to work.

And the highlight of yesterday was I drilled my first bone!!


Just macam the patient's bone is the dinding i want to make a hole.

And just.....drill!!!!

I see one, do one, and the next time: Teach one.

Thats the level of clinical skill here.

Also, want to take this post to wish all of you: Happy Leap Year (belated)

Really using this drill. No different from ordinary drill!