Saturday, May 26, 2012


How is my brother's name. Chung how.

Actually, my parents forgot how to spell chung, n let the counter lady to put my name as choon, despite having the exact similar chinese character.

How , is a very difficult question. It is especially hard when the how was intended to address a difficult position, or when we come to an impasse.

Time as shown to be the most definite answer for all the acute how. Coz as time passes, the elusive solution will surface.

Smile has been the most trustable solution to buy time the definite solution.

Hahahha, i just trying to be deep.

Have a good weekend ppl

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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Oh. My.

Time passes so fast when you are happy.

Three months had passed since I joined Orthopedics.

Three weeks had passed since 3rd May. Random? hehe.

I find the most important tool to age happily is to be happy.

Or rather to find happiness.

It is the same concept of why hobby is a great past time.

It make the time passes faster. Because the opposite of hobby, is, working.

A random entry, as like the other few entries featuring the rare emoness of the Emoless Ang.

Now all effort into this:

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Sematan Beach

Sematan is a nice holiday getaway in Kuching, about 1hour's drive away from Kuching.

(Just follow Bau/Lundu signboard, very simple)

I was there 2 weeks ago, for 3 days 2 night family day outing of the department.

SO NICE la holiday for free.

I would definitely go there again.

There might not be like a lot of things to do in Sematan, it is just a very small town actually.

In the Palm Resort itself, you can stay in the Chalet, by the sea, very nice.

Just lepak around the beach, like my boss said, lepak by the beach is the true definition of holiday that woman will not understand. Not Paris. Not Rome. Not London.

Or you can hire a bicycle, for two, and cycle to town area, cycle to the other end of the kampung. Confirm build your triceps one.

Or you can bring a team of footballer, can play afternoon football like us. Very nice.

And follow by BBQ at night.

The town itself, has a few shops selling seafood. Try SeaView. I havent try because the shop was closed when we were there.

But the other shop, which was said to be not as nice as Sea View, had me the best Sea Crabs I ever tasted. Freshness level - ULTIMATUM.

The thing about Sematan I like the most:

The Beach:

The Super Fresh Sea Crabs:

My Department:

The Sun Rise.

Last But Not Least:

The time off.. Unrecorded. Thanks Orthopedic.

Thursday, May 10, 2012


The serenity of the waters in the river prior to a tidal wave, is so deceiving.

The man in white, chooses to go down to the river, awaiting tidal wave.

You see the man in white in total isolation.

He might be in the middle of damn big ocean

But when you clicked on it, you realised the banks is just there.

He can simply, in a few strokes, bring himself back to the land. Square one.

(Picture taken in Sri Aman during my Orthopaedic Specialist Visiting last week which coincide with highest tidal wave aka Benak in 2012)

Now, I always believe that when a choice is made, all out is the follow through.

But thats when one already made the decision.

The trick question is when is that, crucial moment of decision making?

Is thinking of, considered as made the decision?

Now do we conceive the thinking first and then decide? or we decide first, and then thinking of it?

Should I just go back to the usual thunderously swing the left foot to hit the targeted ball and let the achoring right foot swayed to the side?

Or should I just wait for the sight of goal opening for simple tap in?

Now thats deep Ang.

Deep waters.

(Emo entry part of the Gawai celebration as you know)