Saturday, June 30, 2012


I was always wondering why am I so demotivated.

Because I didnt bath as much as some people.

Happy Working People!

(Off to work!)

Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Modern technologies revolutionise the way we operate day to day.

There are so so so many startling changes we can see the change in ourselves.

For example, Google makes our thirst for knowledge completely gone and makes our long term memory shrinks to negligible size of 1KB, with these super easy access information.

Blogging revolutionise the way we kept our secrets. Paradoxical-bloggerically, it is by telling the entire world.

Facebook is the root cause of why us, the younger generation is having academic inflation, and not as good as our lecturers. How the heck they can remember the entire pharmacology of lignogaine, or all the biomechanics of the implants?

Now you can do this experiment yourself, try to read one page of any academic material, with your facebook page on the screen in front of you..

It is an uphill, ardous, strenous activity which could induce heart attacks in those who have high risk factors.

The way human relationship operates too has been revolutionised. 

This would be covered in the Part 2, 

the next time I am semi depressed.

Oh Greenzone...greenzone....greenzone....

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Nothing Can Be Done?

I posted the link of Mahathir's remark regarding the vernacular school, and how it negatively affecting our nationhood.

To me his remarks about this issue is absolutely spot on.

Anyone with some sort of logic would realise that separating the our younger generation into 3 streams of schools based on 3 races languages is ridiculous.

In the UK, the worry is that having the rich private elite schools and the common state schools would create a gap between the society; separating the rich from the poor.

But what is happening here in Malaysia, is that ; we first dissect our youngest school children according to language first, then from there we dissect further by separating the fittest good ones into the elite boarding schools and leaving the normal ones in the common schools.

Then we sort of miraculously think that when they finally go into university or working society, they will be able to live together.

This is a huge time bomb. Clicking all the way for past 50 years, no thanks to our political inertia.

Days were better when our people are more focused. When we have the Communist to fight in the 1960s, when our fear of collapsing nation is endemic in the 1970s, Or when we have Mahathir to fix our eyes on the evil West in the 1990s.

But as we mature as a nation, our very foundation of the country, the 3rd generation and 4th generation Malaysians, are so splited that the bond is not even strong enough to hold us together to go through good times, let alone bad times.

Good times as in like now, when we still have cashcow Petronas to milk our annual budget from.

Bad times? Hope it wouldnt happen anytime soon.

We urgently need to change our education system to address this issue.Arguments of free choice of education, importance of multiple languages would only come in when we are a matured nation. 

Sensitive issue of preserving mother tongue language must be tackled with the bigger picture in mind.

When we are all able to speak at least ONE, minimal level to communicating, language.

And when we are no longer talking along the lines of race.

When we speak not just the same language, but able to come to a common reason and sense. 

Till then, I think having our children able to speak in Mandarin to be able to compete in global stage, to give the parents choice as to which language their children should master, is just, a too big a price to pay.

We should and, MUST preserve our mother-tongue, but we cannot separate our children physically, into different schools. Vernacular school is not the solution. Far from it.

If I am the Education Minister, the first thing I would do is to abolish vernacular school.

Of course, the next day I would not be the minister anymore.

Monday, June 18, 2012


When you are confused and in two minds
Simply toss a coin
It works not because
it settles the question for you

but because in that brief moment
when the coin is in the air,
you suddenly know
what you are really hoping for…

Gambaran artis posisi terbaik semasa anda mengetoss coin

Friday, June 15, 2012

Too Free

too free. on leave but not long enough to go home.

So what you do when you too free?

I stalked my own facebook la, and went through my previous notes in facebook.

Wuwah, I am quite expressive hor! 844 posts in Whatablog since 2007, and 100+ notes in facebook. Who say I am only talkative? I am writative as well.

I saw this entry in my facebook, a note that was written when I was emoing during the hardship of getting signatures for log book in Paediatrics.

So, so true ok.


"The more I know, the more I feel my ignorance."

There's this book called: Better.

which was written by a surgeon in US, and I recommend it for leisure reading, when you are so sick with the blardy sunflower book.

Well, it is a good read, but i m not too sure if you can get it in the local bookstore. (got mine from amazon)

It is not just about medicine, rather about how to be better in whatever, you are.

Doctor is an occupation (make no mistake about this point, guys)

It is a job. still a job. better pay than some, more stressful than another.

Like we cant compare apple to orange, i suggest we dont compare doctor's life with say, dentist's life.

Field is always, almost always, greener the other side. 

Sometimes when I walked to the lab, after a torrential night for a cooling walkabout, the moment I saw the PakGuard half sleeping on the table:

I asked myself...Why?

I think of myself as someone who constantly choosing short term happiness over long term happiness.

I think my secondary schooling screwed up my logic. I have never done any homework at home since Form 3, for that reason.

House Officer's Log Book is far too taxing for the weak Ang.

I really cant make myself asking for signatures for the idiotic pulsemetry that i set on the sleeping child.

Or queuing up and pushing away another keener houseman who wanted to do intubation, or LP.

I just cant make myself advance on some other people's head.

Because I rather be that fella's head. By all means, feel free, step on me and go forward, and save lives.

It has, forcefully been encrypted in my brain, thanks to freeschoolisation:

Once A Free, Always A Free. Never too Free, Always just Free. 

Termed me lazy if you want.

I just cant do it. 

Then, comes the difficult question. How are you going to be a trained, safe, competent doctor?

If my boss asked me to carry a ventilator to Sibu, I'll do that for him. No problem.

Because I know how to carry, a squarish, metal box.

If my boss asked me to run to Lawas to get him a needle, I'll do that for him. No complain.

Because I know how to run.

But if i need to do something, which I am not too sure, how?

I dont know leh.

How leh?

I also dont know.

Big people, makes big decision.

I have not make even a single one, since signing the contract with JPA 7 years ago

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

5th Poster

Damn, so fast 5 postings liau.

Last posting coming in 2 weeks time, or so.

Will go into A+E, to complete my housemanship.


Hopefully i would be able to remember my medicine well in A+E. So scared la!!


Orthopedics has been exceptionally significant. :)))

Saturday, June 09, 2012


I seldom have dream.

Probably I slept so well, or because I usually dont have the habit to appreciate dream, I dont remember the last dream I had.

I was sleeping in houseman room this afternoon, post call.

I was in this car, making a turn, and in this particular dream, very weird.

In one setting, i can see myself in that car.

Dont know what car.

Dont know who was the driver.

All i know is the next picture is the aerial view of the car making super turn, in the roads on the mountain.

It failed to make that sharp turn, and the car went over the cliff of the turn.

It has many many minor cliff, funny i know, scary actually dunno what mountain is this.

I can see from the window, with the window downwards to the ground, ....

HITTING, i was thinking of which hand should i use to protect myself, radius ulnar? making cross,

random i know, but at that time i was really thinking of the Xray. FUnny leh!!!

Then, it HIT, i feel no pain, but scary, and then it go to another clifff one...

Again, from window can see the ground...nearer...nearer.....and

HIT the ground again...

I am using my ulnar region to tahan somemore....funny leg not involved in the dream,..

Then someone shook my leg...

Wake up wei....


Tachycardic, sweating, and i remembered mumbled to the said rescuer from this night mare, blablahblahblahblahblah....

it means, why so hot one i m sweating and having tachycardic.

I would drive carefully, and avoid mountainous roads.

Thursday, June 07, 2012


Well, paradoxical isnt it?

I enjoyed my 4 months in this department.

To me, so far, this is the best department I had been.

I have bosses who trust in me, who like the unseriousness side of me, and appreciate my seriousness upon the need to.

I put my name in Orthopedic for Moship.

It depends la they want me or not.

I kind of like Ortho. and the things that happened in Ortho.

The funny things remained funny.

Like, I , only can play 20 mins of football max nowadays.

Like, I , ehem, emo more often these days.

Like, I , start accepthing my new waist size. Abandoned SPP for good.l

Fingers crossed, I can proceed to A+E to see more bones. Wahhahaha.

Monday, June 04, 2012

Sunday, June 03, 2012


Do you find it interesting that there are 24 ministries in Malaysia?

I cant believe that I only can remember about 16 of them.

Days of glory whereby I can remember all the ministers and their deputies and sometimes even the parlimentary secretaries as well.

I thought I am the only one find it interesting. Ha ha :) there are other ppl as well!!!

Anyway, here are the list of 24 ministries.

Just for the sake of gauging how much you know about Malaysia, try to name some yourselves? I got 16.

1. Ministry of Agriculture & Agro-Based Industry

2. Ministry of Culture, Arts, &; Heritage

3. Ministry of Defence

4. Ministry of Domestic Trade &; Consumer Affairs

5. Ministry of Education

6. Ministry of Foreign Affairs

7. Ministry of Finance (Treasury Malaysia)

8. Ministry of Health

9. Ministry Housing & Local Government

10. Ministry of Home Affairs

11. Ministry of Information

12. Ministry of Transport 

13. Ministry of International Trade & Industry

14. Ministry of Natural Resources & Environment

15. Ministry of Works

16. Ministry of Rural & Regional Development 

The ones I missed:

17. Ministry of Energy, Water & Communications

18. Ministry of Entrepreneur & Co-operative Development

19. Ministry of Human Resources    

20. Ministry of Plantation Industries & Commodities 

21. Ministry of Science, Technology & Innovations 

22. Ministry of Tourism 

23. Ministry of Women, Family & Community Development 

Tak sangka i missed this:

24. Ministry of Sports and Youth