Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Washing Machine

So true.

My family's first washing machine came when I was 16 years old.

All the time was handwashed.

It is a good sign of social class improvement.

Not a necessity yet, seriously.


and now back to work already arrgggghhh

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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Going Back Penang!!

It has been 5 months since!!

My mum said she wouldnt be able to recognise me if I dont go home soon.


My bro, for some weird reasons, also have been pestering me to go home to look look see see.

Oh well, manage to find enough muscles to pull me to submit a leave form to go back for 4 days.

Rest rest always work till sick then only on leave. wth.

Going home actually means watching a lot of TV dramas.

Long time no watch TV. Ha ha ha.


Impressive view.

Gonna try getting her book: Alone Together.

Sunday, July 22, 2012


Another production of Because I wake up too early for a 3pm shift!

Why am I getting all the 3pm shifts!

:) Maybe my boss who sorting out the list like to read my ramblings.

Now, today I had a casual chat with a friend in breakfast. We talked about an ex-college friend, katakanlah Dr X, who went to another top medical school and ended up top student there.

"He wasnt that high achiever in college or in school, but in medical school, he sapu all!"

"The key is interest and then comes the drive"

Our education system, be in whatever language of delivery, has failed to tell us, at the end of our 11 years primary and secondary school, what we really want to do in life.

It fails to help us to identify our interest. Real interest.

People talk about the lack of presentation skills, oratory skills etc. in our university graduates.

I think it is not because of that. but we are not doing what we like. because we dont know what we like.

If you are talking about something you are passionate about, we would be able to present it well. at least with more passion.

Same goes to our performances in studies, the particular field that you are interested in, you tend to spend more time (it is less torturous) and then you will be good in it.

But what we have is our students, me included, our interest is to excel in exam.

To answer MCQ. Thats our interest.

Then when it finally came to the big question, what you going to do with life, it is just, we gonna follow the flow.

So many specialist that I knew, told me that ended up doing their particular speciality because they were in that particular field, and just follow the flow la. Take exam. Pass. Specialised.

If we all know what we are interested in earlier on, and family and society makes it more conducive to pursue your dreams, it would be a happier world.

Utopian thinking isn't it?

My face in 2002. Pretty sure if I failed my SPM, I have everything it takes to do be a VCD seller.

Saturday, July 21, 2012


Another production of because I woke up too early for a 3pm shift

Welcome to yet another random ramblings of mine, pre-work.

I rambled a lot, need to blog so often to make sure that I dont forget whatever that I had in mind.

Some say that by the time I reach 50 years old, I would have so so so many stories to tell, judging from my never-ending storytelling at the age of 27.

Yesterday we had a short session with the hospital admin, followed by the talk by Prof Sim Kui Han, on Medical Ethics (I tried my best to concentrate but post-super-heavy double shift in A&E is too much)

The admin told us about the current situation of MOship subscription.

It turns out that Paeds Surgery and Paeds are in red alert! They needing MOs. So all who completed housemanship are encourage to join that department.

Psychiatry, Radiology are oversubsribed. Practically full.

Also, all the Districts, i mean most, are of course ever calling.

Funny, I find it.

I had wrote previously that we, houseman, underwent what I called as academic inflation, followed by training dilution.

To those who had insights, they will choose to go into non-clinicals.

That there would be an outbreak of people who wants to join the nonclinicals departments:  http://www.facebook.com/notes/ang-choon-seong/off-day-note/10150402625225168

True enough! Nujum Pak Belal Ang.

As I mentioned previously, I had my unshakable interest in Public Health.

I think I can save more lives working in Public Health than anywhere else.

I work best with my mouth, then brain, then hands. :)) All talk no do. I know.

But then, the future of that field, as a fresh MO is limited la.

So then, the second in line, Orthopedics.

Had a few serious talks with some friends. and close friends.

It seems that, a district experience, for someone who really wants to serve, is invaluable.

And the fact that I am, sort of, not very bound by anything really.

Rather than trying to rush all the way.

Actually can still do Orthopedics later too.

To serve, or to rush then serve?

Hahaha, had that dilemma in UK 2 years ago. To come back and serve? Or to, as they always say when talked to sponsors to cancel the contract; complete all the professional papers then come back to serve better. (I said before, this is highly personal choice and I have no comment on other people's choice)

I chose the former last time.

This time? Ha ha ha. See how la.


All time favourite football video.

and recently ter-discovered the flip side of the video as well.


Oh ya, this post is to wish:

Happy Ramadhan to all my Muslim friends!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Quo Vadis 2

"Because I woke up too early for a 3pm shift" Production

I started off in medical school convincingly wanted to do Public Health.

Why? Because at that time I know nothing about medicine. Clinical-naive.

I know nothing about medications. Pharmacology-naive.

Public Health to me is the most, non medical, medical pathway.

All my 5 years in medical is spent on building up my portfolio in Public Health.

It works quite well tho.

Publications, presentations, electives in KKM and JKN, establishing good contacts and recommendations in hand, everything in situ for me to embark my career in Public Health.

I came back to Malaysia, then things changes.

Housemanship cracked my self-created shell against clinical medicine.

I have to read up on medicine, surgery, do procedures, do clinics, all which I hated because, I am simply not good in it. At least the first 3. (I am quite good in talking so clinics I am doing fine, but I hate it)

Surgery - O&G - Medical - Paeds.

All must do everything that I hated, because I am not good, and probably you wont believe this: I dont like because I am not good in it, because I think my kind patients are not for me to try on. 

But then came to think of it, thats silly! I am not trying on them, I observe properly, understand the procedure, prepare for it and do it!

Anyway, all 4 postings, I passed with ease, learned not much I must admit; for me to survive in the jungle of MOship.

Definitely not district.

Then came, Orthopaedics.

I dont know why. I just love it.

I like the simplicity of Orthopaedics.

I felt Trauma is the calling.

Patients dont look at you as a servant. They look at you as a saviour.

They came in limping, bleeding, swollen, thinking they will lose their legs, hands whatever.

You put a screw a plate a rod, 3 days later they walk out.

And in the context of Trauma - They genuinely needing your medical attention, your time, your effort.

Not those itchy, non-specific complaints people whose "disease" resolved with MC and air jampi doktor.

Such a satisfaction, I can forgo my Public Health utopian interest.

Know what u want.

Dont waste anymore time dilly dally grandmother story.

You should think of what you really want to do. 

And dont, waste too much time thinking.

Also interestingly.......

a few months ago, when I am not sure where I am going. Now at least I have some clues.

Friday, July 13, 2012


I was sitting down on the nursing counter of observation bay, when I saw this.

I took a picture and posted on fb. So so many people commented that they dont believe such a signboard exists.

We look, seldom sees.


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Monday, July 09, 2012

Benak Sri Aman

I went to Sri Aman twice in May and June during my Orthopedic postings for the visiting clinic.

It is about 3 hours drive, depending on your speed and the traffic condition.

Sri Aman is a small town and the only attraction they have is this Benak thing.

Tidal Bore which is the wave of water moving upwards the river, against the normal flow, due to the tide.

Only a few places in the world has it.

Sri Aman happens to be one of them.

And I happened to be in Sri Aman during one of the most awaited time of the year - apparently on that day of our visit, it was supposed to be the highest tide of the year, but somehow it wasnt during the much anticipated Pesta Benak.

Oh well.

While awaiting, i snapped some pictures of the riverside.

 So peaceful...water barely moves. Quite a sight I must say.

 Low tide at that time, there's two boat waiting for the tide to come for surfing. 

 I dont have the picture of the tide coming on because I was videoing it. This picture was when the tide already hitting the rivershore. 

The waters become so rowdy, wavy. What a change from previously.

Here you go, water become peaceful again...

Nolar...I put the first picture back. Heheh.
I didnt waited for the water to settle, as usual la. I left during the rowdyness.

But if I m there next time, I would wait.

Friday, July 06, 2012


Complaints are inevitable in service sector.

However, it is disheartening when health service providers are working under the fear of complaints.

Anyone who works A&E knows this.

The frontliner, we are the ones come into contact with the most "clients" as they put it; everyday.

Understandably, the A&E department is the most vulnerable department to client's dissatisfaction and distasteful experiences.

Now I wish to be impartial in this issue:

Health care providers - be it the respectable medical assistants, helpful nurses, young housemen, experienced  medical officers and specialists, have our own sets of ideas on how to do their jobs.

Consultations are done as fast as possible to find out the cause of the problem, if there's one!

Questions are directed: to get the diagnosis or to rule out certain diagnosis, but inevitably when answers are vague, answers are incoherent, dilly dally grandmother stories, we get annoyed.

I mean, working rather odd hours, away from the comfort of family, stress from superiors and so on, the threshold of annoyance are all time low and it should be understandable.

Even worst when there are misuses of the service of A&E. For example I had seen 4 causes of different patients, well and ambulating, complaining itchyness dating back to weeks and months, but decided to consult in A&E. This is plain abuse of system.

And when the emotion ran high, unfortunately if complaints are filed, morale depleted, questions raised, future seems asking again.


Now let us look at it from the other view.

Say your someone who is an drug abuser had overdosing episode. Pupils are dilated, vomiting, GCS fluactating. You simply doesnt know what to do, best bet to your mind at that time is to rush him to the nearest hospital: A&E .

You drove at 120 km/hr on the normal traffic road, highlighting, cutting every single car infront of your in the most reckless manner you can ever imagine, running against the way of the traffic and beating the red traffic lights.

In your mind at that time, MUST GET TO HOSPITAL stat.

Now when you reach the A&E, what you get is a complete opposite! Your rush to have your someone in the hospital for treatment is not met with the similar enthusiasm. 

On the contary, what you have is the hospital staffs give a mean look: Drug abusers! 

Taking their sweet time to get the patient up on the bed, asking questions rudely and insensitively in rather public area, sometimes other relatives are chased out with only one person allowed to be there with patients, etc etc.

Remember, in the relatives mind, their dear someone is very sick. Surely their concern is why cant I stand there and be with the patient? 

Surely if the understanding is not there, heaty exchanges are inevitable, and very ugly scene ensues.


What I am giving is just an example of how, the contradictory ideas of heatlh care seekers and providers. I am not saying that customers are always right, or doctors are always right.

Respect must be there all the time, of one another.

Lacking which, the consequences are both detrimental to the providers, and also seekers.

Dont go to hospital thinking you are the victim of the service.

Dont go to hospital thinking you are the only patient we have.

Try thinking of the good things about hospital people: They are there to help.

Dont work under the fear of complaints.

Dont work under the fear of backlash.

But, to help another person.


The Most Unforgetable Maggi Goreng

When I was trying to clear the old pictures from the Gallery in my phone, I stumbled upon this picture.

Oh. It was really funny.

I forgot to post it in facebook, like what I would normally do.


I was in Sematan Beach Resort, and that night was the FA Cup final i think.

I went out to round the small town of Sematan hoping to catch the match in some random cafe.

Then I saw this small shop with like 10 ppl watching the match.

Went in, ordered Teh Ais and asked him what he has for makan. He said we got Maggi Goreng. 

I ordered one Maggi Goreng.

and this is what I get.

World class.

Truly home-cooked.

Thursday, July 05, 2012

What to do in Kuching?

It is kind of really bored place. Kuching.


But as someone who comes from one of the most liveable city in the world, and talks a lot, like, really a lot, and seems to have a lot of experience with entertaining friends all the time, ehem...

I keep getting these questions:

wei ang ah, you can bring us around or not when we come to kuching?

wei ang ah, where is nice to go ah? my parents coming to kuching.

we ang ah, where to eat ah?

Hmm, in this series of blog post, i am going to introduce to you, the best place to eat!!!!

No no no ralat ralat, correction.

Best place to eat, by kuching standard. (the "by Kuching standard" is really important, all the West Malaysians will say the same thing after the world Best Something)

Anyway, the, places, i, eat.

Not the best. Because my job is really limiting my ability to research for best place to eat.

and i usually eat already, then only remembers that the food picture havent take. wahahhaa. sorry, I am not a food blogger at all.

(Basically these posts are to show that, we, housemen, are also human who eats, shits, and sleeps)

1.0. Sarawak Laksa - Chong Choon.

The Toast quite nice la, a lot of choices to choose from

Laksa Sarawak

Char Koay


*This post was prepared 1 year ago, but due to lack of idea now only publish. Harap Maaf*