Friday, August 31, 2012

Selamat Hari Merdeka ke-55.

I wrote this on the 21 Sept 2008. 4 years ago.

In conjunction with prolly the most politicised Janji Ditepati Merdeka Day, I am reposting it again.

And I dont think anything has changed since 4 years ago.

(Wow time past really fast!!)


I am no big fan of Mahathir, but his thoughts in his blog on racialism and unity is exactly what lingers in the minds of moderate non-bumis Malaysian. 

On one hand, we must acknowledge the historical basis of the "Social Contract", as agreed upon by our founding fathers. 

But did Tunku, Tan Cheng Lock and the rest anticipated our inter-racial relationship will come to this level? 

No, surely not. They certainly chose to look at the bright side. 

The earliest UMNO and MCA leaders, who formed the top leadership of the Alliance (Perikatan, before Barisan Nasional) were far too optimistic. 

Had they knew the Malays would consider calling the Non-Malays as "Squatters", the UMNO and MCA would never agreed on the "Social Contract".

Had they forseen the Malays forcefully gripped onto the political power and pushed the idealisme of Ketuanan Melayu, the MCA would never agreed on the "Social Contract"

Had they anticipated that the Chinese ended up eating the economic cake all for themselves with little competition from Malays, the UMNO would not agree on the "Social Contract" 


The very obvious evidence of the level of optimism among the founding fathers was the fact that Finance Minister portfolio was given to MCA's Tan Siew Sin for15 years. And the very obvious evidence of the failure of the Social Contract is the May 13. 

The pinnacle of the failure of the original plan, was the removal of Tunku. Then 20 years later, when the New Economic Policy was extended for another unforseeable future, we knew, by heart, Malaysia would be a failed nation. 

How could we expect the young generation of non-Bumis to accept their rejection of scholarship, loans and everything, on the basis of their skin color? 

How could we expect the young generation of Bumis to accept that they have to share the land with the rich and prosperous nons, and entertain their request to terminate all the special rights they had for all their life? 

Sorry but truly, Malaysia is heading to be a failed nation. We failed to be the nation our founding fathers envisaged. And the truth is, we failed miserably. 

Nobody knows why we ended up, today, with all Malay-populated civil service, police, army and etc. 

Nobody knows why we ended up, today, with all Chinese-dominated commerce and businesses. 

How many times you sit down and ponder, where exactly is our country heading?

Is it true as advocated by Shafie Aqdal, that Non-Malays should not worry about all the hooha on Malay Unity, as Malay Unity is the pillar for Malaysians Unity?

I found myself not only worried, but horrified.

The Malays are going to be more united, behind UMNO-PAS! Then what is that for? What else other than against the Non Malays? Isnt that the basic logic of unity of a group, against the non groupies. 

I will never blame Malays for being ultra-malay. The thing is, before you become an ultra malay, tell me what kind of country you want to live in? 

All Malays? 

and for ultra Chinese like those dinosaurs in DAP, who refused to accept Datukship on the basis of no-songkok, what kind of country you want to live in?

Fully Malaysians? No Malays right at all?

I for one, do wish for a country, that I can call it, my country.

But I know, my dream is still very far from reality. 

On every single note i read about Anwar and Reformasi, the same thing above strucked my mind over and over again. 

Are we going to have a nation of equality and justice, as sweet as promised by Pakatan Rakyat?

Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Just read in the news regarding the IJN winning the PM's Innovation Award for high achievement public sector agencies.

It is interesting to me to see that we are actually having these awards to stimulate innovation.

Public sector is one of the least innovative sector, ever.

Particularly in healthcare side, I think all of us are over-pressured, over-worked, and over-comfortable with our current paradigm.

We constantly trying to achieve the minimal standards citing factors of unmodifiable origin to justify our inertia and lack of progress.

I said we, because I can understand why and I am one of them.

It is still peculiar to me that after so many years, we are not doing much or maybe not doing enough, to lighten up the volume of work we have for our goverment's polyclinics.

A simple drive through to the Jalan Masjid PK in Kuching that you would see the highest concentration of human, sick human per square feet.

With such depressing workload, and the rightly, loud and constant call for on-time closure of the PK among the people there (oh well, cant really blame the doctors - many chose PK work for a good family life isnt it? cant blame the nurses - they do have their own family to take care after office hour) we should put more empathy when commenting on the inadequacies of the services they are providing.

Another visit to any Outpatient Dept in the major district hospital - for example Sri Aman: the thoughts in me to go district completely shut off.

I cant see 1 patient / 2 min.

I cant see 50-60 patients a day.

I just cant. Sorry for my inadequacy.

That is why sometimes, it is easy for us in A&E to say "Why you come A&E? This one pergi Poliklinik"

But we should do more to improve the service there.

It takes a massive overhaul to improve the healthcare service. like really massive.

Because it would take a gigantic political will, and major civil service empowerment to change the kind of things that has been the same, since god knows how many years ago.

Change of mentality, change of facility, change of priority, are all exteremely difficult in civil service.

But, really, if you think deep enough about your future generations utilising the healthcare system, perhaps we should put more pressure onto those policymakers. They might not be at the other end of using the service therefore they dont know.

For example to the guy who been to IJN for bypass surgery. Or the other one who went to Germany for back surgery.

Seriously do hey know about those people who queue up for URTI?

Picture taken during my electives 3 years ago.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Middle class paradox.

I wanted to write about this long ago.Recently been reminded of this by a series of status that posted up by a friend in FB about the paradox of middle class thinking.

I read a lot, really a lot.

But unfortunately, it is not medical books. Sorry tax payers.

I am a news addict. My typical day, provided I am not working or didnt wake up too late before work, is to open, followed by Malaysia Insiders, then TheStar, lastly Utusan. Oh well, we as civil servant need to read what is the government's latest propaganda.

When I am free, I would hop from blogs to blogs, mostly the political ones, then the emo ones, then the techno ones. Really, abo why you think I dont know the names of the arteries and muscles?

There's a lot of comments, opinions, thoughts by readers of each media, some of them wrote in their respective blog (like me!), some wrote to the papers. I read them because I am keen to know what other people think about this country which I am heavily indebted in, for they paid 1.2 million ringgit to make me a doctor.

I have my own opinion regarding our country. I find politics to be both interesting and depressing. Interesting in the sense that it's healthy development will make our country a better place to live in, a better future for our children. Depressing in the sense that all the current markers are showing us that escape is the only route we have.

What is more interesting to me, whenever I see the advert of "Agency to sort out your migration to Australia" in top right corner of the Malaysiakini website. But what about for those who cant escape?

We can divide our society into the Lower (socioeconomic) Class, Middle Class, and Upper Class just like any other country in the world. But in our country, from my observation, and I actually dont have the numbers and percentages to support this, it is very skewed towards the lower class.

The reason, mostly being that our economic realities are making the rich, becomes super richer.

The not so rich, becomes rich.

The poor stays poor or becomes poorer.

Examples aplenty.In my generation of SPM 2002, there are about at least 300000 students sitting for the exam all over the country. Ask how many knows of the scholarships, how to get them, what you need to have to get them?

Or just ask all 300000 of them, what is your immediate future? Blank faces!

The news and information about Petronas/ JPA/ MARA/ Kwok Foundations etc scholarships are very scarcely available. The facilities and quality of teaching in our rural schools, or certain schools in rural-urban areas do not put all our 300000 students on equal playing field.

But unfortunately, the advancement of your social class, depending on your education milestones.

For the middle class, they can pay u know about RM30k-50k to get their children to KDU, TAR, Taylors to get them a degree at least.

How about the oddjob workers' children?

If your entire family are earning RM2k or less, I generously put you in the lower class, life is very difficult to support your family, expenses (minyak moto, yuran toto) and your housing loan. Where got money for your children' education?  You lose everything the moment you lose your 2k job.

I read a lot of our own political landscape books in the market.

Funny, I tell you. Only middle class people will be able to have that time and money to read those books.

If the author write good things about the government, they will be opined to be biased. propaganda pushers.

But if you write bad things about government, they will be hailed as heroes.

But who really cares for the lower class? Who really cares for the rural people, or the indigenous people?

They have no time nor mood to think about the national day's slogan this year, or the new Section 114A of the law. Or read the latest book about the PKFZ fiasco.

All they want is the fair game play for them, and more importantly their children. That if they send their children to school, and if they are good in their studies, they should be given a chance to move up the ladder. Not stuck there, in the same class, generations after generations.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Raising Kids

Have you thought of how you want to raise your children?

Probably the clock is ticking, or I am really getting older, I have given it some serious thinking.

So, far in my experience on earth, the most successful parents are teachers.

So so so many of them, raise really power kids.

Not very well off sometimes is blessing in disguise.

And children of teachers tend to understand the importance of Study.

And somehow understanding importance of study, comes with maturity, and sense of responsibility.

My childhood was kind of funny. I learnt my way of life from TV.

TV drama always shown bad people die at the end.

So I tend to try to be good people. Try la. Ha ha ha.

No one have ever live without doing something wrong or geli right?

Even pretty girls would need to dig noseshit once a while.

Even teacher comes to A&E faking backache for MC.

No one is pure la.

Most important is that when we about to sleep, we are able to convince ourselves, we did it because we did it, and we felt okay, can be happy about ourselves.

As long as, you know who you are, what you are doing, and be happy, why care so much about whether it is right or wrong?

I was told to steal a helmet when I was seven. I did it because someone took my helmet and I cant go home.

How to go back if no helmet?

Looks like, I am no George Washington.

But given a choice, now, that I read about how George Washington became the first president, perhaps I should have give the helmet back to the uncle I took it from. Have to be uncle coz the helmet is damn old, one. Somemore my brother said, want to steal already steal the nice one la bodoh.

:) Such a memory.

12 year old and 7 year old.

I hope my children will not go through the kind of childhood I went through, but I hope they can end up being a normal person. No need to be a scholar, or sportsman, or whoever.

Just normal.

Thursday, August 23, 2012


Imagine yourself waking up in a maze. 

After hours of searching but not finding the exit, you come to the conclusion that you’re completely lost. 

Bummer maybe, but an opportunity for sure. 

Because with everything and everyone gone – there’s only one person that you can turn to. 

And that person is… you. 

You will find yourself, because being lost means there’s nothing else to focus on except yourself. 

I always tell people: “You are the only person that’s with you 24/7. From the second you were born until your last breath, nobody spends more time with you, than you. 

 Yet, in life we don’t always connect that well with ourselves. We are so focussed on the outside world, that it becomes the compass we live by. 

Until the moment we get lost and the outside world is no longer the beacon that we can hold on to. Then we can only hold on to ourselves. 

That’s what I mean with getting lost is a great way to find yourself.

(an article from focusnjoy)

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Hear and Listen

This is one of my housemate's favourite song when I was studying in Edinburgh.

Everyday he will sing this song, almost every hour will play this song in youtube.

I always heard him singing. Or heard the youtube MV.

But never really listen to it.

Came across this song again on radio today, then crap, I just listen again, and realised actually it was a deep song.

Ang CS becoming deeper and deeper with aging.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Sunday, August 19, 2012


I just read the pro BN's blog regarding the Haramness of voting for DAP.


I think our level of politics and the way it is ran in this country cant run away from zero sum mentality.

Zero sum = Either you with me, or you are enemy.

We cant take opposition side as the side to work with from the other dimension to improve ourselves.

That they are also good people.

Husnu Zon in Islam teaching.

Recently I discover a good analogy about this.

I am sure all of us uses cotton wool, you know to dry up the wet ear after bath, together with some wax.

Now, wax is whitish in colour.

We use a white cotton wool.

We cant really see the real amount of wax or debris, or dirt that we removed. Because it is of same colour.

But how about this?

Using the opposite coloured cotton wool, you can see your dirt better.

Ultimately it is up to you yourself that you want to see the dirt.

From the voters point of view, I think both sides are the same, whether it is BN or PR.

But it is important to have enough black colour cotton wool to check how much dirt we have in the system.

And dont treat those cotton wool, just because they are opposite colour, like as if you can take this country to the next level without them. It doesnt work.

Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri

To all the Muslim friends out there:


Be good.

Have a great raya.

Drive slowly, safely.

Dont play merchoon yang bodoh. Play the safer ones. You can think already what is safe what is not safe.

There is no point banning mercun, i remembered it was banned from the day I know what is law...

Friday, August 17, 2012

Biggest Football News 2012

Manchester United traditionally needs a good looking player on the pitch.

Beckham did it for many good years.

Christiano too.

Now, Van Persie.

On behalf of the real Man Utd fan out there, I would like to thank Arsenal for all the training and opportunity you gave to the Man Utd newest striker. May you find another great striker.


Thursday, August 16, 2012

New Revealation

I was hopping from blog to blog the other day.

Came across this very true triad.

It actually changes the conventional: Intelligent / Good Looking / Kind

Perhaps we are in very difficult position to find and judge kindness of another human, at its truest form.

What I meant is that when one fall for another person, we tend to magnify his/her strength, and confabulate reasons and excuses for his/her weakness.

Kindness, is to me a rarity, at its truest form.

You can be kind to your family members, your colleagues, but sometimes, not to everyone.

So how you define kindness? If your partner is nice to you but very rude to another person, would you still consider that as kind with bracket to put in the acceptable exclusive criteria?

Deep thinking isn't it? Ha Ha Ha.

Secondly point when I saw this triad is my admiration in the choice of the quality it takes in to replace the conventional - Kindness.

In a way, it makes the triad above is very true in reality.

Emotionally stable is perhaps, a better quality, to a more specifically definable character to look for, in a person you want to spend your life with.

The other two choices are rather vague too. How to know intelligent? How to quantify good looking?

However, the way I sees it, is that the opposite is easy to define. You see, as long as he/she is not stupid, you dont really need to know how to know intelligent. As long as he/she is not uberly ugly, you dont really need to know how to know good looking.

Very analytic thinking isn't it? Ho Ho Ho

Am I emo too much these days?

Is it the age taking its toll?

I think EMO actually stands for



Omaigod ang ang ang, sepandai pandai buaya membaham.....akhirnya emo jugak.


No la. post night verbal diarrhoea.

As they called me in A&E : Dr Ang Choon Seong - Talkcocktologist.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Funny emails

I guessed long since about like 5 years ago, all of us with a hotmail or yahoo email account who didnt know of a country in Africa would have known Nigeria.

There are always emails from a Nigerian fella whose dad is dead and he is trying to get the money out of the country or from an account, needing your account, and willing to part a few million to you as a reward.

I dont know who, with an IQ to set up an email account can fall for that. (are you one of them? like seriously)

Anyway, today I was reminded of those email thingy, because I kept getting another sets of fake emails.

Do you know that once your name is in the public domain as an author of any papers, you would automatically put into a database that will receive emails inviting you to submit papers to some newbie journal and newbie conference?

I mean, if you think about it, your email would be known to the public domain leh once your paper out.

Actually, I am not sure about that, but that is my conclusion from the regular emails I received asking and inviting for attendance to conference. But the thing is, I need to pay so much money one.

If free I believe

Like the Nigerian story, I always treat those emails with disbelief.

Anyway life as a houseman here, mana ada time to write papers or studies anyway.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

GTP Open Day in Kuching

I went to the Open Day on 10 Aug in Pullman Hotel out of curiosity to find out what this GTP thing is all about.

I would not pretend that I know much about PEMANDU and GTP/ETP stuffs la.

Attended some talks, and spent 1 hr or so going through all the displayed information (Impressive work) on the six areas they are focusing their effort on.

I copied down the focus areas from the leaflet they gave me: (Obviously I cant remember them)

Reducing Crime, Fighting Corruption, Improving Students Outcomes, Raising Living Standards, Improving Rural Basic Infrastructure, Improving Public Transport, Addressing Cost of Living

Now to me personally, GTP, from what I see it, is a repackaging effort, and in a way it adds another BOS to all the relevant authorities in the government sector.

For example, from my understanding, now the gov servant has to be aware of the Pemandu fella, who is like half internal/half external examiner, who will suddenly pop up and give them a lecture on how to do their work.

Of course this works in certain areas, but for me personally, I dont think it would work in most of the highly inertia departments. For example the Police Force. No way. Sorry I just dont buy Pemandu GTP can give a warning letter to the SB Bukit Aman office for any reason.

My special area of interest would be the NKRA Anti-Corruption.

I had heard a lot from the discussion there.

To me, all due praises must be given to the NKRA Anti-Corruption Lab. In a way 80% of the data is negative, and truly portray the current situation and it was displayed.

But I give a generous thumbs down to another 20% of the repackaging data memang for public relation face saving measure.

(I mean general feelings la, just a glance over the displayed board, after that then I have that one glance impression k.)

1. We cant be corruption free if money politics is still consider Halal in all political parties across. Situation is not improving AT ALL. If we see a corrupted politician is as an acceptable norm, for example our Minister's son is driving sports car at the age of 25, and our first impression is Yalah, usual, means we are not going anywhere with the anticorruption.

2. MACC with no power of prosecution, is of no use, despite all the money that we are pumping in, and mind you, it is A LOT OF MONEY. Using our limited hard earned tax payers money to fight an openly knowingly loosing war, I dont know it is depressing or what.

3. When Rafizi was charged in court, thats the end of the whatever Whistle-Blower Act Optimism. It means politically the highest power still do not have the political will to face the problem, to protect their own domains first over the country's.

4. Educate the Youngs. The most striking part of the NKRA Anti-Corruption is the Education part. They say need to educate our young regarding corruption. That data shown our students are more willing to give bribes if needed to.

No need la educate educate.

We are all born like a piece of white cloth. The reality world corrupted us. Educate the adults in the reality first.


To me that means, this person has not seen the world yet. Imagine your son is caught transporting a pack of cocaine. In your heart, far away from our head, you would be believing that your son deserved a second chance, that your son is just being misled, that your son should not die.

Say the police and the justice and the lawyer worked out a deal for you to charge your son as drug user instead of drug seller.

RM1 million.

You have the money.

No pay? Let him gantung sampai mati?

Come on.

Thursday, August 09, 2012

In another Two Months Plus Time


My housemanship coming to an end soon.

Its getting more and more stressful to work these days.

Dont know because the fire burnt finish oil already, or the tendency to think too much of the unknown future.

I submitted to my seemingly more interest in Orthopedics and I think for personal reason I would choose inertia, to stay in Kuching rather than moving about.

Its funny. Its confusing. Its getting more and more perplexing.

Now, I am far from religious. I believe in agnostism.

However, I am convince that whatever higher power up there, has been always taking care of me well so far.

I was raised in a family of very unique childhood, which characteristically building me into someone who is scared of the rain, unable to be stingy, unique ability to read well hidden emotions of human and almost always, almost never fail, to able to forget the problem in front of me, regardless of size, by mere watching TV or hiking.

Have to believe that He is there, when I nearly missed my SPM Commerce paper. Somehow someone reminded me there's a paper in the hall and I was late 20 mins. JPA in Medicine thanks to that.

I was involved so many crimes, super breaking all the rules and human ethics, and still, able to do finish schooling in all levels. Never get caught, yet. Taubat now already.

I was put in the pre university programme which doesn't require high level articulation and writting in English for a medical school place in UK. Surely will fail to get the place if I need to do TOEFL.

(You have no idea how shit my English was. My English teacher would vomit sperm the day that they realised I managed to study in UK for 5 years)

I was blessed with friendships and companionship of very different types of people. From highly religious, to highly high on substance. I am always easy to fit in any group, although loosely.

Something personal, and highly mysterious even to my close friends. I have to admit that I have very varied experiences in relationships, some which span for days, for months and some for years. Some pseudo relationship.

And now, I am actually worried, what is ahead.

What an emo entry at 3am.

Tuesday, August 07, 2012

TV be.

Had been hearing about this series a few months ago, but no chance to watch it.

Went back to Penang last week, my brother got it so I took it home.

Managed to catch one episode - the first one


In some sense it is true.

But the most illogical part of the show is:

the girls so pretty one.

If that is reality, I would go to work everyday with a huge smile!!

ps: awaiting good timing to buy a 46" tv with a dvd player. My computer is unable to play DVD for more than 30 mins. It generates more sound than the show itself.

When is the timing? When I habis HO la, and confirm a place here in Kuching. Otherwise, I malas to move the TV around, if I am sent elsewhere in Sarawak.

Haih, today working at 3pm...again.

Life oh life. Shift oh shift.

Monday, August 06, 2012

What If

I remembered telling a very close friend of mine, in this world, there is no what if.

Human does not and should not repeat a mistake twice. at least not in the same settings.

The most he creates new mistakes each time.

Sometimes bad decision bear good results.

The unknown is the place whereby your positivity is in need.

If I would have stayed in UK, I wouldnt experience what I have gone through now.

Constantly thinking what not helpful.

Constantly thinking that what if I didnt take this route, what if I have chosen otherwise..

Not helpful.

Time for thinking too much is expensive as it passes slower.

Wise people always tell us to be positive.

But recently I realised, actually, positivity at some point, is a self deceiving, and it actually brings you to no-whereness state of mind.

The actual state of mind, when I am positive:

And actually, all the times, we have been thinking of that. and it works.

I left my brain in secondary school. I cant think that well.

Whatever la.

So Close

Lee Chong Wei!!

So close yet so far.

2 points from being truly a Malaysian in history - first gold medalist and multi-millionaire, and who knows would propel him into politics, one of the most recognisable face in the country.

Without a single doubt, this match would be one of the most memorable moment of the year 2012 for Malaysia.

It is heartening to see 15000 retweets of Lee CW's I'm am sorry. It topped the global tweeting on 4th place and locally, top obviously.

I watched the first game at home with Indomee. The 1st game was won with style.

2nd game was played, apparently not very good for Lee CW.

When I reached the hospital for work, the rubber set is played. Managed to catch a few glimpse of the actions.

I wish I snapped pictures of the hospital's waiting area, all eyes were on the small TV.

Such a moment for all Malaysian.

Everytime his shot hit the net, there were hundreds of sighs n heartache. Every jump he made for a smash, there were thousands of cheers n claps. No one can do that as comprehensively as you. Suddenly we felt the nationalism in all of us. Thank you.

 Ps: Then came the stupid comments from MP Manoharan.

I dont fully agree with the multimillions reward for the gold medal, but I do share the national disappointment with Lee CW's loss, and MP Mano's comment is really stupid.

Malaysia will win first Gold when Pakatan wins Putrajaya.

What the fck is that statement for? and even worst...

Pakatan has got a capable Sports Minister inwaiting to win Malaysia a Gold in Rio 2016.

WHO? (I replied his tweet)

-since when Minister wins us any shit in any sports tournament????? wadafug.


Saturday, August 04, 2012


I find the following piece of news, interesting in showcasing the wealth of our nation.

PEKAN: Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak has called on all Malaysians to support Datuk Lee Chong Wei in his efforts to lift the first Olympics gold medal for the country.
As a show of support, his wife, Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor will be flying to London on Saturday night.
Najib said his wife had made the decision immediately after Lee smashed his way into the Olympic badminton men's singles final.
"My wife who is the Badminton Association of Malaysia's patron is going to London with the Deputy Prime Minister's wife Puan Sri Norainee Abdul Rahman. They want to be there to give their full moral support to Chong Wei," said Najib at a zakat distribution ceremony here Saturday.

Oh well, really very free Datin Rosmah and the 2nd Lady, whatever the name is.

13 hours of business class (assumption made here, maybe she flying contena class i dont know) but still, to give support to Lee Chong Wei.

Come on.

He will be extra millionaired with this Olympic Gold. 

Our country, together with Singapore is getting crazier and crazier about the sports remuneration.

One Olympic Gold will secure RM5000 pension for life, one jongkong emas from Andrew Kam and all other cash incentives.

Great Britain maintain her style of not rewarding financially of any sports achievement, saying that it is unnecessary.

Singapore even worst. The fella that win medals are those naturalised Singaporeans, firing doubts into the national pride when they won the medals; Is it the people of the country winning the medal, or isit the money that wins the medal for the country?

I felt our hype for the Gold is overdone.

Perhaps improving the playing facilities and better pay as a player is acceptable.

But millions for a gold?

And dont kept telling me his winning will put Malaysia in the world map.

Malaysia is f'king there in the world map already.

Friday, August 03, 2012


I find it is very interesting that our views on certain issues is not rigid at all, despite you thinking that it is.

We constantly change the way we view matters which matters to us at certain time.

But I maintain that core personality is difficult to change per say, but our worldly views kept changing all the time.

For example, I used to think that all man who lost his everything to a woman is idiotic.

The same with the girl who lost everything to another man.

You know, the type that always comes out in the news.

But actually at the height of a human relationship, when the particular party opened up oneself, it is possible.

To the extend of losing his entire saving, to something that one believe.

Such is the power of trusting.

But still, the moment I see a patient of teen age that trying to take his/her life away because of losing a boyfriend/girlfriend, I cant help but feeling to tight tight slap her/her.