Monday, October 22, 2012

Brightened Up

It does not take alot to brighten up my life.l

I was so busy and down in my day 1 moship, because the gap of knowledge is so big, the learning curve is so steep and time seemed not enough.

Just as I was about to give up on today, and brushed it off as another bad day of my life, this msg came:

(I cant printscreen)

X - Hi. Are you there?

Me - ? What did I do wrong boss?

X - Just wanted to say thanks for treating my grandma a few days back

Me - Hahahah. Me?

X - Yup. She had a small cut on the finger on Friday night

Me: Yeoh? Lin?

X - Yong.

Me - Oh, ya...nice auntie.

X - She is so happy with u.

Me - She is examplary patient

X - Going on and on about you. Driving me nuts

Me - I feel good treating nice auntie like her. Seldom do HPC randomly, but decided to do one la since she is so kind and friendly.

X - I know!! Just wanna say thanks. Dr Ang from Penang, very very polite and kind bla bla bla

Me - So it is ur auntie! I tot it is my inlaws testing me. So I pretend!! Hahahaha!!!

X - No it is not my auntie. My maternal grandma!!! Flesh and Blood, hahaha. Really thankful she met such a good doctor like u. Shes sooooo happy. Think you made her day for many days on :)

Me - Hahahaha.

No, auntie you made my day.

Sometimes we do alot of good things, but no one recognises us.

But it takes a great satisfaction, when you are treating a patient of complete stranger, who turns out to be one of your friends/boss's relatives, and they speak highly and thankfully of u.

Really made my day.

And really, I do random HPC for all patients above 50 I see in A&E.

Not knowing you are diabetic is just unaccetable in this current medical advancement.


h.3.l.3.n said...

u shud be proud of urself

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