Sunday, October 14, 2012

My country is very Funny

I am not joking.

Recently, one of the human rights watcher NGO was under heavy investigations for receiving funding from overseas, and the government claims that it might be an attempt by foreign powers to destabilise the country to doom us all. Why all the foreign powers are so interested in my funny country? Because we are in the middle of China-India sea trade? Or isit we control the Straits of Malacca?

The anti-establishment groups all cry foul saying that the government is against this particular NGO because the NGO is anti government.

Which NGO is pro government if you are a human rights NGO? Funny. and if government not supporting your cause, who will give u money if not of some overseas funding?

Can you write a letter seeking funding from Kedai Kopi Ah Leng? Just to remain locally funded.

I am not joking, seriously.

Lately, one Sabahan lawyer who was caught trying to smuggle in 16 million SgDollar to Malaysia and money trails shown millions in US, HK and Sg dollars been channelled across the world then finally to this lawyers' Swiss account.

He alleged that he is holding the money for Musa Aman, the Chief Minister of Sabah. Then, tong cheng tong cheng, all the subsequent investigations cleared Musa Aman, because the money was said to be a political donation for UMNO Sabah not for Musa's personal use. No, I am not trying to say the investigation is not fair, well i dont know, but the thing is....they said because is political donation, it is halal no need investigate.

Funny no? This RM40 million, first which not only we dont know comes from where or who, or how, also we dont know how  and why it travels from many many foreign firms to many many British Virgin Island's firms then ended up to a timber trader in Hongkong who said it was Musa Aman's money and actually it belongs  to a political party, and it is halal????

No kidding! My country's highest leader said no need to ask where is the source, this is normal because the opposition also got political donations. They also never disclose sources. But but but....RM40 million political donation which travels across the globe to Sabah UMNO? Some millionaire sold off entire business to fund political party but refused to be known therefore moves the money across the world?

Do they know, or I am confused, of the meaning of money laundering?

I am not joking serious shit.

There is now a new summon system called the AES. The government pasang camera all over the country. My opposition leader is complaining two things. One is the tender for this project is not transparent. Some crony companies got the contract and pasang all plus get a big chunk for first dunno how many summons. True, I do agree the arrangement and the agreement is a bit lopsided. But that is not funny.

The second thing that he complains of is funny. No kidding. He said that the government could easily earn back the RM500 cash the government gave out on the BR1M programme for the poor income family, from this AES thing.

Am I missing the point here? The summon will only be issued if you break the law am I wrong?

Erm., I dont understand what is so wrong. Just follow law and dont get the summon. Funny la. Another thing which is funny to me is that dont we all know the AES is already in place all over the country in form of policeman. The difference is that now the AES summon money will go to government. Last time it is flat rate goes to the hardworking human AES.

Haih, no joke.

I think my country is very funny. Funny leaders across the political divide. I cant read news that often. I get depressed easily.


Anonymous said...

Aiyaaa just follow the flow lar...apa susah sangat?....reality mamang macam ini la...

Anonymous said...

Money oh Money .....
Hope the mcc will investigate it thoroughly

Anonymous said...

What ever it is everything will be solve later