Saturday, October 06, 2012

Safety in Practice

The general feeling among the senior bosses in healthcare is that our quantity of doctors is exponentially increasing but the quality of doctors is dropping exponentially as well.

I would like to retort that this is not just in medicine, but in everywhere if we look closer. Teachers were not as good as the olden days. Lawyers are not as sharp as yesteryears.

Academic inflation and knowledge deflation is everywhere. Howevery, I do agree that we cannot deny that me and other young doctor's competency level is dropping, but this problem is not just exclusively in this country.

Even in the UK or US.

Well, my take is that this phenomenal is inevitable. We tend to slip back a little as we progress.

And more importanntly, the psychology of human grandiosity.

It is a normal human behaviour to think that you are better than others when you are at certain position. Doctors, especially.

Ask yourself, do you think that you are better than your junior houseman?

Your senior also thought that way. Your junior will also think that they are better than their juniors.

I think all of us have to take a step back and rethink of the more important point here:

Safety in Practice.

We must culture a safe working environment, where asking question is acceptable.

Saying I dont know is normal.

Learning attitude is more appreciated than guessing the answer.

My hope is that when I say I dont know, the other person would not say where you graduate from?

Or how on earth you can become a doctor?

There is no way back now my dear friends, saying those things wont help.

There is gaps of knowledge in all of us.

This is especially true to the people that working in specialised field. Like ENT. Like Eye. Like Skin.

You actually didnt say I dont know, because you havent been explored in the area that you dont know.

It is easy to ask question, because you are scooping from your comfort zone of pool of your knowledge.

It is very difficult to be bad in things that you do everyday,

Be humble. Be nice. Be humane.

Encourage safety in practice. Accept I dont know. Teach. Not preach.

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