Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Scary Moments

We all have our scary moments.

Scary as in, at that time, you are the most religious person that you would ever known.

I remembered one time I got lost while hiking on my own in Moongate trail Penang. People that know this trail would understand why. It is one of the said to be haunted trail.

I lost my way despite hiking there, like 100 times. And it was already dark while I m still in the jungle/bush/trees (after been to Sarawak then you know what actually constitute a "jungle")

Oh well, today I want to share another scary moment I had recently.

I wear contact lenses for futsal.

I only have one pair of lenses, since.....


.... 5-6 months ago,

and I am still wearing it.

It got harden actually but...hehehe...I just dont care.

So on that fateful day, I wear it to play la.

Then had a small knock with someone who hit the eye a bit.

The contact lense broken inside my eye, and then I had a blurred vision for the night.


I thought to myself the whole night; that would be it.

Career, life, family...

I'm F*cked.

The next day, I referred myself to Eye doctors, they see see see...

look at the cornea....slit test...see see seee

and said it was a minor corneal abrasion, advise me against wearing contact lenses for a few weeks.


Eye sight,

losing it.

It is scary.

( Recovered liau...dont worry wont use contact lenses anymore for forseeable future) Playing football with specs now.

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h.3.l.3.n said...

i ever kena sth like that also.. some detergent or cream termasuk my eye then blur few hours when i was young.. damn scary!