Thursday, October 11, 2012


I read the article about the overproduction of nursing graduates unable to find a job in TheStar newspaper yesterday.

One of the most interesting line I have heard this year:

Sorry Najib. It is not "Janji Ditepati".

"In nursing, half the battle is won by just being kind"

How true.

I dont know, sorry if this sounds absurd, sometimes I wonder why some people still at the job if the rage is uncontrollable.

We are in this line, definitely not because of money. Our effort and risk vs money-earned graph do not tally at all.

We are in this line, mostly because we want to feel good in serving, helping and because it is a noble job.

Then why angry, or more acccurately, i mean why angry so often?

There are certain things we can get angry at, certain things that we can disgusted with, and I know everyone has their moments when you just lose it.

But I think if we constantly, everyday, lose it, then what is the point. Seriously what is the point.

I get very disgusted at myself when I lose it and being rude to patient.

To think about it, if I felt dizzy and pain, I would go and see a doctor too.

Hmm, insaf already, dont want to scold anyone.

But sometimes, you know, we all will lose it once a while.

Funnily, Human, predictably and irrationally, treats strangers the best.

I always judge another person's character by how he treats a total stranger.

Someone who you does not have any need for, or fear for.

-another of my too early for pm shift, too late to sleep, rant.

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ihsan_huhu said...

at least nurses in m'sia wear that old-skool nurse uniform, very good to watch...

if they have the correct figure.