Friday, October 05, 2012

Uniquely you

We are very unique country, governed by very unique people and under a very unique system, to tackle some very unique problem.

You see we have only 2.9% unemployment rate in this country.

On paper.

And if you look at the problem of employability, we have a giant size of 1.4 million civil servants.

If you look at the latest census 2010, if i remember correctly about 60% of our 28 million population is between age of 15 and 64.

So I can grossly estimate that there are, out there 14 million Malaysians, between age 21 to 60 la, grossly speaking.

In short, 1 in 10 of the working people in our country, works for the government.

1 in 10 to serve the other 9.

Our unique government's way to reduce unemployment, is to employ them.

I read this newspiece in the Star today with a big smirk. Innovative and creative to increase productivity? :)

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