Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Vs Singapore

Slow to write about this.

Highly emotional game for me.

We totally lost the game from the begining till the end, oh well most part of it.

I think I wouldnt go into detail on each and every thing I see wrong in the game. Who am I to comment right?

The funny thing is that when we lost, everyone just, lose it.

When we win, datukship accorded.


I just love to see Malaysia plays. Be it football (oh well, the best is to watch a good team of our country la) Badminton etc etc.

One of my fondest moment in childhood, that I can remember was to wake up and watch the Commonwealth Games KL 1998, and cut newspaper article regarding the results, and follow the super rare games like lawnbowl, dunno wat wushu, sync diving, etc.

Anyhow, win or lose, as long as there's a fighting spirit among the players,

then there's a reason for us to cheer.

As a country.

It is the team that we cheer for. It is not necessary the winning team that only we cheer for.

Malaysia Boleh!

Monday, November 26, 2012


Good morning!

Woke up too early these days!

Age catching up? Considering Tai Chi in accordance to the aging process.

Anyhow, so fast December is approaching.

This guy said:

That the sun will not rise tomorrow is no less intelligible a proposition, and implies no more contradiction, than the affirmation, that it will rise. 

Sunday, November 25, 2012


There is one thing I observe about man.

They will be a time when earning money does not make much sense.

After you have a car, have a house, have a family who are comfortable, then what else you want?

Car - I am satisfied with my little Myvi, to take me from Point A to Point B.

Why need to buy BMW, Mercedes hor? 

In the end, parking space is what defines your status. Not the car. 

House - I would be satisfy with an apartment. I dont like land houses. I want my child(ren if permissible) to have friends to play with. Staying in expensive land houses deprived them of that, me think.

And I dont understand why we need a big house.

Robbers only go rob big house.

Means after get a big one, we need to bela dogs la, cctv la, pak guard la etc etc.

Get an apartment senang rite.

Dont know, maybe I am still havent seen the world.

I read in the news about the latest biography of Albkhary.

I personally dont like to read biography written by and for himself, of politician.

For millionaires, yes I like! 

When you have achieve enough things, you want to share your stories.

Ha ha ha ha

I wonder when I die, will I have a book on my life.

Just repost everything I post on Fb and this blog would be suffice to know who i am?

Hhehe...u have no idea who you are dealing with!! I am more funny that that okie!

Happy Sunday Guys.

Friday, November 23, 2012


Just like a

Chiu Choi Mau.

(idea courtesy of Nick Chan, a Hongkie friend)

Friday, November 16, 2012


You would only know, how much you know, when you become an MO.

You would only know, how much you dont know, when you go for an exam.

Did I just confuse you again? Ha ha ha.

- Plato Ang-

Study la, blog blog blog.

Saw this a few weeks ago otw to work.

So cute right?

Go school so happy. Got daddy bring bring. Ha ha ha.

(For critics: This and all the babies stuffs are all in my playbook. Ha ha ha. Dont like go play far far. My blog I like la write watever! LOL)

Ok ang. Back to boobs. I mean books. haha.

Thursday, November 15, 2012


This is another randomity entry from god-knows-what is going on in my brain.

Suddenly I thought of getting this to the world.

I am sure all of us have friends who are smoking.

and there is another group of friends who really, really hates people who smokes.

By repeating the word really twice, I hope you get it, I am not talking about normal dismay to people who smokes, this is the group of people who REALLY get damn pissed.

Oh well, now I have some sharing to make here.

It is personal, I am not preaching here.

My lungs are so gone because of passive smoke. So if anyone should be pissed with smoker, I should be!

However, I think of smokers differently.

I take it as a symptom. 

Dont judge another person by seeing the external presentation that he is showing to the world.

Instead, we should put more weightage on things that he is trying to hide away.

I have no qualms with people who smokes occasionally, when around other smokers. Social smokers.

I have problems with people who smokes in front of non-smokers. It just doesnt make sense.

Nicotine addiction is not that acute, demanding, as other substance. Even if you are taking 20/day you still can go one or two hours without lighting up.

However, make no mistake, SMOKING IS DAMN BAD FOR YOUR HEALTH.

Oh better highlight and bold this, otherwise people think that I am advocating smoking.


It is one of the most well established medical fact in the history of medicine.

But to go to the extend of judging someone's character by merely because he is smoking, therefore he is an idiot and irresponsible to the planet, I think we need to hold our horses back first, and think again.

Smoking is a sign of underlying problem. to some. oh well, to many actually that I know.

Drinking on the other hand, is more annoying. You are more likely to kill people with drinking (then driving) then you smoke.

However, please. 




Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Everything happens for a reason.

But actually, 

If nothing happens, we should look for a reason why nothing happens.

- Original from Plato Ang - 

Sunday, November 11, 2012


I remember when I was younger, there were certain days of school that I was scared of, to the level that I would actually fake sickness to avoid going to school.

Those were days in which if there was English subject .

So scared la...

Scared of the part that the teacher would randomly call up the names of pupils to read certain paragraphs.

My English was really, really bad.

Always kena me one, I dont know why.

Then everyone would laugh at the way I read.

So many wrong pronounciation, and actually I dont even know what I am reading.

Ha ha ha, thinking back, my oh my, really really very poor English.

Never thought that one day, I would be blogging freely using this language, although grammatically still off.

The only thing that I really brush up in my 5 years medical school is my English.

Conversational English is made easy after you have to speak in English for 5 years.

Although, I must admit, I really, still, commit a lot of fatal grammar mistake.

Oh, talking about mistakes, funny, I have a whole list of those.

I remembered I pronounce Paul as PAU.

Yesterday I go.... Last week I go....That day we go.....

Went is so elusive to me. Go go go sticks...

Just melancholic because was sitting next to a table of a group of ?posh kids in McD, talking in super fluent English.

I have always believe, there is 75% of your skills are not talent, only 25% is talent-based.

What more important is opportunities. settings. appropriate timings. courage to take the chance as it arrives.

Some people never see a piano in his entire life until adulthood, there is no way he can play the piano.

Some people has never had another person to talk in English, how the heck is he going to be able to converse well in that language.

Social background is very important in academic advancement.

That is why I would give the scholarship to a kampung boy scoring 5As than a town boy scoring 9As. 

Thursday, November 08, 2012

Finishing HO.

Recently I just completed my Housemanship.

I have done 6 postings - Surgery, Obs&Gynae, Medical, Paeds, Orthopedics and Accident&Emergency (in chronological order)

Well, if you ask me which one I enjoyed the most, it would be Orthopedics - Paeds - A&E - Medical - Surgery last and the least of course the hole medicine (with no offense ahaha).

True from my heart. and brain.

So I went into Orthopedics like what everyone should do: chase your interest.

However, just 2 weeks plus into it, I felt there is a huge huge huge gap of knowledge, skill and inadequacy for me to make certain decisions, and  to sufficiently function as a medical officer in Orthopedics.

Everyone says Aiyah, it takes time.

Oh well, I'll discuss more about that next time, but to me, it is personal. 

If I dont want my loved ones to be treated by someone who doesnt know what he is doing then, what am I doing as a MO in Orthopedics? I just cant get true my cardiac pump, sorry to all. I truthly have too much insight and it is a mental problem probably. Apologies to all who talked to me previously.

Anyway, this post is to tell about what I think about Housemanship.

I felt strongly about the necessity of A&E posting in completing your training as a junior doctor.

You have to go down to the lowest chain, the one who deal with public - the one who have to come out with something out of nothing, the one who answers ridiculity (if there is such a word) of man kind.

You have to go through the 4 months of being ridiculed by other medical colleagues about your diagnosis, your inadequacy knowledge in the particular speciality, your inability to take history in 5 mins or to do a complete physical exam in 5 mins.

You have to go through the dilemma of asking someone's father to wait for a little while more as you are having other patients currently, and luring in your mind that what if somehow, showwhat, this fella whom you asked to wait for another 5 mins outside suddenly collapse due to sudden cardiac arrest; what are you going to tell the son?

You have to go through the ultimate happiness, to the level equal that of when you won a lottery, or your first child born, - which is when you called a name of the green triage awaiting, and the door is not open - no sign of patient coming in - meaning they absconded. Trust me, that winning feeling - is indescribable.

You have to entertain some very poor people whom came with absolutely no expectation, and after that might have to entertain some very rich person whom are shopping for doctor opinions and claiming they know the DYMM Yang dipertuan Agong and demand immediate attention- and yet hold your temper. 

You have to take bloods and setting lines in the most emergency situation when someone is bleeding like Ribena away, and after that taking bloods from another person in the greenzone where your sharps bin is rather far. Sorry but the system has inadequacy. We tend to forget about safety once we are busy depressively.

All in all, if you survived the 4 months in A&E, you might learn nothing like me; 

but you have learnt a lot of humility. That no one knows everything.

That no one is right all the time.

For those who are doing A&E currently, or in the future;

Take care of yourself; for you are dealing with highest level of biohazard: Big ocean public.

Try to follow up your patient. If not, you would not know the real diagnosis, in your entire life.

Whenever I get a really bad referal from A&E, and wanted to give an opinion, the thoughts of the particular person doing GreenZone at 4am; Highest level of sympathy sets in. :)

Be kind to others. For they are fighting a hard battle. Too. 

Wednesday, November 07, 2012


Facebook status updating is funny.

I currently into put something thoughtful but original daily and seems to get a lot of response. LOL

Be it in the lift, in the canteen, on the futsal court;

Someone with my FB account as their friend would come and ask me, when will I run out of my ideas.

I was determined to put something of wise, but original, each day. 

Ha ha ha ha.

How long can I last?

Oh well, no joke, but most of them are just random, impromptu, ideas that sprouted out of nowhere when I was doing something else.

1. When I was reading to improve my own knowledge as I started MOship, it was really bored at that time:

There is a subtle difference between reading and studying. 

Reading is studying with no impending exam. 

Studying is reading for an impending exam. 

2. When I was stressed out because of the lack of knowledge I have as a MO;

The ascend of HO to MO is time-based. The ascend of MO to Specialist is effort-based. 

3. From daily frustration of searching for carpark space because now I go to work later than usual; MO already mah!:

It is a common misunderstanding that driving a luxury car is a sign of success.

I think it is having a reserved luxury carpark space that defines a successful man. Lol.

4. As I was driving along the road to makan: MO already mah!!

To reduce the speed of travelling vehicles on the road, we should keep playing sad emotional depressing slow songs on the radio.

It is physiological impossible to drive fast when radio is playing Richard Marx's Right Here Waiting For You or Air Supply's Goodbye

5. When my lack of knowledge nearly cause someone's finger become shorter; Nearly :)

True wisdom is in knowing you know nothing, and act on it. Life is short, dont make others' shorter, or yours' shorter.

6. When I was asked to take part as the Ortho MO in the disaster drill in the hospital, in which they have a big meeting to discuss how to do it...

What is the point of having fire drill or disaster drill if everyone knows it is a drill? 

What if a real disaster happens at the same time? It would be a double disaster. :))

7. When I was taking consent from a patient who asked really, really, a lot of questions

The ultimate paradox of medical psychology is that medical physician talks to patient so much more than surgeons. 

If I give u medicine, compare to I give u operation, which one u think u need more talking?

How long can I last?

Today macam dont have liau. Hahahaha.

Monday, November 05, 2012


Human are complex beings and feelings are the most complicated component of that complex being.

Screw anatomy. Screw physiology.

It is impossible to completely understand someone's feelings and emotions.

It is even harder when that someone who doesnt really understands himself.

Sometimes we have dig deep to understand another person but how sure are you done enough? Or is it necessary? 

I have a ?talent, or is it a ?curse that I know of certain things about people around me that whenever they have even a slight change, even a simple hesitation in our conversations, even a simple sentence that they said, basically any alteration  in their normal behaviour, I have a sense that something is happening.

TTM I termed it as.

Sometimes in our day to day relationship, not just between you and your loved ones, between you and your bosses, your colleagues, your patients, these are important skills to have.

They sometime called it Insights.

This actually make my life very difficult.

It is cultured from young, due to complex background, I need this survive, run and hide before the storm comes.

Avoidance is still, to date, the best coping strategy.

It is up to you to let the other party knows of that you actually know, or not.

Life is very short to be sad on things you cannot change, phenomenal  I call it.

Life is also very short to be holding certain things too tightly, money, for example.

Life is extremely short to be angry, or less kind to another human.

Socrates actually said this:

Be kind, for everyone you meet, is fighting a hard battle.

How true.

I wish say that although it is easier said than done, Life, is hard enough, dont make it any more harder.

Options are not conducive to happiness. Options create doubts, feeds on uncertainties, grows on disappointments.

Deciding options, are the outcome of satisfying internal self emotions, external public perceptions, and very rarely, it constitutes right, or wrong. 

Surprising for someone as funny and cincai as me, 

truthfully I believe that;

Everything has been written.

Sunday, November 04, 2012


We tend to generalise the kind of response we expect from people.

But there are times when we need to accept some people has their own unique way and their responses are different.

As the saying goes: 

You are unique. Just like everyone else.

Most of the times, I look at certain people and their achievements, and then think to myself, if this guy can do it, why I cant?

Surely you can.

Dont let anyone tell you what you can't do. 

(nostalgic scene of the Pursuit of Happyness)

But certain people has their own set of ideas on how they approach life, and problems.

Of course I can do it, just like anyone else. My brain and their brains basically has the same weight, roughly.

But I might not have the same heart as that anyone.

If I subscribe to do no harm, I should let this go.

To any medical students who are reading this blog, my message to you is strive to garner as much as understanding and knowledge of the medicine as possible. It is unethical, heartless and wrong to learn from your patient fully. You should have minimum level of knowledge before you touch anyone as a doctor.