Friday, November 16, 2012


You would only know, how much you know, when you become an MO.

You would only know, how much you dont know, when you go for an exam.

Did I just confuse you again? Ha ha ha.

- Plato Ang-

Study la, blog blog blog.

Saw this a few weeks ago otw to work.

So cute right?

Go school so happy. Got daddy bring bring. Ha ha ha.

(For critics: This and all the babies stuffs are all in my playbook. Ha ha ha. Dont like go play far far. My blog I like la write watever! LOL)

Ok ang. Back to boobs. I mean books. haha.


h.3.l.3.n said...

i think ur frequency of blogging will increase drastically if u got exams coming up.. haha

angchoonseong said...

Spot on! Just like the old days!! Haha.