Thursday, November 08, 2012

Finishing HO.

Recently I just completed my Housemanship.

I have done 6 postings - Surgery, Obs&Gynae, Medical, Paeds, Orthopedics and Accident&Emergency (in chronological order)

Well, if you ask me which one I enjoyed the most, it would be Orthopedics - Paeds - A&E - Medical - Surgery last and the least of course the hole medicine (with no offense ahaha).

True from my heart. and brain.

So I went into Orthopedics like what everyone should do: chase your interest.

However, just 2 weeks plus into it, I felt there is a huge huge huge gap of knowledge, skill and inadequacy for me to make certain decisions, and  to sufficiently function as a medical officer in Orthopedics.

Everyone says Aiyah, it takes time.

Oh well, I'll discuss more about that next time, but to me, it is personal. 

If I dont want my loved ones to be treated by someone who doesnt know what he is doing then, what am I doing as a MO in Orthopedics? I just cant get true my cardiac pump, sorry to all. I truthly have too much insight and it is a mental problem probably. Apologies to all who talked to me previously.

Anyway, this post is to tell about what I think about Housemanship.

I felt strongly about the necessity of A&E posting in completing your training as a junior doctor.

You have to go down to the lowest chain, the one who deal with public - the one who have to come out with something out of nothing, the one who answers ridiculity (if there is such a word) of man kind.

You have to go through the 4 months of being ridiculed by other medical colleagues about your diagnosis, your inadequacy knowledge in the particular speciality, your inability to take history in 5 mins or to do a complete physical exam in 5 mins.

You have to go through the dilemma of asking someone's father to wait for a little while more as you are having other patients currently, and luring in your mind that what if somehow, showwhat, this fella whom you asked to wait for another 5 mins outside suddenly collapse due to sudden cardiac arrest; what are you going to tell the son?

You have to go through the ultimate happiness, to the level equal that of when you won a lottery, or your first child born, - which is when you called a name of the green triage awaiting, and the door is not open - no sign of patient coming in - meaning they absconded. Trust me, that winning feeling - is indescribable.

You have to entertain some very poor people whom came with absolutely no expectation, and after that might have to entertain some very rich person whom are shopping for doctor opinions and claiming they know the DYMM Yang dipertuan Agong and demand immediate attention- and yet hold your temper. 

You have to take bloods and setting lines in the most emergency situation when someone is bleeding like Ribena away, and after that taking bloods from another person in the greenzone where your sharps bin is rather far. Sorry but the system has inadequacy. We tend to forget about safety once we are busy depressively.

All in all, if you survived the 4 months in A&E, you might learn nothing like me; 

but you have learnt a lot of humility. That no one knows everything.

That no one is right all the time.

For those who are doing A&E currently, or in the future;

Take care of yourself; for you are dealing with highest level of biohazard: Big ocean public.

Try to follow up your patient. If not, you would not know the real diagnosis, in your entire life.

Whenever I get a really bad referal from A&E, and wanted to give an opinion, the thoughts of the particular person doing GreenZone at 4am; Highest level of sympathy sets in. :)

Be kind to others. For they are fighting a hard battle. Too. 

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