Monday, November 05, 2012


Human are complex beings and feelings are the most complicated component of that complex being.

Screw anatomy. Screw physiology.

It is impossible to completely understand someone's feelings and emotions.

It is even harder when that someone who doesnt really understands himself.

Sometimes we have dig deep to understand another person but how sure are you done enough? Or is it necessary? 

I have a ?talent, or is it a ?curse that I know of certain things about people around me that whenever they have even a slight change, even a simple hesitation in our conversations, even a simple sentence that they said, basically any alteration  in their normal behaviour, I have a sense that something is happening.

TTM I termed it as.

Sometimes in our day to day relationship, not just between you and your loved ones, between you and your bosses, your colleagues, your patients, these are important skills to have.

They sometime called it Insights.

This actually make my life very difficult.

It is cultured from young, due to complex background, I need this survive, run and hide before the storm comes.

Avoidance is still, to date, the best coping strategy.

It is up to you to let the other party knows of that you actually know, or not.

Life is very short to be sad on things you cannot change, phenomenal  I call it.

Life is also very short to be holding certain things too tightly, money, for example.

Life is extremely short to be angry, or less kind to another human.

Socrates actually said this:

Be kind, for everyone you meet, is fighting a hard battle.

How true.

I wish say that although it is easier said than done, Life, is hard enough, dont make it any more harder.

Options are not conducive to happiness. Options create doubts, feeds on uncertainties, grows on disappointments.

Deciding options, are the outcome of satisfying internal self emotions, external public perceptions, and very rarely, it constitutes right, or wrong. 

Surprising for someone as funny and cincai as me, 

truthfully I believe that;

Everything has been written.

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