Sunday, November 25, 2012


There is one thing I observe about man.

They will be a time when earning money does not make much sense.

After you have a car, have a house, have a family who are comfortable, then what else you want?

Car - I am satisfied with my little Myvi, to take me from Point A to Point B.

Why need to buy BMW, Mercedes hor? 

In the end, parking space is what defines your status. Not the car. 

House - I would be satisfy with an apartment. I dont like land houses. I want my child(ren if permissible) to have friends to play with. Staying in expensive land houses deprived them of that, me think.

And I dont understand why we need a big house.

Robbers only go rob big house.

Means after get a big one, we need to bela dogs la, cctv la, pak guard la etc etc.

Get an apartment senang rite.

Dont know, maybe I am still havent seen the world.

I read in the news about the latest biography of Albkhary.

I personally dont like to read biography written by and for himself, of politician.

For millionaires, yes I like! 

When you have achieve enough things, you want to share your stories.

Ha ha ha ha

I wonder when I die, will I have a book on my life.

Just repost everything I post on Fb and this blog would be suffice to know who i am?

Hhehe...u have no idea who you are dealing with!! I am more funny that that okie!

Happy Sunday Guys.

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