Sunday, November 11, 2012


I remember when I was younger, there were certain days of school that I was scared of, to the level that I would actually fake sickness to avoid going to school.

Those were days in which if there was English subject .

So scared la...

Scared of the part that the teacher would randomly call up the names of pupils to read certain paragraphs.

My English was really, really bad.

Always kena me one, I dont know why.

Then everyone would laugh at the way I read.

So many wrong pronounciation, and actually I dont even know what I am reading.

Ha ha ha, thinking back, my oh my, really really very poor English.

Never thought that one day, I would be blogging freely using this language, although grammatically still off.

The only thing that I really brush up in my 5 years medical school is my English.

Conversational English is made easy after you have to speak in English for 5 years.

Although, I must admit, I really, still, commit a lot of fatal grammar mistake.

Oh, talking about mistakes, funny, I have a whole list of those.

I remembered I pronounce Paul as PAU.

Yesterday I go.... Last week I go....That day we go.....

Went is so elusive to me. Go go go sticks...

Just melancholic because was sitting next to a table of a group of ?posh kids in McD, talking in super fluent English.

I have always believe, there is 75% of your skills are not talent, only 25% is talent-based.

What more important is opportunities. settings. appropriate timings. courage to take the chance as it arrives.

Some people never see a piano in his entire life until adulthood, there is no way he can play the piano.

Some people has never had another person to talk in English, how the heck is he going to be able to converse well in that language.

Social background is very important in academic advancement.

That is why I would give the scholarship to a kampung boy scoring 5As than a town boy scoring 9As. 

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Anonymous said...

I love this post. Completely agree.