Thursday, November 15, 2012


This is another randomity entry from god-knows-what is going on in my brain.

Suddenly I thought of getting this to the world.

I am sure all of us have friends who are smoking.

and there is another group of friends who really, really hates people who smokes.

By repeating the word really twice, I hope you get it, I am not talking about normal dismay to people who smokes, this is the group of people who REALLY get damn pissed.

Oh well, now I have some sharing to make here.

It is personal, I am not preaching here.

My lungs are so gone because of passive smoke. So if anyone should be pissed with smoker, I should be!

However, I think of smokers differently.

I take it as a symptom. 

Dont judge another person by seeing the external presentation that he is showing to the world.

Instead, we should put more weightage on things that he is trying to hide away.

I have no qualms with people who smokes occasionally, when around other smokers. Social smokers.

I have problems with people who smokes in front of non-smokers. It just doesnt make sense.

Nicotine addiction is not that acute, demanding, as other substance. Even if you are taking 20/day you still can go one or two hours without lighting up.

However, make no mistake, SMOKING IS DAMN BAD FOR YOUR HEALTH.

Oh better highlight and bold this, otherwise people think that I am advocating smoking.


It is one of the most well established medical fact in the history of medicine.

But to go to the extend of judging someone's character by merely because he is smoking, therefore he is an idiot and irresponsible to the planet, I think we need to hold our horses back first, and think again.

Smoking is a sign of underlying problem. to some. oh well, to many actually that I know.

Drinking on the other hand, is more annoying. You are more likely to kill people with drinking (then driving) then you smoke.

However, please. 



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