Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Vs Singapore

Slow to write about this.

Highly emotional game for me.

We totally lost the game from the begining till the end, oh well most part of it.

I think I wouldnt go into detail on each and every thing I see wrong in the game. Who am I to comment right?

The funny thing is that when we lost, everyone just, lose it.

When we win, datukship accorded.


I just love to see Malaysia plays. Be it football (oh well, the best is to watch a good team of our country la) Badminton etc etc.

One of my fondest moment in childhood, that I can remember was to wake up and watch the Commonwealth Games KL 1998, and cut newspaper article regarding the results, and follow the super rare games like lawnbowl, dunno wat wushu, sync diving, etc.

Anyhow, win or lose, as long as there's a fighting spirit among the players,

then there's a reason for us to cheer.

As a country.

It is the team that we cheer for. It is not necessary the winning team that only we cheer for.

Malaysia Boleh!


ihsan_huhu said...

come on kasi lauk sama laos

ACS said...

oi aku tengok highlight indon laos...laos power dow.