Wednesday, November 07, 2012


Facebook status updating is funny.

I currently into put something thoughtful but original daily and seems to get a lot of response. LOL

Be it in the lift, in the canteen, on the futsal court;

Someone with my FB account as their friend would come and ask me, when will I run out of my ideas.

I was determined to put something of wise, but original, each day. 

Ha ha ha ha.

How long can I last?

Oh well, no joke, but most of them are just random, impromptu, ideas that sprouted out of nowhere when I was doing something else.

1. When I was reading to improve my own knowledge as I started MOship, it was really bored at that time:

There is a subtle difference between reading and studying. 

Reading is studying with no impending exam. 

Studying is reading for an impending exam. 

2. When I was stressed out because of the lack of knowledge I have as a MO;

The ascend of HO to MO is time-based. The ascend of MO to Specialist is effort-based. 

3. From daily frustration of searching for carpark space because now I go to work later than usual; MO already mah!:

It is a common misunderstanding that driving a luxury car is a sign of success.

I think it is having a reserved luxury carpark space that defines a successful man. Lol.

4. As I was driving along the road to makan: MO already mah!!

To reduce the speed of travelling vehicles on the road, we should keep playing sad emotional depressing slow songs on the radio.

It is physiological impossible to drive fast when radio is playing Richard Marx's Right Here Waiting For You or Air Supply's Goodbye

5. When my lack of knowledge nearly cause someone's finger become shorter; Nearly :)

True wisdom is in knowing you know nothing, and act on it. Life is short, dont make others' shorter, or yours' shorter.

6. When I was asked to take part as the Ortho MO in the disaster drill in the hospital, in which they have a big meeting to discuss how to do it...

What is the point of having fire drill or disaster drill if everyone knows it is a drill? 

What if a real disaster happens at the same time? It would be a double disaster. :))

7. When I was taking consent from a patient who asked really, really, a lot of questions

The ultimate paradox of medical psychology is that medical physician talks to patient so much more than surgeons. 

If I give u medicine, compare to I give u operation, which one u think u need more talking?

How long can I last?

Today macam dont have liau. Hahahaha.

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