Sunday, December 30, 2012

Happy New Year

As year 2012 is drawing near the end, it is customarily for Whatablog to come out with some stupid jokes about how the year end.

Ha ha ha not this year! I must learn to be more serious!

2012 has been a funny year to me indeed. Joy and laughter were abundance, the unfamiliar tears and confusion were surprising re-emerge out from no where.

Completed housemanship with little happening.

Nonetheless, I am now a registered medical practitioner.

Unable to find a field that I really interested, I just, as usual, follow the flow.

Found myself in Cardiothoracic Surgery.

Oh well.

While I dont believe that life is actually a box of chocolate and that you would never know what you gonna get, I do believe that you need to think more of what is the easiest way of solving problem.

My new favourite saying is that Life is like a Cho Tai Dee game.

You might get the good cards in hand. Dont be too happy yet because if doesnt win, the anguish is there.

If you win, so what, next round you might not get the good cards anymore.

If you get all the bad cards, you can still be happy. You might lose, no doubt, and actually that might be a sure thing, but you could still, strive to lose it the winning way. By making the best out of what you have been given.

Synthetic happiness as Dan Gilbert puts it succintly in Pursuit of Happiness.

I hope the lessons I learnt, the people I met and the mistakes I done;

would not repeat in 2013, or 2014, or 2015.

Dont put all eggs in one basket.

Perhaps put the eggs in the fridge la would be safer.

Happy New Year people.

*May you find your happiness.

See you next year!

Saturday, December 29, 2012


Looking around for a second hand rather okay conditioned and quality road bike to cycle from my house to samarahan for work everyday.

That would at least burnt off the calories I collect for the first half of the day feeding at work.


I am serious.

In the future will create the cycling group to hospital like the ones in Edinburgh.

Need proper cycling track, but I guess it has to start somewhere isnt it!

Never say never!


I am one of the thousands of JPA sponsored doctors who came home to serve after spending 5 years learning the trade in overseas.

The change is sizeable I must admit, from the patients' disease spectrum, expectations, understanding and social background to my colleagues and seniors' working attitudes, clinical competence, career progression, team support and ethics.

I see little benefits in discussing about the quality of houseman, insufficient training resources for post-graduates doctors, or even the national healthcare system when we are not doing much in addressing the core component of the problem - Politicking policy-making.

The major difficulty in delivering good healthcare is the lack of the will to address the flaws in our system rather than not having a good system.

It is not unknown to us that our policy makers are mostly not feedback-friendly and taking negative comments on the system and policies in placed as mischievous and uncalled for.

Nothing saddens me more than hearing a senior personnel brushing off a complaint of our inadequacy with: "that is how the system works", or "please work within the system", and then paradoxically advise us to "express our discontentment in the suitable in-system's channels in placed"

We are in Malaysia whereby five out of ten decisions are flip-floppy mainly due to the over politicking policy making. I am being very nice to give that figure of 5 in 10.

Inconsistency is the most consistent feature in our system. You will never know what the system would be like, in the next 2 years.

Two years ago, the ministry came out with the system that all Peninsular doctors who agreed to serve the East Malaysia where doctors are most needed, would be granted priority in transferring back to Peninsular hometown after their two years service and new doctors from Peninsular would be sent there to take over and then cycles continues on.

A very well intended system to address the issue of getting healthcare to places that needs the most. Well done.

But what happens in reality? The transfer is happening to a certain extent, but it is not all according to plan.

Again the sadness of our Malaysia system, like in all other sectors, those who refuse to transfer and have powerful connections or knows how and who to complain will be able defy the system.

When there is no replacement coming through, there is little choice for the local administrative but to give sweet promises to the current batch to work a little longer.

There is a saying among the rural doctors: Don't make your life more difficult in exchange of making those who sits in office's life easier

I opines that policies involving healthcare should not succumb to unfair treatment. 

We doctors pledged to give equal treatment to all, not to selected few who has education or who has money and it is only fair that we should be treated the same by the system.

We must strive to have a system in placed whereby everyone will have to, and happily to respect the system, and there is no cutting corners, jumping queues or different queues for different people. 

That should be our aim.

For my esteemable policy makers; your job does not end with the issuance of a Pekeliling of your carefully crafted well intended system: you must make sure it is adhered to: fully and not only to those who are willing to follow.

Will patient be any more happy in having a sad, angry and unmotivated doctor in comparison to having no doctor?

Of course in politics of policy making, numbers is more important.

There are a lot of us who is willing to serve in wherever we are needed. 

But it saddens me when some are here and stuck due to a Janji tidak Ditepati.

Friday, December 28, 2012

Thursday, December 27, 2012


It is actually much much more difficult that I initially thought it would be.


Ya the exam this January.

and of course, the other thing in January as well.

well well, 2012 is definitely year to remember. No wonder the Mayan chose this year as THE special year.

2013 would answer the 2012's mystery.

Election as well.

Ha ha ha. If everything happens for a reason

Nothing happens, also for a reason.

Ang He Don Ya.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

As I walked on

Title seemingly deep.

Memang pun.

I am taking exam in January, in Spore.

Oh well, there is nothing to hide, but at the sametime there is nothing to announce la.

I famously say this before: When I have no one to talk to, I talk to the world.


The reason why I took this exam is simple.

I felt my medical knowledge is too poor.

Not good enough for me to work as a normal doctor.

Because there are so many things I have never heard of.

Not many believe when I say I didnt study at all in Medical School.

Oh well, really one. Hahaha...I actually dont know what I did in Med School.

All I know is that, 3000 is not a big sum of money to pay to at least, for the first time of my life, looking at the patient's notes and medication chart: Aha! I know what I need to do!

:) Good luck Ang Choon Seong.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Teaching in BM or English

Dry topic it may seem.

Been trying to write about this for sometime, actually since last year but always forgot.

Now it is very simple to me.

Teach in BM or English also can.

There is nothing more stupid for a policy maker to make a policy, citing all the reasons and factors studied as they like to say: Study extensively, spending our millions in organising taskforce, meetings and etc, inviting hundreds of experts in certain fields,

and came out with some suggestions that doesnt work in practice, in reality.

When Mahathir turned everything into English at his last speech in UMNO AGM, i think it was 2002, I still can remember that scene as I was catching the event live on TV3, everyone understand where he came from.

He sees English as the international language, and the whatever kepentingan nusa and bangsa about Bahasa Malaysia should not be overated till it makes our people weaker and more incompetent.

Truly a visionary man.bold decision.

tick and tock, 6 years later..policy abandoned.

Some says that this policy is causing the drop of the performance among the rural Malay students who are unable to grip the language well to even start to learn in that language.

Back to square one ( English as the teaching language in 1970s - then changed to BM as part of the push for patriotism I supposed)

That is just plain stupid.

The logic is simple, in choosing which language you wanna teach whatever.


if your teachers, who cant even speak proper English, (a truth that everyone have to swallow, a huge huge number of our graduates from the best univeristies in Malaysia - UM, UKM, USM - cant speak proper English)

then what about the quality of English of teachers from our Maktab perguruan?

If they cant speak English properly, and the policy is for them to teach in English:

then, god bless you.

btw, Merry Christmas.

Sunday, December 23, 2012


I read the news about Umar, a 23 year old university student who was sentenced one month jail and RM1000 ringgit.

He was camping outside the Dataran Merdeka, part of the prostest against PTPTN.

In what way we are developing our sense of nationhood?

People in power should understand that it is not easy to find young minds like Umar who would go to that extent displaying activism for a public cause.

And whatever they do, be it right or wrong, is only for the country. We must respect that belief and stand.

This is not about which political leanings you are.

Are we all satisfy with all our students and young minds be like me, just blog on my opinion, join some political party and campaign once awhile?

Are we all happy with our young generation choosing writing letter of complaints according to as they said the "appropriate channels", and sees it as the end of our duty as the next generation to shape our own country's future?

Are we all content with our entire generation be passive and say AI, whenever our politicians come and shake our hands?

The main issue why most of us are not joining politics actively is the system, which was seemed okayed by so many people for some many years.

It is depressing for me.

It is seemingly true that there is other than syok sendiri and financial gains, there is none to gain, in joining and striving to be a successful politician, in a system like ours,

whereby party policies are driven by racial sentiment, voting in Parliament are according to whip and saying things against your coalition is deemed inappropriate and frown upon and would be witchhunted!.

The people voted you in, not the PM voted you in. You owe them. Not your political party.

Of course thats not possible isnt it?

The system is like that, means like that la.

Shame on you for saying this and then stand proud as the Yang Berhormat.

As for Umar, thank you.

Like you dad;s message: Dunia Belum Kiamat, Berjuang Hingga Tamat.

Saturday, December 22, 2012


Dr Lim Keng Yaik whom I remembered well when I started following local politics has passed away today (Malaysiakini)

Medical doctor turned politician, as many other veteran in those days.

He speaks like a typical Chinese uncle, good English and Chinese, but baku Malay. And when he speaks, you can see that his saliva is splashing out all over.

He helmed Gerakan for many years, and he was a senior cabinet leader right up until his retirement.

No matter which side of political leanings you are, I think he deserved some credits for what he has done for the country.

Gerakan is currently seen as irrelevant and is in its most vulnerable period. Two chinese majority party in one coalition is not workable.

It used to be okay, when MCA is weaker ever, DAP is not relevant, and Gerakan has a state to govern.


Anyway, RIP Dr Lim Keng Yaik.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Part 1: BM

Yesterday I overheard nurses-pantry-chat about her neighbour's son got C in BM for UPSR.

Very interestingly she commented that how can he only get C for a language that he speaks everyday?

Spurred me to write about this very wrong feeling of perceived advantage among some of the chinese people that I have spoken to long time ago, whom detest my inability to speak in my mother tongue language.

I have no shame to be a Malaysian first, and actually only, no chinese second or malay second. Those are racial identity not citizenship, unless you have two citizenship then you can say you are Japanese second or whatever. I actually see no sense in any of the politician's proclaimant that they are Malay first then Malaysian second. Nonsense.

The fact is no one can take away from is that you are a rightful citizen of this country. Same to all the others, be it Chinese, Malay or Indian.

Back to the topic of UPSR BM grade C.

The funny thing is that there are some people who think that the subject BM is easy for the Malays and difficult to Chinese or Indians because we dont speak in that language.

Not necessarily.

Unless the particular Malay boy/girl comes from a very weird background who only speaks in Malay Baku, he or she is actually at the disadvantage in the examination.

Particularly those from East Coast - Kelantan and Terengganu, and East Malaysia - Sarawak, who speaks in very very very very very Different Malay.

Not surprising that they would write this in their essay:

Kamek suka gilak makan Manok.

The essay if send to any other state would earn a  big underline over the entire sentence and a question mark.

The fact is that rural Malays speak in gramatically incorrect BM and some other places uses very different diction. Kamek = saya, Gilak = sangat. Manok = ayam.

And the federalisation of our examination system will actually put them in greater disadvantage.

Chinese on the other hand like me, we speak in proper BM, although some would be not fluent, but it is correct BM.

And it is easier to learn something right, if you learn it the right thing from the start.

To ask them to speak in BM baku is actually very difficult.

(Part 2 - Science in BM or English?)

Friday, December 14, 2012


Just read the Nobel Laureate Prof Yunus's Speech in Khazanah Lectures a couple years ago.

Some of his talking points were so inspiring.

While I am not convinced that we can succeed in changing the way the society function after more than 100 years of capitalism, I do share the same passion and belief that something must be done.

Truth is that individualism is the default mode of surviving in today's world.

What Prof Yunus's Grameen Bank is that the society itself should perform some altruistic actions to correct itself.

Here are some of the highlights of the long speech which are points that I considered as;

Ideas worth sharing.

When the famine was raging- it was 1974- it felt terrible to be teaching elegant theories of economics in the classroom and then walk out and see people dying of hunger. Not one, not two, but hundreds, thousands, hundreds of thousands. What kind of society are we? What kind of knowledge that we feel so proud about? It is empty knowledge, an empty shell. So I thought, I’ll just be a human being and see if I can be of use to somebody. I got involved with tiny little things. My ambition was to be of assistance to at least one person, even for a day. If I could do that, I would be happy


So again, charity is not just about giving money. It’s about enabling people to unleash their capacities, whatever they have, and through my work I’ve seen how human beings are packed with unlimited capacities, every single one of them. Even the child born in the streets has the same unlimited potential as the child born in the palace. No difference. The only thing is those born in situations of neglect and indifference never could open that valuable gift they carry with them, could never know that they had such a wonderful precious gift inside them because society never helped them, or told them they had that gift. So they couldn’t unwrap it to see what they had. They died without ever knowing the wonderful thing they had


But what do we do today? We leave it to the governments to solve the problems. I say citizens are much more powerful than the government, because governments have their limitations. They cannot work outside their framework. It takes time for them to build things. But we citizens are free. We can do things overnight if we wish to. But we don’t because the theory says we’re not supposed to do that. Theory says that if you want to do something to help others, you have to step out of the business. You have to go into the charity world. You have to create a foundation. You can’t do it in this business world.


If we do not imagine a world that we want to live in, we can’t get the world we want. First we must imagine where we are going, our destination. I don’t have to consult anybody, it’s my world. It’s my dream world and I want to work for it. And if we all do that, we’ll create it.

If I had done that wish list, my number one wish would be a world where there would be no poor people. It’s such a humiliating experience for humankind to be poor. Why should anybody be poor?

Saturday, December 08, 2012


It took me quite awhile to be back in writing blogs.

Nothing much happening nowadays..hahaha

Anyway, lets talk about my current job.

My current job involved a lot of talking and massive interactions with patient. These are people who have to wait for weeks if not months, for their surgery because the waiting list for operation is just ridiculous but they are not stable to be at home on their own.

Interacted a lot of some of them. Funny uncles and aunties.

Some are ex army, then become bodyguard. A whole lot of stories to tell about the underworld and VIPs.

Some have 2 wives. One after another dies before you. Saddening.

Some have no wife. Lives with siblings, thinking how to pass time when they are old.

Some have a lot of children but none taking care of them. Not vengeful surprisingly as he didnt expect them to leave their family for him.

One of them actually looks like my mother. Short short smiley smiley, and has no idea what is happening in the world. (Ooops, oh well that is really what I think of my mom! :P)

Some spend their entire life not knowing they have disease and the first disease they have require such a big operation. 

Most of them are puzzled with what is God's plan, if there's one.

All in all

patients are patients.

Human who are not well physically, and looking up at another human, in form of a doctor, to make them well.

Be it educated or not, rich or poor, dark or bright, tall or short, male or female;

All are the same.

And should be treated as the same.


Unfortunately, this is not the case because this world, is not an "ideal world". 

We go on. whether we like it or not.

Because life, goes on.

Thursday, December 06, 2012


Be kind to others.

The ending might be too deep for me. But love the music.


Sunday, December 02, 2012


Catchy and meaningful lyrics! :))) an empty shell!

Saturday, December 01, 2012


Have been trying to write this since years ago.

What is your ambition? Question that the teachers would ask the students, year in year out in school.

The smarter ones, like those in top classes, mostly will answer

Saya Bercita-cita menjadi Doktor, atau Saintis, atau Jurutera.


How many of them, even upon reaching Form 5 - Form 6, at the age of 17-18, knows what actually they are signing up for? What is the job of a Doctor?

Is it true that if you want to help people you should be a doctor?

Parents all want their children to be doctors.

Highly respected. Noble job. Really?

Stainless steel rice bowl. Unaffected by world economy? Is it?

Good money. Little work, a lot of money? True?

Oh then who is going to be teacher, who is going to be police, architects, etc.etc.

All the underperforming people?

I have two friends who dropped out of medical school in first and second year respectively.

Now both of them ended up doing something else. I am sure luring in their mind somewhere is that - What If? I could have been? If only?

The fact is, life is really very short.

If we worry every other day, thinking back of what if? life would be better I am not this and that? I should have taken this and that? I should not let go this and that?

Then whats the point? really.

Happiness is the key.

Let us not making life anymore complicated.

Being a doctor requires you to be focus.

Being a doctor requires you to be focus on being good in things that you should be good at.

If you cant do it, do something else. Really.