Sunday, December 23, 2012


I read the news about Umar, a 23 year old university student who was sentenced one month jail and RM1000 ringgit.

He was camping outside the Dataran Merdeka, part of the prostest against PTPTN.

In what way we are developing our sense of nationhood?

People in power should understand that it is not easy to find young minds like Umar who would go to that extent displaying activism for a public cause.

And whatever they do, be it right or wrong, is only for the country. We must respect that belief and stand.

This is not about which political leanings you are.

Are we all satisfy with all our students and young minds be like me, just blog on my opinion, join some political party and campaign once awhile?

Are we all happy with our young generation choosing writing letter of complaints according to as they said the "appropriate channels", and sees it as the end of our duty as the next generation to shape our own country's future?

Are we all content with our entire generation be passive and say AI, whenever our politicians come and shake our hands?

The main issue why most of us are not joining politics actively is the system, which was seemed okayed by so many people for some many years.

It is depressing for me.

It is seemingly true that there is other than syok sendiri and financial gains, there is none to gain, in joining and striving to be a successful politician, in a system like ours,

whereby party policies are driven by racial sentiment, voting in Parliament are according to whip and saying things against your coalition is deemed inappropriate and frown upon and would be witchhunted!.

The people voted you in, not the PM voted you in. You owe them. Not your political party.

Of course thats not possible isnt it?

The system is like that, means like that la.

Shame on you for saying this and then stand proud as the Yang Berhormat.

As for Umar, thank you.

Like you dad;s message: Dunia Belum Kiamat, Berjuang Hingga Tamat.

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