Saturday, December 01, 2012


Have been trying to write this since years ago.

What is your ambition? Question that the teachers would ask the students, year in year out in school.

The smarter ones, like those in top classes, mostly will answer

Saya Bercita-cita menjadi Doktor, atau Saintis, atau Jurutera.


How many of them, even upon reaching Form 5 - Form 6, at the age of 17-18, knows what actually they are signing up for? What is the job of a Doctor?

Is it true that if you want to help people you should be a doctor?

Parents all want their children to be doctors.

Highly respected. Noble job. Really?

Stainless steel rice bowl. Unaffected by world economy? Is it?

Good money. Little work, a lot of money? True?

Oh then who is going to be teacher, who is going to be police, architects, etc.etc.

All the underperforming people?

I have two friends who dropped out of medical school in first and second year respectively.

Now both of them ended up doing something else. I am sure luring in their mind somewhere is that - What If? I could have been? If only?

The fact is, life is really very short.

If we worry every other day, thinking back of what if? life would be better I am not this and that? I should have taken this and that? I should not let go this and that?

Then whats the point? really.

Happiness is the key.

Let us not making life anymore complicated.

Being a doctor requires you to be focus.

Being a doctor requires you to be focus on being good in things that you should be good at.

If you cant do it, do something else. Really.

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ihsan_huhu said...

dropped out even before 1st yr.

how things could've been different