Tuesday, December 25, 2012

As I walked on

Title seemingly deep.

Memang pun.

I am taking exam in January, in Spore.

Oh well, there is nothing to hide, but at the sametime there is nothing to announce la.

I famously say this before: When I have no one to talk to, I talk to the world.


The reason why I took this exam is simple.

I felt my medical knowledge is too poor.

Not good enough for me to work as a normal doctor.

Because there are so many things I have never heard of.

Not many believe when I say I didnt study at all in Medical School.

Oh well, really one. Hahaha...I actually dont know what I did in Med School.

All I know is that, 3000 is not a big sum of money to pay to at least, for the first time of my life, looking at the patient's notes and medication chart: Aha! I know what I need to do!

:) Good luck Ang Choon Seong.

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