Saturday, December 15, 2012

Part 1: BM

Yesterday I overheard nurses-pantry-chat about her neighbour's son got C in BM for UPSR.

Very interestingly she commented that how can he only get C for a language that he speaks everyday?

Spurred me to write about this very wrong feeling of perceived advantage among some of the chinese people that I have spoken to long time ago, whom detest my inability to speak in my mother tongue language.

I have no shame to be a Malaysian first, and actually only, no chinese second or malay second. Those are racial identity not citizenship, unless you have two citizenship then you can say you are Japanese second or whatever. I actually see no sense in any of the politician's proclaimant that they are Malay first then Malaysian second. Nonsense.

The fact is no one can take away from is that you are a rightful citizen of this country. Same to all the others, be it Chinese, Malay or Indian.

Back to the topic of UPSR BM grade C.

The funny thing is that there are some people who think that the subject BM is easy for the Malays and difficult to Chinese or Indians because we dont speak in that language.

Not necessarily.

Unless the particular Malay boy/girl comes from a very weird background who only speaks in Malay Baku, he or she is actually at the disadvantage in the examination.

Particularly those from East Coast - Kelantan and Terengganu, and East Malaysia - Sarawak, who speaks in very very very very very Different Malay.

Not surprising that they would write this in their essay:

Kamek suka gilak makan Manok.

The essay if send to any other state would earn a  big underline over the entire sentence and a question mark.

The fact is that rural Malays speak in gramatically incorrect BM and some other places uses very different diction. Kamek = saya, Gilak = sangat. Manok = ayam.

And the federalisation of our examination system will actually put them in greater disadvantage.

Chinese on the other hand like me, we speak in proper BM, although some would be not fluent, but it is correct BM.

And it is easier to learn something right, if you learn it the right thing from the start.

To ask them to speak in BM baku is actually very difficult.

(Part 2 - Science in BM or English?)

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