Saturday, December 08, 2012


It took me quite awhile to be back in writing blogs.

Nothing much happening nowadays..hahaha

Anyway, lets talk about my current job.

My current job involved a lot of talking and massive interactions with patient. These are people who have to wait for weeks if not months, for their surgery because the waiting list for operation is just ridiculous but they are not stable to be at home on their own.

Interacted a lot of some of them. Funny uncles and aunties.

Some are ex army, then become bodyguard. A whole lot of stories to tell about the underworld and VIPs.

Some have 2 wives. One after another dies before you. Saddening.

Some have no wife. Lives with siblings, thinking how to pass time when they are old.

Some have a lot of children but none taking care of them. Not vengeful surprisingly as he didnt expect them to leave their family for him.

One of them actually looks like my mother. Short short smiley smiley, and has no idea what is happening in the world. (Ooops, oh well that is really what I think of my mom! :P)

Some spend their entire life not knowing they have disease and the first disease they have require such a big operation. 

Most of them are puzzled with what is God's plan, if there's one.

All in all

patients are patients.

Human who are not well physically, and looking up at another human, in form of a doctor, to make them well.

Be it educated or not, rich or poor, dark or bright, tall or short, male or female;

All are the same.

And should be treated as the same.


Unfortunately, this is not the case because this world, is not an "ideal world". 

We go on. whether we like it or not.

Because life, goes on.

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