Tuesday, January 01, 2013


A very happy new year.

Still find it hard to write 2013 as the date in notes, etc...

Thats the problem when you are getting use to something for far too long.

Today nothing much to blog about, oh well, until I read about this RM200 rebate for the youth of age 21-30 to buy smartphones.

It was beautifully proclaimed by the government to be one of the measure taken to increase the rate of 3G phone usage as part of our strategy to push for a society of ICT.

Haih. I dont know who came up with this brilliant? idea but I beg to differ.

There are 1000 ways to increase the internet-computer usage among our people but definitely smart phones would not be one of them.

I myself is considered a knowledge dependent professional who needs to refer to the internet almost every 2-3hourly.

But the fact is, despite having a full data plan, I will still look for a computer with internet connection to do that.

Smartphones in general, what more those less than 500 ringgit, are more to social media connectivity. Facebook, Twitter..etc

If what we want is a facebook savvy society, we are definitely heading the right way.

Is our government headed by Mark Zuckerberg?


Sometimes I have to wonder, maybe the people up there in the corridors of powers are really out-think the rest of normal people like you and me.That we misunderstood and underestimate them for certain unpopular measures they take.

Maybe there is really some good points in certain policies they take, to improve our lives.

But when they came out with this kind of plan: RM200 rebate one off to3G phones priced below RM500,

you start to wonder...

What the heck.

and if you cant afford a phone of RM500, how are you going to afford the data bills?

Or the government going to provide free wi-fi nationwide?

Or else, how long the prepaid RM10 which most of our youths who are earning less than RM3000 month a year with a car loan house loan PTPTN loan are using every week, can last for, for us to do an extensive reading on the, say:

Fiscal Policy in Malaysia?

come-on la kerajaan.

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