Monday, December 24, 2012

Teaching in BM or English

Dry topic it may seem.

Been trying to write about this for sometime, actually since last year but always forgot.

Now it is very simple to me.

Teach in BM or English also can.

There is nothing more stupid for a policy maker to make a policy, citing all the reasons and factors studied as they like to say: Study extensively, spending our millions in organising taskforce, meetings and etc, inviting hundreds of experts in certain fields,

and came out with some suggestions that doesnt work in practice, in reality.

When Mahathir turned everything into English at his last speech in UMNO AGM, i think it was 2002, I still can remember that scene as I was catching the event live on TV3, everyone understand where he came from.

He sees English as the international language, and the whatever kepentingan nusa and bangsa about Bahasa Malaysia should not be overated till it makes our people weaker and more incompetent.

Truly a visionary man.bold decision.

tick and tock, 6 years later..policy abandoned.

Some says that this policy is causing the drop of the performance among the rural Malay students who are unable to grip the language well to even start to learn in that language.

Back to square one ( English as the teaching language in 1970s - then changed to BM as part of the push for patriotism I supposed)

That is just plain stupid.

The logic is simple, in choosing which language you wanna teach whatever.


if your teachers, who cant even speak proper English, (a truth that everyone have to swallow, a huge huge number of our graduates from the best univeristies in Malaysia - UM, UKM, USM - cant speak proper English)

then what about the quality of English of teachers from our Maktab perguruan?

If they cant speak English properly, and the policy is for them to teach in English:

then, god bless you.

btw, Merry Christmas.

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