Tuesday, December 31, 2013

PM's 2014 New Year Message

Full text of PM’s 2014 New Year Message

As 2013 draws to a close, it is time to reflect on the year that has passed – and the promise of the year to come.Twelve months ago, we were gearing up for a general election, the thirteenth in our nation’s history. 

We are humbled that Barisan Nasional received a new mandate. We have the better plan for Malaysia’s future, and we worked hard to convince the rakyat of our vision.The victory renewed the sense of responsibility I feel to all Malaysians – not just those who voted for us.In a hard-fought election, it is normal for tensions to rise; we feel that our nation’s very future is at stake. 

Our election was peaceful: with the eyes of the world upon us, we Malaysians showed we are wedded to democracy. But we also found ourselves divided, sometimes bitterly so, over the path our country should take.

This too is natural. Elections are about competing visions for a nation. People are free to choose which path to take, and to defend their choice. 

That is the very essence of democracy. Yet this time, emotions ran higher than usual. Where once there was disagreement, there was now division. On occasion, politicians, media – and sometimes even the public – went too far.

When I spoke of a ‘Chinese tsunami’ on election night, I simply meant that a wave of Chinese support had washed away from Barisan Nasional. It shows how polarised we can be that some people read so much more into my comment.

I believe Malaysia is strong enough to survive heated debate. With time, the divisions will heal, as we see our nation continue to grow and develop, and as we realise that those we disagree with are still our neighbours, our colleagues – and our friends. 

But I also believe that we should reaffirm our commitment to the peaceful coexistence that defines our nation.We must be active in the pursuit of unity. Our stability, and our progress, depend on it. That is why I have established the National Unity Consultative Council, which will report to the Cabinet with recommendations on what we can do to bring Malaysians closer together.

Our responsibility – and my priority – is to secure the continued peace, stability and progress on which Malaysia’s future rests. 

Rebuilding our national unity, and encouraging public debate based on respect, is a great part of that. As the new year unfolds, you will hear more from my government about how we will do so.

Speaking of the new year, I believe 2014 will be a year of great opportunity.As the second Visit Malaysia year gets underway, we will see a concerted push to bring new visitors to our beautiful country. New businesses will open, and new investments will be realised. Our economy, which has weathered the storm of the financial crisis, is predicted to grow by 5.5%.

Yet behind these headline figures, I know that some people are concerned about 2014: worried that as we seek to balance the national budget, household budgets will come under pressure.

I understand and sympathise with these concerns. Hard-working people will feel the impact of rising costs. And when the media is full of red numbers and price rises, it can seem as though 2014 will bring pain without gain.

For those of you who are worried about the cost of living, I want say a few words about the economy and how it will affect you.

Firstly, we would not sign off any subsidy cuts or rate rises that were not absolutely necessary.Subsidy programmes have benefited people for many years, but as our population grows and our nation develops, they are no longer sustainable and it is time to move on. We need to rationalise subsidies and target them to those in most need.

The government commitment to development expenditure has grown, and we have to manage our fiscal position to ensure the stability of our economy.

The recent financial crisis showed just how serious the consequences are to nations whose finances are not built on solid ground: if investors and agencies decide countries cannot pay their debts, the cost of borrowing money spirals out of control. 

Without access to credit, there will be huge implications for a country and its people. For example, more than half of young people in some European countries are unemployed.

Under BN’s stewardship, Malaysia has grown significantly – per capita income has increased by 49% during the last four years. We will take the difficult decisions needed to keep our borrowing costs low, and maintain investor confidence – which is crucial to keep Malaysia’s economy strong and growing.We must accept that we have to make changes to keep our finances under control. And we must balance the programme as much as possible, so that the burden is spread.

So my second point is this: we will do everything we can to ensure the impact on the rakyat is minimised. Based on public feedback, where necessary we will fine-tune government programmes so that the effect on household incomes is not too great. 

We will put in place mechanisms to cushion people from rises in the electricity tariff and toll fares. And PEMANDU is coming up with new ideas to ease the cost of living pressures.We will also try to ensure that rises are proportionate. For example, the rise in fuel and electricity prices will have an effect on people’s spending power. But, despite the increase, the government still subsidises petrol and electricity bills. 

As for the recent rises in property assessment rates in Kuala Lumpur, after listening to peoples’ concerns, the rates were reduced by 2%, and extra rebates were added for disabled property owners, retirees and owner-occupiers.

We will not impose rising costs without supporting those who need it most. 

From last week, 7.9 million recipients in households earning under RM4,000 per month were eligible apply for new BR1M payments. We are opening new 1Malaysia shops, to help with the cost of daily goods, and new 1Malaysia Kliniks to provide affordable healthcare. 

Altogether, next year the government will spend some 42 billion ringgit on subsidies – almost as much as we spend on development.While we rationalise subsidies, we are also cutting our own costs. We have announced eleven new measures to reduce public expenditure, including reducing electricity costs in all departments by 5%, tightening the rules on hiring consultants, and cutting toll and entertainment allowances for Ministers and civil servants. 

We are also reaffirming our commitment to tackling corruption, cutting government waste, and improving procurement; putting government tenders online to make them more transparent, and working to better realise the value of government assets.

As we prepare for the new year, it is also a good time to remember why we are making these changes. They may not be popular in the short term, so it would have been easier to keep the status quo. People will say that too many costs are rising, and populist policies will seem attractive. But the government has to take action now.

 I am determined to do the right thing for this country and the people. Because by acting responsibly now, we will strengthen Malaysia’s economy in the long term – and the benefits will be felt much more widely.By rationalising subsidies, we will strengthen our fiscal position, allowing us to focus our spending on development projects – including health and education – and move towards a balanced budget by 2020. 

By taking the steps needed to make Malaysia’s economy stronger, we are not only protecting our nation against financial crises, we are also opening up new jobs – and new opportunities. People will be more likely to invest in Malaysian companies, build Malaysian factories, and set up new businesses. This in turn will drive economic development, helping to improve people’s quality of life – and putting Malaysia in a much stronger position in the long run.

If we are to be responsible in government, it sometimes means taking difficult decisions which are unpopular. 

Leadership is about looking to the long-term: about doing what is right, not what is popular. 

In 2009, we began a journey of economic and government transformation. As 2014 begins, we must continue to build the foundations for Malaysia’s continued success: a stronger economy, and a more unified nation.

Good speech. Very well written.

Whether he really meant it, I dont know.

Happy New Year ppl.

Monday, December 30, 2013


I read the article in Malaysian Insiders recently about a family claiming that they are finding life hard to get by with a combined income of RM12000.

At first I thought I read wrongly, maybe it is RM1200.

But no! This is real. With real name and real breakdown of her expenses, and really 12K is nothing.

The sad thing about this piece is that it reminds me of a lot of people I met before, that  they are always the one struggling, suffering, and battling through life.

There is one person who told me Chinese are so rich, and he and his Malays are so poor.

He drives a Honda Civic.

There are alot of people that I met in my life that always feel that themselves are at such a disadvantage in life.

Sometime I heard of some people complaining that they could not get housing loan for their RM400k apartment (oh well, RM400k apartment in Penang is by no means luxury, but not even near the word Poor)

The thing is that we must always open our eyes to the real world.

There are so many people earning below RM1000, never own or even thought of owning a proper, property. They are staying in the rumah setinggan, build illegally, with one room housing the entire family. The government and the society labelled them as Squatters.

The government should really reflect their own failure. No one wants to be Squatters.

If your minimum pay is set in place, with proper, real, assistance to those who are entitled to it, for example people earning less than certain amount should be assisted to get a low cost flat, then you think those people still wanna squat?

The sad fact, is that our society is so deeply entrenched in corruption and commissions to get things done. I have seen one family owning a dozen low cost flats, renting them out.

Similarly, the space to sell things in the Market. The daily rent is RM0.50 as a token of generous government, but what happened in real life is that these spaces are rented out at RM50. The person that managed to get a unit from the Council is renting it out to the other people at that price, and just sitting around collecting fees like a boss. Some even break down the space given to her to 2 units and rent them out separately.

And these are real life experiences as a squatters and in market renting a space to sell biscuits.

All these things are well known in our society,

But in the name of reality sucks,

We continue accepting them. Endorsing them.

and they say the Opposition will save us all?

Can they?

The only way we can get out of this is to vote wisely every single elections.

When Politician's Ministership and Goverment posts does not offer job security;

hopefully Civil Service will gain power and really be the servants to the rakyat. Not to the politicians

And that applies to Police, MACC, Judges, etc etc too.

Friday, December 27, 2013


I was in Kuching International Airport last Saturday, when my flight bound for Sibu was cancelled due to technical problem.

It was an early 6am flight and upon embarking, the steward announced that there were some technical issues and we need to disembark.

Actually most of us, if you ask are happy to disembark any aircraft that were deemed unsafe. We are all thankful that you have the checks done properly.

We waited at the departure gate. There were a good mix of passengers, some are better dressed, with sophisticated gadgets, presumably frequent travellers. There were also some young people likely students going home for holiday. But my eyes were looking at a group of three, curious-happy-looking old men, with many big plastic bags and they looked like from the interiors.

Then, about 10 minutes later, I saw some of the better dressed passengers went to the counter and went off with a green slip of paper.

I went near to ask what was that. Turned out that they were asking for Breakfast Vouchers.

I then went to the counter to ask if I could get one as well. The man over the counter smiled and gave me one. I asked if they are giving this to everyone in the flight that has been postponed, they node and said that these are given on request.

I felt that this should not be the way, should it?

Everyone flying in that flight paid for their tickets and it is only right that they are treated the same.

The fact is that  we are living in this world whereby the only way that you will get your entitlement, is that you must know of your entitlement. However, these entitlement are not widely advertised.

Saddening isn't it?

Back to the story, I went  to the three old men and they only speak of Iban language. However, my very limited Iban has not failed me, and  I am able to communicate to them that they can get the free breakfast coupon for "Makai"

That flight to Sibu at 6am were canceled and all passengers were made to fly the next day. However I noted some of the well dressed people are no longer there. I hope the airlines are not granting them a seat in the subsequent flight due to their persistence and that they were early in request.

Because I knew for sure the three Iban elders would not press for one.

Malaysia Airlines, or the subsidiary Mas Wings, should realise that it is not all about cutting the cost to the mininum. The East Malaysia, particularly some parts of Sarawak are only accessible by air, and there is no other good alternatives and you play an integral community service.

And above all, treat all that flying with you, equally.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013


Read back my posts. 

Some are so funny. (self praised sorry)

Whatablog is indeed one and only that produces posts that still able to make people laff whenever I read back.

I like the first one so much so that I save a link in my browser.

So funny.

Great lyrics. Totally nail the broken.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Shooting Star

At some point of one's life

One forgets.

The purpose of life.

Some might be blessed with health and wealth.

Not not everyone found their purpose in life.

Be grateful if you manage to find one.

For that is a blessing, that if not found,

no hard work can get one,

to work hard for.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013


I read the comments and opinions regarding the recent price hikes and subsidies cuts in our country.

And many, especially the oppositions have slammed the ruling politicians for these decisions.

Janji tidak ditepati, they say.

I felt a conscience in me to voice out what I think about this quagmire.

All of us, including the many learned members of the parliament, some who have doctorate in Economics, understand that our current framework of economy is not optimal nor sustainable.

It is not easy to be in the hot seat to make non populist decisions, and this is proven by the absolute silence from the ruling governments.

It is easy to make comments when you are not required to make that non populist decisions, and this is proven by the excitement and showers of comments coming from the oppositions.

However, as the rakyat, as the people affected and will affect the next round of politician selections, we should reflect on the practicality and accuracy of such moves in length before jumping guns.

No government is perfect, and some believe that ours are evidently too far from that.

Cutting down the subsidies might add on to the already heavy financial burden of the lower income earning group but if this is what logically should be done, so be it.

There must be equal if not more consideration to be given on how to help the lower income groups as well.

Cash handouts might not be the best answers. But ten of ten people who said that would still take the cash handouts to them.

Human nature.

Seriously, I still feel that accelerated development in underdeveloped groups of our rakyat is the elusive piece of jigsaw to get this all moving. We must assist those ppl who need assistance, not to keep assisting those who already assisted.

Our politicians might knew that all along. But political will is different level of game play all together.

Politicians must reflect on their own actions.

Ultimately, all of us, especially the politicians, will leave a mark in the history.

And if your name is not well treated in history, what is the point of you become a politician?

Monday, December 16, 2013



The saddest word in the dictionary 

and in life.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Mid December

Oh no its almost half way through to December 2013.

3 years plus already since I am back from UK and started working.

Much had changed.

Perspective to life and others changed already.

Nowadays, I do listen to peoples' problem better, and with more proper responses.

Outlook on life and issues changes with age I guess.

Be normal, be normal, be normal.

Feeling is indeed a very expensive commodity,

Dont ever try to transact those.


Wednesday, December 11, 2013


Suddenly I thought of my 4 months in A&E department at the very end of my housemanship.

My work in CTC is mainly involving somewhat like an Anaest work.

I kind of like ICU settings, the work, the scope and etc. Kind of like it.

I am thinking what would I be, what would my world be today; had I opted for Anaest last time?

What are the advantages of A&E for 4 months?

I looked at my colleagues who went Anaest, actually I felt it is undeniable that Anaest's HO job seemed easier.

And to justify and defend the pride of us in A&E, last time I used to say that they wouldnt be able to see Green Zone, if they do locum.

Not very right I feel, actually I think whoever also can see Greenzone.

But I think the most important advantage of A&E placement is that it really brings out the real character.

If a doctor is the type who have bad tempered, impatient, he or she would not be able to hide it in A&E.

The jobload, patient's number, ridiculity of the type of presentation and the timing of consultation you see patients in Greenzone will bring out the real personality.

I feel la.

If one didnt raise his/her voice in the Greenzone of A&E SGH, he or she is a good person.

TO be honest actually, I scolded patient.

Cannot tahan.

I remembered one episode of me losing my temper.. 

There was this son of a very healthy looking auntie who complains of pain everywhere, whose son just thrown to me her medical card and asked me to see myself her medical record.

I lost it at that time.

Of course, there was also thisone time I was very polite and nice to an auntie, and it turned out to be my friends grandma.

The good words from the grandma via my friend, still makes me smile when I am down.

That is why I doctored. still.

Kami sedia membantu.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013


It has been awhile since I last expressed my opinion on serious issues.

I followed the recently concluded Annual, Perhimpunan Agung Umno with sadness, as per last year, and last last year, and last last last year.

After all, it is still the same same thing every year.

The future looks bleak for the a Malaysia nation that I dreamed of, a country in which everyone who holds the IC, is treated equally..

The UMNO leadership who are the policy makers and administrators of this/?my country is still talking about Malays' Unity, after so many years.

1Malay they say.

The saddest thing perhaps, to me, is there is someone among the leadership who can think of the concept of creating more Malay Millionaires.


Why you want Millionaires?

Why not you want 10 Malay families with RM100000?

Why must you want 1 Malay having RM1000000?

Is that how you measure the height, the success, the achievement of your race? the Towering Malays? the number of Malay Millionaires?

Is that better than creating a Kampung whereby there is no Millionaires but every family has household earnings of more than RM10k/month?

Is having 10 Malay Millionaires, with all their children in UK universities under Mara and Petronas scholarship and at the same time there are 100 Malay families who are earning way below the poverty line

better than

having 100 Malay families above poverty line and comfortable life, with good education and opportunities for their children?

The saddest thing in my life, whenever I heard that I will always feel abit down,

is when someone said

You Chinese Have So Much Money.

Your foot.

Unless you think all chinese shit gold.

One Chinese family has 2 motorbikes, rented room to stay for four people up until the eldest son worked after Form 3 before they are able to rent a low cost flat from a Malay.

Demand the Government to create more Malay Millionaire.

What retard.

Monday, December 09, 2013


Singapore also have riot.

Man Utd also can drop so many points at home.

One old auntie was found dead in a stuck lift after 3 days in a fully occupied flat.

Things happen.

Never, say never.

Sometimes, it is also wise to avoid saying Maybe.

Out of ten things I plan to do in life, eight of those are planned on the spot and just following the flow.

The other two, involving a bit of planning, and it turns out to be not the best plan.

Be receptive to things that happened, and hold less grudge onto things that happened not according to plan.

For things happened for a reason.

A special song to me. If I had catch what it means earlier.

Saturday, December 07, 2013


Just randomly reading news online. 

Mandela passed away at 95 years old.

Flooding in East Coast worsened, with quite a huge and increasing number of people evacuated.

An opinion from an economist that the next cycle of economic downturn and financial collapse is coming soon.

England's chance in World Cup seemed slimmer now.


I still havent get my transfer letter.

Oh. Penang. Mari Mari Mari.

Thursday, December 05, 2013


It is not always that what we see is what is true.

This picture have a special place in my head because I remembered being so overwhelmed when I realised what I have been seeing is just the shadow, not the real camels.

Perception ; the way we perceive things.

Mindblowing isnt it?

Good night people.

Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Albert and WanJean

I will always remember last weekend.

I went back to Penang, (after much scoldings from my fellow friends) to attend one of my closest friends' wedding.

People grow and people change, our mindset, understanding, feelings and likings, changes with time.

But apparently, all of us, after all these years, (10 years), nothing has changed.

I delivered a very spontaneous speech as my friends' Bestman during his reception dinner night.

But I think I performed well under my own liking for a best man speech


Here you go, a speech that I sat here, and gave some thoughts to,

for newlywed Albert and Jean.

The one I gave on stage the other day is just a standup comedian type of speech to keep your guest entertained.


Thank you Albert, Thank you Jean for remembering me and honouring and giving a value to our friendship;

and by that I am proud, because you value our friendship, above the other 570 guests we have today to celebrate your union; and by that I mean I am more friend to you than Swee Heng, or Joon Kee, or Kuhan, or James Kho, or Chee Boo, all the other nominated Heng Tais of yours.

and I expect laughter from the floor, if you guys don't mind.

I have known Dr Albert Lim Zi Shen, for over 15 years.

Yes, One Five - if we have children together, now they are doing PMR already.

and I expect laughter as well.

So I googled using my Samsung S2 about an hour ago after being informed regarding my role tonight, to address half a thousand people, discussing about our past and you and your wife's future.

No I didnt, because signal is not that good.

I guess Bestman's Speech should be on how good are you, and how lucky is Jean isn't it?

Ok, that would be simple.

We kind of do a lot of things in school together, and off school together too.

By that I mean tuition, of course - we are Penang Free School, what do you expect. We go to school to learn society's value and true academic learnings are all in tuition centre.

Lets see, in school - Albert is always the Class Monitor, every blardy year. Teachers always pick him as our Monitor.

So then I concluded that man and woman above age of 30 will trust him more than the other 30 odd boys.

And that, ladies and gentleman, is the same applying to his In-Laws.

You look at Albert, and his specs - so can be trusted look!

I would put my daughter in his care if he wants!.

and in all seriousness, let me assure you that is actually very accurate decision, my respectable parents of Wan Jean. He is a man of responsibility. Dont you worry.

His other points?

He is an intelligent man, top scorer in School, and then went to UK to read medicine, and now holding a follow-through program in Paeds training. How brilliant more you want!

So Mr and Mrs Lim, well done! Your parenting skill is of highest level.

Anything else good about him?

Man is very simple organism; and there are a lot of them -

But it is exceddingly rare you can find a man who does not smoke, does not gamble, does not drink much, does not talk as much as me,

be successful from his own effort rising from his humble background,

can talk with the angmohs in accent and then talk to us in hokkien,

can keep my mum so happy and always ask me to follow him follow him follow him

and that I give you - Albert Lim.

Ladies and Gentleman,

I would not take too long of your time for this speech. We are all hungry I know.

To Albert my friend, and Wan Jean; I wish you with all my sincerity,

Have a bless marriage.

Let me just say that people are born individuals.

and for two individuals without blood relationship to be bonded together,

the chemistry needs to be always kept in checked.

Love is the chemistry I meant.

Time will test the strength of that chemistry.

Place will test the strength of that chemistry.

Outside people will test the strength of that chemistry.

You yourself will test the strength of that chemistry.

And if unfortunately the frustration sets in,

I hope you would remember;

that people will always say things that they want you to listen.

Everyone will

Wan Jean will say things that Albert wants to listen.

and Albert will say things that Wan Jean wants to listen.

But it is ourselves, that deep inside us, deep inside you two, that need to do a thorough search, to find that reason, to find that chemistry;

to listen, and to say things that both of you want to say, that both of you want to listen, in all honesty, and sincerity.

Very deep isn;t it; This comes from the Ang Choon Seong - Buaya King of Penang Free School;

How peculiar

I just want to finish this rambling, but saying that,

Marriage is a blessing. Really.

Here you are willing to put yourself in the commitment to be together, with someone else, forever.

and forever,

ladies and gentleman,

is what we wish them.


Monday, December 02, 2013

Far and Sure, For Golf And Country - by Zaid Ibrahim

Just finished the book by Zaid Ibrahim the famous resigned-Minister:

Far and Sure; For Golf and Country

This book is a good read. It is written on the theme of the game of Zaid's loving - Golf.

Chapters and chapters he unfold the stories about his travel to various golf courses around the world and our own country.

Golf is probably one of the least sports I knew, and of course this read is a good reminder on my uni days when I spent a few hours with my friend Ebby and Wafi in Edinburgh, trying to pick up a little on this mysterious sports.
Yes, Like what Zaid mentioned, there are many local council-run golf courses across the small towns and cities in UK. This is one of them that I went twice.

Anyways, what I like about this book is how he tells his stories - his travels, his reasons why he likes this sports so much (well, it is quite repetitive, but hey, you only need one reason to love something)

And to my liking he sticks in some of his political opinions in between chapters.

Once a politician, always a politician. He has some good views and opinions which are very enlightening and heartening. I do share most of his sentiments and I am a bit let down by his retirement from active politics (for now well)

He did at one point made a bold statement of defining what he constitutes a halal meat; you have to read it to find it okay! no spoon feeding!

Another point to note that perhaps writing down what you think regularly is important. Zaid's book is mostly based on his travel, what he was thinking at that time or what he felt at that time.

20 years down the line, if he is still around kicking, he would read back the book and surely it brings back good and sweet memories.

I think I should write more regularly too.

Saturday, November 23, 2013


When the kettle is boiling with fire keep burning below it,

whether you went away for one millenium and came back; if the fire is still burning,

you touched it is still going to burnt your hands.


Thursday, November 21, 2013

Monday, November 18, 2013


Someone used to tell me, when I was very young, that you sneeze because someone is thinking of you.

Of course it makes really good line, cute line to tell your other half, are you sneezing?

Missing someone causing sneezing.

Of well, if sneezing means your heart stops a beat, there lies some truth it in.

Missing someone so badly can make you lose your appetite

Unable to concentrate to finish reading a piece of news

Making stupid rounds with your car

But perhaps the most saddening part of missing someone, 

is to see the person everyday, and yet, cant tell that you actually miss her that much.

that much.

Sunday, November 10, 2013


Love the mountains.

Definitely my holiday destination, annually.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013


Very good movie.

Only two persons from the begining till the end (ohya, there is one at the beginning but tak kira la)

just like the way the story is told.

So original to me.

Helplessness, calamities after calamities, all with strong will to get through those.

Engaging story line. Thoroughly enjoyed it.


Sunday, October 06, 2013


The passing of Apap overshadowed this match that I watched in the Stadium Negeri, Sarawak Vs Sime Darby.

Great game really. 

The spirit and belief in all the Sarawak players that this is their Fort, and they would not lose in front of their full stadium is overwhelming.

Especially after down by 1 goal (away goal), they needing two to overturn the deficit, and two they got! And then another one to kill the game.

The way the supporters all rally behind the team is comparable to any other stadium I have been before. 

Anfield, Nou Camp, Ranger Park you name it, Sarawak is on par!

Looking forward for the next game!

Sarawak Vs Pahang 26 October! 

RIP Apap.

I received a message from a friend that says:

Hey Ang, just to let you know if you havent heard, Apap kmb passed away. Scuba accident
Very sudden.

He is such a character that you wouldnt forget.

I dont know how to describe him actually. Have read alot of posts on FB regarding his passing, with some of my friends written a short paragraph about him, kind and warm reminder to us on how this man who we knew for some years.

I first knew him in Banting, first year. He is sort of like a parasit I must say, I told him he is a parasit. He would come, lie on my bed, and starting eating my biscuits. 

But he gives a good chat. He is a person that looks superbly lazy, walked slowly...sleeps and on the bed all the time. Your bed, TV room floor, just not working. Not studying. Not doing things that we as scholars always do.

But he has this aura which is, erm, how to say, got a very pacifying effect. No one can ever scold him for taking your biscuits, because he is so Apap.

He is just, Apap. Always claimed that he scored more As than me.

Keep calling me Cina. and Eric too. Bilik Cina.

Number one fan of Manchester United. We used to hang out in Sapek/Sopek room at the end of the block, discussing about Man Utd.

We used to plan our stay in Manchester when I got placement in Manchester University. But I decided to go to Edinburgh in the end.

One of his most memorable sentences to me is when he told me that he likes to watch tv. This Apap can watch really, everything. He told me when he was young all he did was watching tv. News, drama, movies, documentary, talks, etc etc. And he enjoys TV so much so that he spent most of his time in TV room.

It is amazing his general knowledge level for someone who did read that much, only newspaper and TV. I used to think.

And one more thing, he will always be there at 4.30pm, on the field. To play football. 

Small size, not the best of football skills, but very deep insight and knowledge about football. There is so much that I learnt from him about football, subconsciously.

Came to edinburgh to play the super cup, I hosted his team. Prank him to the storeroom door saying that I have got a special room for him.

I think the more I write, the sadder I gets.

RIP Apap. 

"Boleh Relax?" - Your motto in BTN, loud and clear ringing in my ears now.

Saturday, October 05, 2013

At last!

Amidst TTM

Picked up a ball from left side

Push forward,

Close eyes



Scored a goal from outside box.


(First 11 a side goal since last scored in 2010.

Friday, October 04, 2013



Came home.

Big rain.



I have a theory that the more good things I do the karma I get is usually bad things.

In med school last time, I saw a homeless, went and get some money from ATM and back to him to buy the Big Issue Magazine that he was selling (They wear shirt saying they are selling BigIssue, not Begging)

After that while on the way home, I got whacked by a drunkard who insisted me as Bruce Lee.

(spectacles pecah)

There are alot of other happenings of that sort.

Joking aside, I do believe this theory that times.

I did so many crime as a young boy in school, and my journey past the schooling time has been smooth. Very smooth.

Nowadays, I did so many good deeds each day, hmmmmm...worrying!

Yesterday on the way back from futsal, I went to pump petrol.

A rented Sonata with four specky Chinese from China in coat asked me where is Four Points Hotel.

I said go straight and turn left and it is very far. Just ask someone else there later.

Then they thanked me and left, still very blurred presumably.

I got in the car, go straight, and saw them still moving very slow, maybe trying to Google Map.

We stopped at the traffic light, I cut infront of him and lowered my window and asked them to follow me.

My friend in the car said: Wah, ang you so nice ah.

But this is not even close to the favour I usually do to other strangers.


Better dont go anywhere .

Karma awaits.

I do believe. Really.


Tuesday, October 01, 2013



As a semi Man Utd supporter (I do own a Man Utd Jersey - courtesy of Edinburgh friends led by Purchaser Dr Tay Poh Sen and Dr PPLee), I do follow Man Utd's games more closely than other teams in BPL.

The change in managerial ranks this season marked an end of a remarkable, epic era of Red Devils Winning Lifestyle, crafted by the legendary boss Sir Alex Ferguson.

But it is also a new beginning to life without SAF. David Moyes for now.

Oh well, every ending is a new beginning, some what.

Things changes, feeling changes, players form changes, and team spirit shaken.

There wont be a forever winner in any games.

Because the game changes, and the rules changes, and luck changes.

They always say that our character is judged by what we do when thing changes, especially for the worst.

Similarly in the case of football fanatics.

Man Utd over the years had their deservedly wining ways due to stability and longevity of their players and manager, now all that is coming to an end.

It is time to test the feeling of lost and instability.

I will not go to the extent of proclaiming only true fans will stay and the fake ones are those that leave;

I actually find it irritating for someone to proclaim that.

There is actually some room for inconsistency you see.

I remembered my world-changing-conversation in the football field of Meadows Edinburgh about 6-7 years ago, with a random white guy.

-There is no apparent reason to explain why one is a die hard supporter of a football club that has nothing to do with you. You can be hard core supporters when you are young and innocent, but in a sound mind, no, there is a limit.

Unless your dad is playing, or your son is playing for that club.

I admire Man Utd's winning ways.

When they dont play well, I admire their come backs.

But I definitely wont cry when they lose.

I do when Malaysia loses though.


Monday, September 30, 2013


What constitute a good man?

No one is consistent in this world. At least my world.

It is like the cars on the road, no one is consistently giving way to another car to go across.

The nicer drivers would, but at times, they dont.

Applying this to my daily life; No one is consistent.

It is actually very difficult to be consistent.

Consistent in what you preach, what you say and what you really think; is a major challenge.

Live like a normal person, let down the fear of being branded inconsistent.

Let go the fear of being labeled, being talked about, being gossiped.

Normality is under rated. One dont have to be exceptional to be outstanding.

Being exceptionally normal is rather difficult.

Especially all the time, all the aspects in life.


Sunday, September 29, 2013


I read a joke not long ago:

Why a building is called a building when it has already been built?

Why they say money dont grow on trees but banks open branches?

There's a few others, cant remember all.


The truth is there is a lot of things in life which is paradoxical.

When accepting seems to be the easier way out,

understanding is a whole other issue.

#payday in 11 days.

Saturday, September 28, 2013


Mr Ho's piece on our state of financial affair is very well written.


Those earning less than RM10k and more than RM3k are trapped in this class, whereby you are paying lots of tax (in the context of your earning) and not eligible for a lot of subsidies and assistance, and subjects to a lot of loans and financial commitments expected of you.

and this is even more evident in those who has no family financial background, and worst in those with family financial burden.

The only way to escape this middle class trap, for any doctors is to work very hard, harder than what normal doctors are doing now, to earn until the level that the tax are not touching you anymore.

While I dont know how if feels to be rich, I certainly dont think that I am well qualified to say that I know what it feels to be poor enough to comment on someone's richness.

It is a character problem that one always think of others as having a better life.

and that oneself having the worst life in this planet.

For everyone is fighting is very different battle.

Be nice. Try to.

Thursday, September 26, 2013


I tried hard to stick to what I set out to do each day.

Difficult nya!

It is damn true that they say, everyday we are battling.

A battle of deciding between doing something we really want to do or something of an easier way out.

Everyday I fought myself whether to get up to go work, or easy way out - to continue to sleep.

At work I fought myself whether to do the work or to just do it later. Or easy way out - to let someone else do it later.

When at lunch I fought myself whether to skip lunch since I had breakfast to cut down the calorie intake, or easy way out - to eat.

When home I fought myself whether to read some medicine, or easy way out - to read news and surf facebook.

When I felt sleepy I fought myself whether to continue reading, or easy way out - to sleep till tomorrow.

For each day is a battle itself.

Small but significant battle.

We define our own victory, within our context. Easy way out is a victory at some point.

For now, I decided to NOT to facebook.

Blog can la, it takes only a few moments of my time- to say out what I want to say.

And no need to know what the rest is saying. So kaypoh. and be affected by what is happening around me.

I thought that was the way of living before facebook came into picture?

Say no to facebook!

and yes, I can still count pay day!


(yes, just two days after the September Pay Day, our October Pay Day is coming soon!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Monday, September 23, 2013


I was there in Stadium Negeri Sarawak last weekend when the Crocs beat Kedah 6-1. A full stadium of 30 thousand supporters in red must be a hell of place to go for the Canaries, or any other teams.

No this piece is not about the football match. This piece is about our country; Malaysia.

I was born and bred in Penang Island and I came to Kuching in 2010 for work. When I was in school many years ago, my favourite subjects were Geography and History, and I read a lot about my country, and I thought I know a lot about my country.

No, I was wrong. There is so much that I do not know about my country, considering the amount of knowledge about the two East Malaysia states that I have.

The way of life of the indigenous people, the lives along the Rajang River and the myriad of languages spoken even among the same ethnic of people was simply astonishing. Sarawak is so rich and so diverse in cultures and there is so little that we, the Peninsular Malaysians know of.

It saddens me at times when we read of the heaty exchanges the abuses hurled between the Peninsular Malaysians and East Malaysia. The championing the idea of the Independence of Sarawak versus the so called arrogance autonomy in certain aspects of the law. This is especially  elevated at the peak of campaign during the General Election when the sentiments ran high.

But last weekend, I was simply blown away for 1 and half minutes.

When Negaraku was played and sang loudly and proudly by the 30000 Sarawakians, it is simply overwhelmingly beautiful.

I hope our leaders, while might be too held up with racial polarisations, religion and beliefs disputes, ailing economy state and education systems disagrement, will find the strength and will to address the issue of integration between the two parts of Malaysia.

We are 1 Negara people.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Sabah Sarawak Games 2013

I remembered walking in the MMA Sarawak Branch office as a new committee member earlier this year and I saw a very nice silver plate momento with the wordings:

"Thank you for hosting us, Sarawak MMA
- From; Sabah MMA 2010"

That was the start of the effort to get this meaningful event resurrected after 3 years of absence. The two MMA Branches in East Malaysia have this tradition of hosting one another for an annual sports meet to foster better ties between the members.

We immediately contacted our counterparts in Sabah and to our surprise, they were also planning to resurrect this tradition! I must thank Dr Vasanthi, the SCHOMOS Sabah Chairperson for incredible enthusiasm to get this event going. Also, gratitude to the MMA HQ who has been superbly supportive of this cause, and agreed to approve our request for partial sponsorship of the logistic expenses to go there.

The date 15 September 2013 was chosen, and a group of 26 of us in Sarawak were all geared up to challenge our Sabah counterparts in Tennis, Futsal and Badminton. The contingent members were a good mix of young doctors - mainly medical officers and house officers and a bunch of senior doctors. We managed to get some training sessions organised, in spite of the busy and differences in working schedule.

Unexpectedly just a week before the event, we were informed by the Director's office that the Malaysia Day 2013 National Level celebration would be taking place in Kuching on the same weekend! This is a major setback, as the directors' office rightfully freeze most of our players' leaves. But we understand that duty is our priority and those of us who are in the medical escort and emergency team for the celebration have to forgo this trip. As all of them has already purchased the flights and accommodations, and this turn of the event is a duty call, we decided to keep to our promise to reimburse them the amount that were due to offset their lost.

Our contingent number then shrunk to 13 and we have no choice but to recycle our players to play more than their preferred sports to challange the Sabah MMA members. On 14th of September, there were 13 Sarawak MMA doctors who flew over to Kota Kinabalu, carrying racquets and futsal boots as hand luggages.Upon landing and after checked in to our budget service apartment, we head straight to the famous delicious seafood of KK. I must say KK is the place to go for value for money seafood!

The next morning, all 13 of us concluded that either Sabah MMA is a fantastic host and there is actually "Udang di Sebalik Batu". We were all so well fed for Breakfast before the Badminton and Tennis Games and followed by another huge Lunch before the Futsal game. Predictably, we lost most of the matches. (The excuse given by our players were the feedings were too good and therefore we cant play anymore! - LOL)

The closing ceremony was done in a seafood restaurant and I had my biggest dinner in months there, and I think as one of our futsal player commented, are we here for Sports tournament or food trip? Indeed, a good mix of both I must say.

I humbly find that the networking and sharing of our working stories between the two sides of doctors were very stimulating and heartening. We had a good amount of exchanges of ideas and experiences. There is indeed so many similarities between the doctors serving the two states.

In every edition of Sabah Sarawak Games according the the records, the victory has always go to the host Branch. The overwhelming home advantages was difficult to be offset. But we are looking forward, to get back the Challenge Trophy, next year, in Kuching. See you next year Sabah MMA~!! Thank you!



The key to happiness

Is to know less of peoples problem.

And share less of selfs problem.

And therefore i let go.

Of facebook. :)

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Thursday, September 19, 2013


Very nice video.

Hai, from a frequent daily blogger many years ago, to weekly blogger, to now, probably monthly blogger.

Nothing much to update really.

My life like my brog, - bored. (creativity marks yeay!)

Saturday, September 07, 2013


I spent 5 years in Medical School thinking that I will do public health when I graduate from medical school.

That is why I didnt bother to apply for a job in UK to experience the first world healthcare, first hand.

At that time, I felt that my clinical skills and interests are both not up to par, and truthfully until today, I still think that my knowledge is still very lacking.

The transition started midway through housemanship. The number of sick people is so so many, and I felt the calling to do clinical.

That as a human who is entrusted with Dr infront of my name, it is my job to master clinical skills first and do the job that I am entrusted to.

I dont know how to put it in words, but I sincerely felt that is very important to try to serve using your hands and brains in clinical medicine/surgery, before embarking on Public Health or Administrative.

Also, I felt it is only when you have done 10-20 years of clinical that you would realise what is important, what is crucial, and what is not.

I can pick so many examples of unnecessary bureaucracy and unwise requirement set out by the administrative to the doctors.

For example, the SKT. Seriously, SKT is the single most useless in terms of improving our performance as doctors. I did not find the yearly appraisal of our job scope to be able to put down to papers, as our appraisal stem from the time we spent with patients and ward.

I did Business and Management as Diploma, and actually I am highly researched on the aspect of Human Resource Management and I can tell you in all honesty, this half yearly appraisal doesn't work well in Medicine.

And the worst is that this SKT marks is taking into account in the further postgraduate applications.

But unfortunately, the administration think otherwise, but of course, it is in their wisdom and I am just stating my point of view.

The people that are sitting in the administrative offices making adminstrative decisions must be those who have adequate medical and clinical experience, in my opinion.

Young doctors should gain more clinical experience, and that is important.

I used to tell one of my friend;

Administrative is for those who really really wants to make change to clinical settings, and knows how to;

or those who really really needs a life; and time with family; and not bother with the above.

If you are neither, then it is probably better dont go in yet.

Once the inertia set it, we would lose a Dr in service, and sadly gain a paid (highly) secretary with 5 years medical school training.

And may I humbly said that the 5 years medical school training does not differ you from a 2-3 years MBA trained administrator.

Anyone can do admin, and of course you can argue that some can do better;

but when you can treat, why not treat first?

then admin later;


Wednesday, September 04, 2013


Probably the worst news this week.

RON 95 go up by 20 sen.

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Independence Day?

I had an interesting chat with a very learned Sarawakian friend the other day.

He was so adamant that the real Independence Day of Sarawak is 22 July.

(On that date 1963, British Crown was said to have granted the Sarawakians self-Independence, before Sarawak joined Malaysia federation on 16 September 1963)

Now that struck me deeply.

I have this tendency to think too much (TTM). And that TTM Syndrome has caused me so much of my free time, for which actually I could have make use of to pass my exams.

I am trying to think hard of  when is it the real Independence Day of Penang?

Or is it when the first Sultan of Kedah put a Kedah flag on the peak of Bukit Bendera some 100 years before Francis Light came in 1786? (I remembered from History Class 10 years ago, hoho)

Is it when Sultan Kedah leased the island to British and Francis Light took over Penang?

Or is it when Penang joined Malayan Union in 1946?

Or is it when Malaya was formed in 1948?

Or is it when Malaya was granted Independence in 1957?

Or is it when Lim Guan Eng took over Penang in 2008?

Actually what is Independence Day?

Is it the day one of your kind become your leader and collect your hard earned tax money?

I actually asked my Sarawakian friend let just say if Sarawak is not part of Malaysia, would you feel more independent nationalistically? and how is it different?

Is it that because we think that we will feel that the money from Sarawak will stay with the people of Sarawak?

And you wont think that there is any particular leader with songlap the money for their own perusal? That if there is no Malaysia, there will no CMS in Sarawak?

I think Independence is when you feel you are part of the society in which everyone is treated the same.

Right now, it is difficult to feel that we are part of a big family.

Politicians attitude reflects the society's acceptable attitudes, generally (Quote the late Markus Ng)

My TTM is very time annoying at times.

It is difficult for me to understand why I am so in love with this country (actually it is difficult to explained love)

But the thing is;

I feel happy as a Malaysian.

You too will feel happy one day. Especially when your IC, can get you free ATS Mechanical Heart Valve.

Happy National Day People.

(The date is just abstract. We just need to have a reason to have a day to wave our own flag, without feeling childish)

Monday, August 19, 2013


It is almost invariably that we will lose something and gain another all the time.

When we lost the agility and the fitness, we gain the quick decision making and precision. Through aging.

The same is with other things as well.

There is a balance in everything.

We lose something to gain something.

Finding the correct balance might be challenging.

We lose time. all the time.

We gain memories. good and bad.

But sometimes, the balance seemed to be tilted one way than the other.

When we gain good memories, it is happiness.

But as with all the ascent, there will be a descent.

The key is to hold to ourselves, and keep telling ourselves and keep telling ourselves that

There will be another ascent if I going through this descent.

-Plato Ang-

Saturday, August 17, 2013


A good break from the normal routine is what we term as "holiday".

It can be achieved at home.

Or just a 10 mins drive away from home to another place.

Or even taking a 14 hours flight to another continent.

I have travelled a lot before.

some are alone journeys.

and some I travelled with some friends.

I think the most important aspect of a holiday is the company.

The holiday which gives us a lot of memory, are the ones with certain special people.

and revisiting the place after a while give us a lot of memory.

a lot of good memories

and you can never see the place like just another place any more. even the road feels not the same. even the wind or the rains have special meanings.



Friday, August 16, 2013


Someone reminded me today that I should be more careful in writing stuffs to the public.

Do not step toes or tails of anyone up there.

I thank him.

I think what is lost in our society is the courage to speak up.

And it would be very unfortunate if young people with not much baggage do not have the courage to speak up.

If the leaders are not able to take a reality check, then there would be nothing to lose in being incorrect, to begin with.

Be mindful when we comment or write about racial relationships, yours or others religions

but go all out to air your opinion on social justice and fairness, across lines of race and religions.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Diet programme on hold awhile.

As per picture. Went from house to house. Omg...so full.
Cholesterol today sure kenot be detected. coz it is out of scale.
Selamat Hari Raya...
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Health Inequality

Someone very famous said that " Off all the forms of inequality, justice in health care is the most shocking and inhumane".

I am one young doctor who had just started the learning curve of treating the unwellness of another human. Coming from a humble background, my empathy to people who are disadvantaged in getting health care makes me sad. And this is even sadder when those whom claimed to have been living in reality long enough; laugh off the very discomfort I have for the injustice of healthcare. They say "This is How the World Work" and that "Welcome to the world".

Is that so? I know you would have think the same.

And any hope and ideals in having a just and equal world, is immature, unrealistics, and idealistic, or even utopian?

Lets not digress into other inequality, just stick to health care. Apparently it is acceptable and reasonable that the world works by the concept of the more money you have, the better care you would have, and this is at the expense of those who have less money than you.

Queue is different for everyone. Treatment is different for one person to another. Same disease, different persons, would have different course of treatment, despite having similar natural history and progress.

I can give aplenty of examples.

Those who has money will go to top class most senior doctors, who get their years of experience by treating the poor. So when you have money, you dont have to take part in providing learning curve and avenue to young doctors.

Other examples like doctors placement. This has been going on and on for tens of years. Same story different centuries. We cant actually blame these doctors. Human are born to be individuals, and no one would want to be away from the comfort of families, entertainment, connectivity, and good future. Meaning it is understandable why doctors are still packing up, overflowing the cities and big towns, leaving very few in the rural areas. We have 20 doctors seeing 20 patients a day, but at the same time there is one doctor seeing 200 patients in the rural. Is this acceptable?

Other examples like hospital placement. The best of facilities are almost always at the biggest city in the state. If we go by simply the above examples, having 200 doctors in the rural areas but no modern facilities, it is pointless too. But at the same time, it is unavoidable that the best of equipments must be in the biggest town, I understand. However, there must be a real effort to alleviate the scale of facilities inequality.

In simple words, the difficulty of a patient travelling from his house to the healthcare facilities need to be address.

This bring me to the most important message that I want to convey in this piece.

We need holistic development. Building a world class hospital needs to bring with it a world class connectivity of roads and public transport. The education level of the society around the area needs to be improved. Schools, sanitations, transportations, healthcare, educations, and so on and so on, needs to be pull together, not just one after another.

Those in power in Health Ministry can slowly take sips of their hot coffee at the comfort of their air conditioned offices looking at the many projects they put in placed; Mobile Clinics, Flying Doctors Service, latest PET scan machine in Putrajaya, hundreds of new clinics and hospitals across the country; but if there is no simultaneous development of roads, public transportations, educations and sanitations, the real problem of health inequality will still depressively, be there. How can we claim success when patients earning RM70 a week spend RM40 on transport to see us in the clinic follow-up frequently?

The recent General Election concluded with a razor thin majority to the current government. As an impartial and concerned civil servant, this is very unfortunate. I would hope for a clearer majority to whichever sides to form government. This is so that there will be less politiking, less populist decisions, and more difficult but necessary steps can be taken.

But there is still hope, I hope.

Friday, August 09, 2013

Do you read?


People always underestimate my reading power.

Seriously, where you think I get all my none stop talking ideas from?

I read this piece about a month ago in NYT. (I kid you not, i read guardian and nyt on daily basis)

Funny is when you met some people who talked so much about so many things, 
about their hardship to get all As and still cannot get a scholarship, about the social injustice 
that they are facing that they cant invest in ASN etc

I know we shouldnt judge.

I tried not to judge. But u know, when you know that the person family has got lands 
and shops and houses to collect rent, you cant help but to feel...shut up!

Hmm, we shoudnt judge.

Quiet is a book by Susan Caine which historically finished in a week, and of all places 

- Starbucks.

Quiet is such a craft, I was totally blown away by the ideas that Caine pumped into my head.

Perhaps I must be quieter. 

Yes I should.


When I was Form Two, my mum went to work for the first time in her life. LoL #truestory

Then no one fetching me to school.

So, my brother bought me a bicycle from my cousin. Dont know how much la.

Then I cycle to school everyday.

Not too far, just about, erm 10 minutes tops.

After school, I would cycle to the my favourite chicken rice, tapau my one and only chicken rice, for the entire month, every single day.

Until the ah pek one day told me that actually he can cut other parts of chicken for me so that I dont get bored. And still count the same price. And sometimes gave me some freebies like the neck and butt.

So I changed from normal chicken rice, to drumstick chicken rice, to wing chicken rice, and rotate and rotate. It was RM2.20 per pax I still remember.

The uncle had since change his career to be a plumber. I still saw him on his bike around Perak Road at times when I went home.

Fast forward, about ten years later, I went to Edinburgh.

Bought a second hand bicycle as well.

Cycle here and there. And got stolen after 2 months. ARGH!

I actually found the bicycle in the second hand shop but I cant claimed back, coz I bought it from a second hand shop, which I think is stolen bike as well.

Then I stopped cycling, and another 3 years later, me and my friend operated a home-cook Takeaway business to cater for busy Malaysians during exam period.

And I cycle to deliver those nasi packet to them, still remember how dangerous is that holding 20 packs of nasi, 10 on each handle, and cycling around Edinburgh.

Nolstagic memories.

Just a few days ago, I bought this.

Asking price was 450 ringgit.

But I look at the bike, I gave this friend of mine 600.

150 ringgit duit raya for the children I say.

Hopefully I can burn some fats off, while save on Minyak.

No la, just want to cycle around Kuching.

I tried cycle to my working hospital from my house. 

Wah butt damn pain.

Selamat Hari Raya people.

Friday, August 02, 2013

How far would you go?

According to my anti karma theory, big shit awaiting to happen liau.

I prosper during the days of me doing evil.

And past few years have been rather neutral.

Today I saw the most difficult patient I have ever met. And the two old husband and wife were so blur that they have never ever ever understood simple medication instruction.

Seriousssssly. Almost vomit blood to speak to them.

I was in the mood to educate.

And i found there were some pills which are expiring soon, so I explained like this.

i just hope they dont stop the meds after 5/8/2013

(I just hope that I would be able to maintain such an effort to do this everytime I see patients. 

and I know it is difficult to maintain such an effort)

Saturday, July 27, 2013


We are all weird in our certain ways.

I am weird in my own ways, and it is very weird, I know.

Sometimes I look back at times I collect old newspaper so that I can sell off them in Kilos.

But on the other hand giving RM50 to a complete stranger patient who is seemingly poor.

I have very strong opinion on certain people who think that they have gone through hell and back, and therefore entitled to have belittling views on other people.

Especially doctors.

Scolding patients stupid, although not infront of them, reflects badly on your personality, at least to me.

There is no stupid patient in this world.

No doubt some will have very different health beliefs compared to the conventional beliefs that we held closely, this is by no means equaling stupid.

Some patients are disrepectful - agreed.

Some patients are ignorant of certain things - agreed.

Some patients overdone, or underdone some things - agreed.

But please dont take another human, who are not on same exposure field as yourself as stupid.

I dont know if I sounded holier than thou, but the reason why I counted pay day so closely

is because that is the only way a 25th July is meaningful, and that gives us a sense of time and space.

For actually this Monday and next Monday has no different. Every week in and week out it is the same same questions, same same problems, with same same treatment, and same same consequence.

Count pay day, it keeps me sane.

For the only reason I am still going to work is because I know, I am doing good for another human (s )


Isnt it scary that we are almost half way through our lives

And we are still wondering who are we and what are doing?

And the strange fear that if we are alone now we might die alone by then.

And still, we are willing to be alone

Because being alone is yes scary

But being with the wrong one is not less scary.

I sit down and think to myself, sometimes certain phenomenal happens 

Not by accident

Or in my classic terms - all the blunder, mistake, tragedy, disaster, catastrophy - all might just arrangement for u to realise certain things are for certain ways.

Sunday, July 14, 2013


When that strength of need, want and hope

unable to make

that leap of faith.



Tuesday, June 25, 2013


The more we wanted to learn,

the less we learned.

usually the lessons that taught us fast are when we dont want to learn.

But we learned, nevertheless. 

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Air Asia

If we are looking for inspiration from our own Made in Malaysia's business success story, perhaps the meteoric rise of Air Asia should top our list. The timing, courage and precision of the marketing decisions made by Air Asia were exemplary and its service in connecting us locally, especially between East and West Malaysia is commendable.

But as they said, starting a business is easy, keeping it well is hard. Air Asia with its sizable talent in the company has build an airline with incredible connectivity and economies of scale to keep the cost low.

However, I was unpleasantly surprised in one of my many trips with them last week.

I am not in anyway an aviation law expert but I am curious on a few things. 

Firstly, I do not understand the need for Check In if after I checked in and sat on the seats within the departure gate, I can still miss the flight without my name being called, together with another 3 passengers (who were sitting just outside the departure seats) en-route Kuching-Penang. 

Secondly, I do not understand the reason why the information that I could refund the airport tax if I missed the flight was not offered to me when I tried to purchase the next available flight. 

Perhaps I am asking too much from a low cost ticket, fair enough.

The point that I am trying to get across to esteemable leadership of Air Asia is that, low cost is not an absolute substitute to good service and trustworthy trade. 

Air Asia needs to understand if another low-cost airline rolling in, you might not be only one that can fly everyone.

Connectivity, cost and service can be build by anyone, but trustworthiness and good will; if lost, will be difficult to regain.