Monday, January 28, 2013

Religion in Reality

I was very active in Buddhist society when I was younger.

I took Buddhist Exam - didnt do extremely well of course, but thats because English problem, the exam is really quite straight forward.

When I went to UK, I realized the difference in response and interpretation of people towards the religion that you said you profess.

What I meant is that in Malaysia, if you are a Chinese, not a Christian, you will call yourself Buddhist.

Thats because as you can watch from all the Chinese movies and series, Buddha is even of higher position that the mightiest god.

Monkey god was defeated by Buddha according to Journey to the West isnt it.

The point I wanted to say is that Buddhism, even in its simplest form - is not really the religion of a non Christian, Chinese Malaysian. We fill that in because in this country, we are so pertinent about religion and race.

Sad but true.

When I was in UK, people give me a "Cool!" look when I said I am a Buddhist.

I really dont know what they are thinking.

That I meditate everyday? Or I can go hungry for days?

Dont know why, suddenly, during one of my TTM (Think Too Much) session in the depressing time in UK, I decided not to announce myself as Buddhist.

But Agnostic.

But I still believe that Buddhism's teaching, like all other religion - have some backings and reasons behind them.

It is just unimaginable, how one human with a logical brain, can think of other religion as nonsense?

If someone think that another religion is nonsense - if it is like the Kerajaan Langit probably I give you some credit - But to think of a religion or lets put it in a simpler mode - a Belief : that is being held by MILLIONS OF HUMAN, thinking human,

as ridiculous;

should you not sit down and rethink of your own faith and reason?

Why I am in no way trying to impress you that there is no god in this world, or that religion / god is all the same...

I believe that it is a privilege that you have been blessed with a clear strong mind to believe in something;

I beg that you treat others of different belief not as enemy, not as idiots or moron:

But to respect them equally as you own religion buddies.

For religion is in the heart. Not on the cross that you are wearing. Nor the kopiah on your head.

Religion, in its purest form: condone violent - (although I admit going through history we have seen the two largest religion in this world has been in war since the beginning of the time)

I hope one day, a Malaysian Muslim will politely say no to an offer of a unhalal chicken rice, without prejudice or anger - but to feel that the other person just doesnt understand your complicated holy religion.

Husna Zon - always think of good things of the other side.

Happy Thaipusam people.

God bless Malaysia - A nation separated by racial line, religion and now, politic-racial-religion all in one - GOD BLESS US.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Sunday, January 20, 2013


I read that they found tonnes of petroleum and gas in the Sarawak shore.

and the inlands.

We all know Laut China Selatan is damn rich with these stuffs, thats why China out from nowhere kept coming in to claim the economic zone.

Come on la.

It is in "between" my country.

The sad thing is that, sometimes I felt we kind of rob the Sabah and Sarawak people.

It is like I take 1 ringgit from you everyday and give u 5 sen back.

and I ask you to say thank you.

But it is no 1 ringgit.

We are talking in billions.

It is such a big wealth, that despite this, they should be able to prosper even with the 5 sen we gave them for the every 1 ringgit.

Sadly, the people in power in these two states, rob their own people.

People tends to corrupt.

I used to gelapkan duit everwhere I work.

But sometimes, you look back and you have to do something for these people.

U look at Kuching.

Then u look at KL.

Then u look at Singapore.

Thought came to me, during the Singapore visit.

While I dont see Sabah and Sarawak can be separated from us, this thought if it is in the mind of any local leader and political entity is actually amounting to treason.

But I do think, we should, as a country, do more.

Perhaps by; making Kuching a bit like - Penang?

Oh well, you have one big Penang buaya here isnt it?


Saturday, January 19, 2013


I just went to Singapore for 2 days for exam.

The story I wanted to tell is not about the exam, obviously.

It is about Singapore.

I have never been to Singapore before, this is my first trip.

Lucky for me, I have my friend Jonathan who is working in the island to kindly provide free accom for me.

And a lot of chat.

Funny, he brought me to walk around, and we walked past this casino place, but I memang didnt bring passport around, so didnt go in.

I stood there in front of the waterfront, overlooking the magnificent sky line of Singapore high rise buildings.

And this came to my mind:

We are so near geographically.

And yet we are so far, behind.

I hope we will be able to progress as good as the Singapore.

I hope.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Attitudes is all that matters

I read the letter “Stressed from still working long hours” (The Star, Jan 8) with interest. I would not take part in yet another houseman bashing session because I do not think that I deserved such a merit to do so. I am a fresh product of today's housemanship programme.

However the senior doctors whom housemanship training is very much different back then, would understandbly read it with disgust and felt the complaint is unacceptable, given the way they themselves were trained previously, running the entire ward single-handedly when there were only a few of them.

My opinion is that there are certain sacrifices you ought to make to be deserved the title of "Doctor" in front of your surname. Long hours of working is one of them.

Medicine is such an unique field that mere theoretical knowledge attained from medical school would not be sufficient to function well as a doctor. You need practical skills to be good in procedures, seeing more patients to sharpen your judgement and commiting mistakes to learn not to repeat them. All these come from - paradoxically: long hours of working.

Even as medical officers or specialists, you have to come in during weekends, public holidays or in the wee hours of the morning, when the duty calls; what more expected of the most junior in the rank. There is a joke that the reason why we are called House-Officer; we combined both our home and office together.

If you are looking for two days off a week as a doctor, I think probably reconsidering your career pathway would be appropriate. Dont be afraid of making such decisions, I have friends quitting medicine and went into other fields after working for many years because they are not willing to make such sacrifices. Big man make big decisions and the earlier you decide, the better it is for you; if medicine is not the calling.

Expectations are high in our working place, from both the patients and the superiors. New doctors who joined the fraternity would feel the sense of inadequacy and realise the huge disparity between reality and expectation. There will be times when we feel frustrated as the job is not much on practicing medicine but merely doing clerk's and office boys' job. To a certain extent that is a sad truth, but as the job title goes - House-officer; you ought to be capable to do the house-keeping job well and hopefuly at the same time try to garner as much skills and knowledge as possible.

To the senior doctors, current medical practices and landscape is very much different from those days. Just like any other fields, academic inflation is hitting the medical fraternity very hard. The quality of medical graduates varies a lot, from very knowledgeable and well-trained to some really very disappointing ones.

However, I felt it serves very little purpose to dwell too much on the quality, looking at the fact that all of the houseman have degrees whcih are recognised by law. Instead, we should focus all the energy into making sure all the housemen passing each of the departments posting; bringing with them the minimum level of knowledge and skills expected of a general doctor.

 More importantly, nurses as well must play their role well too. It is very saddening when I heard nurses making comments suggesting that housemen are not real doctors yet. There are also stories of housemen being bullied to do nursing tasks. By right, nurses and support staffs especialy the senior ones should facilitate the learning of the young doctors.

We all must bear in mind that this particular young doctor might be the one looking after our family members next time.

And hopefully, this particular young doctor has in him, the willingness and attitude to learn.

That is all that matters.


it fires our lives, lightens our burdens, pushes through our struggles, validates our desire to see through another day and lastly, it paints the future we want to see.
Dont lose hope. it is, somewhat precious
note to self. noted.
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Monday, January 07, 2013

Friday, January 04, 2013


Now seriously.

Many asked what is your interest, and therefore you should pursue your interest.

My thinking is rather funny.

In my opinion, none of us has a fix interest, especially me.

We are interested in things that we are better at. and things that we are not doing as part of our job.

Thats life.

I am interested in Public Health, no secret. Did all my student selected components from Year 3 placement in Health Protection Scotland, followed by Year 4 placement in Public Health Department in the Med School and went all the way to Croatia for the meeting, and then in Year 5 came back to do elective in Putrajaya Ministry of Health.

But after be a real doctor for 2 years, I found something.

I felt it is a calling to try out surgery first.

You can ask anyone to do Public Health. I mean everyone can talk, can do graphs, can think of some policies.

You can ask some cleverer people to do Medicine, reading up the latest guidelines, understanding the physiology and so on and play with drugs.

But not everyone is given a chance to cut.

It is not rocket science in surgery.

But only certain people who are given the trust to hold the knife.

I want to try out that first, but with good medical knowledge.

If I memang no talent, then ok la, do public health lo. I am good at it.

(I meant no negativity to those who are doing public health)

Tuesday, January 01, 2013


A very happy new year.

Still find it hard to write 2013 as the date in notes, etc...

Thats the problem when you are getting use to something for far too long.

Today nothing much to blog about, oh well, until I read about this RM200 rebate for the youth of age 21-30 to buy smartphones.

It was beautifully proclaimed by the government to be one of the measure taken to increase the rate of 3G phone usage as part of our strategy to push for a society of ICT.

Haih. I dont know who came up with this brilliant? idea but I beg to differ.

There are 1000 ways to increase the internet-computer usage among our people but definitely smart phones would not be one of them.

I myself is considered a knowledge dependent professional who needs to refer to the internet almost every 2-3hourly.

But the fact is, despite having a full data plan, I will still look for a computer with internet connection to do that.

Smartphones in general, what more those less than 500 ringgit, are more to social media connectivity. Facebook, Twitter..etc

If what we want is a facebook savvy society, we are definitely heading the right way.

Is our government headed by Mark Zuckerberg?


Sometimes I have to wonder, maybe the people up there in the corridors of powers are really out-think the rest of normal people like you and me.That we misunderstood and underestimate them for certain unpopular measures they take.

Maybe there is really some good points in certain policies they take, to improve our lives.

But when they came out with this kind of plan: RM200 rebate one off to3G phones priced below RM500,

you start to wonder...

What the heck.

and if you cant afford a phone of RM500, how are you going to afford the data bills?

Or the government going to provide free wi-fi nationwide?

Or else, how long the prepaid RM10 which most of our youths who are earning less than RM3000 month a year with a car loan house loan PTPTN loan are using every week, can last for, for us to do an extensive reading on the, say:

Fiscal Policy in Malaysia?

come-on la kerajaan.