Sunday, January 20, 2013


I read that they found tonnes of petroleum and gas in the Sarawak shore.

and the inlands.

We all know Laut China Selatan is damn rich with these stuffs, thats why China out from nowhere kept coming in to claim the economic zone.

Come on la.

It is in "between" my country.

The sad thing is that, sometimes I felt we kind of rob the Sabah and Sarawak people.

It is like I take 1 ringgit from you everyday and give u 5 sen back.

and I ask you to say thank you.

But it is no 1 ringgit.

We are talking in billions.

It is such a big wealth, that despite this, they should be able to prosper even with the 5 sen we gave them for the every 1 ringgit.

Sadly, the people in power in these two states, rob their own people.

People tends to corrupt.

I used to gelapkan duit everwhere I work.

But sometimes, you look back and you have to do something for these people.

U look at Kuching.

Then u look at KL.

Then u look at Singapore.

Thought came to me, during the Singapore visit.

While I dont see Sabah and Sarawak can be separated from us, this thought if it is in the mind of any local leader and political entity is actually amounting to treason.

But I do think, we should, as a country, do more.

Perhaps by; making Kuching a bit like - Penang?

Oh well, you have one big Penang buaya here isnt it?


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