Monday, January 28, 2013

Religion in Reality

I was very active in Buddhist society when I was younger.

I took Buddhist Exam - didnt do extremely well of course, but thats because English problem, the exam is really quite straight forward.

When I went to UK, I realized the difference in response and interpretation of people towards the religion that you said you profess.

What I meant is that in Malaysia, if you are a Chinese, not a Christian, you will call yourself Buddhist.

Thats because as you can watch from all the Chinese movies and series, Buddha is even of higher position that the mightiest god.

Monkey god was defeated by Buddha according to Journey to the West isnt it.

The point I wanted to say is that Buddhism, even in its simplest form - is not really the religion of a non Christian, Chinese Malaysian. We fill that in because in this country, we are so pertinent about religion and race.

Sad but true.

When I was in UK, people give me a "Cool!" look when I said I am a Buddhist.

I really dont know what they are thinking.

That I meditate everyday? Or I can go hungry for days?

Dont know why, suddenly, during one of my TTM (Think Too Much) session in the depressing time in UK, I decided not to announce myself as Buddhist.

But Agnostic.

But I still believe that Buddhism's teaching, like all other religion - have some backings and reasons behind them.

It is just unimaginable, how one human with a logical brain, can think of other religion as nonsense?

If someone think that another religion is nonsense - if it is like the Kerajaan Langit probably I give you some credit - But to think of a religion or lets put it in a simpler mode - a Belief : that is being held by MILLIONS OF HUMAN, thinking human,

as ridiculous;

should you not sit down and rethink of your own faith and reason?

Why I am in no way trying to impress you that there is no god in this world, or that religion / god is all the same...

I believe that it is a privilege that you have been blessed with a clear strong mind to believe in something;

I beg that you treat others of different belief not as enemy, not as idiots or moron:

But to respect them equally as you own religion buddies.

For religion is in the heart. Not on the cross that you are wearing. Nor the kopiah on your head.

Religion, in its purest form: condone violent - (although I admit going through history we have seen the two largest religion in this world has been in war since the beginning of the time)

I hope one day, a Malaysian Muslim will politely say no to an offer of a unhalal chicken rice, without prejudice or anger - but to feel that the other person just doesnt understand your complicated holy religion.

Husna Zon - always think of good things of the other side.

Happy Thaipusam people.

God bless Malaysia - A nation separated by racial line, religion and now, politic-racial-religion all in one - GOD BLESS US.


Adrian Benjamin Lim said...

haha..i think u la ready had enough of preaching from James to know quite a lot...

anyway, sometimes I think "respect" is used too seems to be the means of escape or to be ignorant.

It gets really uncomfortable when someone questions another person's religion (with respect of cause).

To be more specific, why do Christians want others to be saved? Coz they are lost(ermm..christians are lost too at times..haha).
This is really too simple I know, but that's the gist of it.

You are right..religion is in the heart..that is what God is interested about..our hearts.
We humans will give all sorts of excuses, but God convicts our hearts. We love to ignore God and justify our actions.

Many people have misused religion for wrong causes. That still does not mean that the religion itself condones their actions.

Eve said...

correct..god save us all ..