Friday, January 04, 2013


Now seriously.

Many asked what is your interest, and therefore you should pursue your interest.

My thinking is rather funny.

In my opinion, none of us has a fix interest, especially me.

We are interested in things that we are better at. and things that we are not doing as part of our job.

Thats life.

I am interested in Public Health, no secret. Did all my student selected components from Year 3 placement in Health Protection Scotland, followed by Year 4 placement in Public Health Department in the Med School and went all the way to Croatia for the meeting, and then in Year 5 came back to do elective in Putrajaya Ministry of Health.

But after be a real doctor for 2 years, I found something.

I felt it is a calling to try out surgery first.

You can ask anyone to do Public Health. I mean everyone can talk, can do graphs, can think of some policies.

You can ask some cleverer people to do Medicine, reading up the latest guidelines, understanding the physiology and so on and play with drugs.

But not everyone is given a chance to cut.

It is not rocket science in surgery.

But only certain people who are given the trust to hold the knife.

I want to try out that first, but with good medical knowledge.

If I memang no talent, then ok la, do public health lo. I am good at it.

(I meant no negativity to those who are doing public health)

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