Saturday, February 23, 2013


Just remembered.

It is already about 2 years 4 months I came to Kuching.


Weekend oncall - sien.but happy to get money.

Not oncall - lagi sien, no need to sien working but sien spend money.


Saturday, February 16, 2013

How am I going to vote this election?

My country is definitely one of the most interesting country in this world.

In this country, the winner of the election forms the government which then owns the country's resources.

In this way, it is believed and actually strongly believed that; it is out of the prime minister's and his colleagues' pure gracefulness and generosity

that we the rakyat who paid the tax, have schools to go,

have scholarships to apply,

have universities to attend,

have hospitals to seek treatment,

and recently, have  RM1000 bonus to supposingly ease out our financial difficulties in life.

It is repeatedly repeated and repeated reminded to us that, should they are not that  generous, should they are stingy, should they are evil;

these money will be kept with them, as it is the government's money.

It is repeatedly repeatedly and repeatedly reminded to me that if the Petrol price is up, it is world economy's fault, and if Petrol price is cheaper, it is my government's prudence micromanagement of national resources.

It is repeatedly repeatedly and repeatedly reminded to me that if DAP wins, some random Chinese would become Minister of Religion, Islam will be jeopardisedly replaced by Christianity as religion of the state, as PAS and PKR would just sit near bangku and see DAP do Excel.

It is repeatedly repeatedly and repeatedly reminded to us that if we vote for Opposition, DAP will take Malays land, change it into brothel, PAS will do Hudud law and catch Saloon operator, PKR will legalise homosexual.

I am depressed la reading news.

I dont think that all my oppositions are angel.

I dont think that all my ruling goverment's MP are evils.

But to treat us like shit retard, how to vote for you la.

I only know one thing.

I dont know how my Prime Ministers' and fellow cabinet miniters' relatives are all blessed with incredible business acumen, becoming young millionaires and always be the rightful directors of the all the big companies...

Maybe really they are smarter when their close relatives become ministers.

My voting conscience is clear.

Everyone will enrich their relatives if given chance. Only a few like Gandhi wont.

Me also la. I mean, of course la, if I found a piece of bone I also bring back to my dog rather than give the pariah dog isnt it?

So, as part of my support towards our great NEP; which clearly not that brilliantly successful in making the poor ppl richer, but I think it is doing a decent job to make those not that poor one richer and richer;

I will vote for Opposition, because should they become Ministers, their relatives will become rich too, overall we will create more new millionaires and will generate local economy.

I hope I didnt step your tail fellow friends.

I dont care who u support. I just hope everyone will be richer. Not just a few selected ones. 

Royalty monarchy is something of history that we all respect, I am not critising that.

But treating ministers like royalty, is something,

educated human, should not feel obliged.

They feed on my money, ask me to say thank you. Nola...nola...nola.


Acute GastroEnteritis.

Bloatedness, constipation, and nausea vomiting.

Very seldom get these gastro symptoms.

Must be the unstoppable eating in Penang the other day. OMG. 


Hopefully a few days of detoxication will help the overall health of my GI system.

 Penang Pasar Level Char Koay Teow: RM3.00

 Penang Random Kopitiam Chee Cheong Fun RM2.40 noh tiaw
Random Kaki Ayam Kicap. Forgot how much. 

Sunday, February 10, 2013


May all find themselves in good health


Abundance of happiness.

The two most valuable thing in this world.

Huat or not huat, happy and healthy is more important!!

Saturday, February 09, 2013

Spring Cleaning

I have no idea how people going to live in big big bungalow.

My small 700 sq ft flat already took my whole morning to midday to clean up.

Ceiling fan ; is considered my calling.

I am considered to be the only one fallable. Brother too big size, felling from any height would create shockwave. Mother 58 this year. Felling meaning NOF# liau. CHOIIIII.

Nola joking la. I dont let them climb up and down la.

The last time ceiling fan was cleaned was when I came back last year after 1 week hospitalisation for pneumonia. fast time flew past.

its my 3rd day in Penang.

and 4 more days to go then back to Kuching and start working again. 

be happy. close ur eyes. open ur eyes. be happy.

Friday, February 08, 2013


Which type of person are you in terms your opinion on zoo?

Life of Pi gave me this platoism thinking about life principles from the point of view of the existence of zoo.

Are you against zoo, that the animals are being deprived of the freedom, the nature, the way of living that they have been living and living thrivingly for centuries? 


Are you a believer of the alternative view that animals are more protected and live longer if they held captive, with supply of food is constant and mating partners are arranged and babies are well taken care of?


Looking at certain things in my life.

I cant correct everything that I think is wrong, especially to the people close to and around you.

Would you take the risks of being the "Right" person, and take someone into you captivity and care?

Or you would just believe that the person is okay to be where they are?

I often worried about my close ones whether they have eaten or not, they are safe or not on motorbike, whether they are being scolded and humiliated at work or not.

But to think about it, they are as old as I am if not older.

What makes me think I can offer something they dont have in them?

Superiority? Confidence? Ego?

Plato Ang is back.

Jelutong Pasar random standard, Wantanmee Rm2.70

in Penang. 

Thursday, February 07, 2013

Rafia Sign

I just remembered something.

I once examined an uncle long time ago.

He was wearing long pants, with rafia string to wear his loose pants.

I cant exactly remember his presenting problem, but I remembered he ended up with a solid haziness on his chest xray.

Top of the list of anyone suspicion - Lung Cancer.

I think if you happen to see some uncle with rafia as belt, spend more time with him.

He might benefit from your tender, loving care.

Not just because he surely having Ca,

but the fact that he cant afford a new pants to wear to see a doctor. sometimes, to most people, it might involve their best clothes.

Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Monday, February 04, 2013

Wrapping up the year of Dragon

A year of....



over thinkings.



May year of Snake be less snaky than dragon.

All the best people!!

Gong xi gong xi

I wanna sell tau fu fah liau if got a chun chix like dat waiting for rain to stop.

Usual reality is the fat fat ones.

Saturday, February 02, 2013



If I am not a doctor, I would venture into car wash.

Have to wait so long. Yes weekends only u might say,

SO why not only open your carwash only on weekends?


Only cost them a few cent of water and soap. Charge quite expensive.

And waited so long.

But anyway, it is easier than wash it yourself. And cleaner too. :)