Saturday, February 09, 2013

Spring Cleaning

I have no idea how people going to live in big big bungalow.

My small 700 sq ft flat already took my whole morning to midday to clean up.

Ceiling fan ; is considered my calling.

I am considered to be the only one fallable. Brother too big size, felling from any height would create shockwave. Mother 58 this year. Felling meaning NOF# liau. CHOIIIII.

Nola joking la. I dont let them climb up and down la.

The last time ceiling fan was cleaned was when I came back last year after 1 week hospitalisation for pneumonia. fast time flew past.

its my 3rd day in Penang.

and 4 more days to go then back to Kuching and start working again. 

be happy. close ur eyes. open ur eyes. be happy.

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