Friday, February 08, 2013


Which type of person are you in terms your opinion on zoo?

Life of Pi gave me this platoism thinking about life principles from the point of view of the existence of zoo.

Are you against zoo, that the animals are being deprived of the freedom, the nature, the way of living that they have been living and living thrivingly for centuries? 


Are you a believer of the alternative view that animals are more protected and live longer if they held captive, with supply of food is constant and mating partners are arranged and babies are well taken care of?


Looking at certain things in my life.

I cant correct everything that I think is wrong, especially to the people close to and around you.

Would you take the risks of being the "Right" person, and take someone into you captivity and care?

Or you would just believe that the person is okay to be where they are?

I often worried about my close ones whether they have eaten or not, they are safe or not on motorbike, whether they are being scolded and humiliated at work or not.

But to think about it, they are as old as I am if not older.

What makes me think I can offer something they dont have in them?

Superiority? Confidence? Ego?

Plato Ang is back.

Jelutong Pasar random standard, Wantanmee Rm2.70

in Penang. 

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