Thursday, March 07, 2013

Cry wolf

Do you know the story of cry wolf? and the sheeps.

or Ang'style of the story of the cry fox? and the goats?

(There was a time I tot wolf and fox, sheeps and fox, can be used interchangebly until I was corrected)

The sad thing about cry wolf is that there would be a time when one try to do it right,

but condition not feasible. Everyone has already have their mind set at certain intention you have.

The highest level of the cry wolf is that the person himself, was to be convinced that the wolf infront of him is not a wolf anymore.

On the lighter note: My facebook status:

Sulu Invasion crushed our(including me) lifelong belief that Malaysia is forever free from war and natural disaster.

it is time like this when people (including me) realise the importance of a strong and reputable security forces (Police, Army, etc). 

While I dont believe in all devils or all angels in any group of human, I believe that there are some good people in our police force and army, and they are sacrificing the comfort of family and home to do this job for us. At last I found a reason to celerate Hari Pahlawan.

Right from my heart. Thank you soldiers.

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