Monday, March 04, 2013

nightmare again.

I had a nightmare which was somewhat similar to what I had before.

Funny and eerie when you have a dream, twice.

It was in a car, I was at the passenger seat at the back

(funny again when I usually either drive or sit infront)

It was a clift, and the car suddenly fell from the clift

I have a mixed of views, from my eyes of the ground getting closer and closer and closer and PUM!

and then the view from far when the car roll again and go down to another clift.


from my view one, its scary, the ground become closer and closer,

I brace my arms in cross

take big breath in, and pom...

not so much of pain, but the anticipation of it hitting the ground...

so much came to my mind at that time,

which bone will break...

radius, or ulnar,


and yet


and it repeat and repeat and repeat...

i think total fall....about 5-6 times...

wake up to a tachycardic me and sweating like pig.

plato ang

- no matter how you project, expect, plan,

when you fall, you fall.

when the fall is painful, it is painful.

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