Tuesday, June 25, 2013


The more we wanted to learn,

the less we learned.

usually the lessons that taught us fast are when we dont want to learn.

But we learned, nevertheless. 

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Air Asia

If we are looking for inspiration from our own Made in Malaysia's business success story, perhaps the meteoric rise of Air Asia should top our list. The timing, courage and precision of the marketing decisions made by Air Asia were exemplary and its service in connecting us locally, especially between East and West Malaysia is commendable.

But as they said, starting a business is easy, keeping it well is hard. Air Asia with its sizable talent in the company has build an airline with incredible connectivity and economies of scale to keep the cost low.

However, I was unpleasantly surprised in one of my many trips with them last week.

I am not in anyway an aviation law expert but I am curious on a few things. 

Firstly, I do not understand the need for Check In if after I checked in and sat on the seats within the departure gate, I can still miss the flight without my name being called, together with another 3 passengers (who were sitting just outside the departure seats) en-route Kuching-Penang. 

Secondly, I do not understand the reason why the information that I could refund the airport tax if I missed the flight was not offered to me when I tried to purchase the next available flight. 

Perhaps I am asking too much from a low cost ticket, fair enough.

The point that I am trying to get across to esteemable leadership of Air Asia is that, low cost is not an absolute substitute to good service and trustworthy trade. 

Air Asia needs to understand if another low-cost airline rolling in, you might not be only one that can fly everyone.

Connectivity, cost and service can be build by anyone, but trustworthiness and good will; if lost, will be difficult to regain.



Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Kubah National Park

In conjunction with Visit Sarawak Year 2013 (ya i came up with that myself), and to increase the readership scope of this 6 years old blog ( I just realised today)

Introducting....Visit Sarawak - Where?

I went to Kubah National Park last week. Was due to last minute non planning nothingness to do long weekend.

I did a few online search and it was advertised in the net as the nearest, and most accessible National Park around Kuching.

No lah! Stutong Park is still the nearest, coz it is in the city itself. (other time la about that Stutong National Park). But it is very accessible I must agree.

It will take you about 30 minutes from the city centre to the Kubah National Park - very near for a national park really.

Just follow the direction towards Matang, and look for the signpost Matang Family Park, Matang Wild Life, Kubah National Park.

Upon reaching the HQ, there is a small hut, some chalets, and a public toilet (cleanliness level > my school toilet)

The HQ is manned by very friendly personnel, introduced himself as Mr Dominic, and he will eagerly spend a few minutes with you if you identify yourself as first-timer.

I chose the trail to Waterfall - on the net it says 45 minutes, Dominicpedia said it is 1 hour.

Oh ya, entrance fees is RM10 (pretty sure it is cheaper if you tell them your state identity)

So once you embark on the journey up the 20 mins of cement road, you will see there will be some cars going past you.

First thought - Idiots, who is spoiling the nature.

Second thought after a few minutes - I want to hitch hike...take me take me. LOL

After about 25 mins of hike on the road, you will see an entrance to the Rayu Trail, then another 4-5 breaths you will see entrance to the Waterfall Trail.

Take that trail, and jeng jeng jeng - in about 1 hour or so, you will be greeted by the sound of waterfall.

It is a beautiful waterall, some rubbish here and there but overall still okay.

The trail is okay-ly maintained - but might be dangerous during rainy days.

The water fall itself - standard precaution: Slippery. Take note.

Must take care when you try to make it to the higher level. I didnt go so far.

Okay, if you are free weekend and want to have a nice picnic with some exercise in between:

Kubah Waterfall lah!

Lastly, googlemap Showing The Route From The Iconic Sarawak General Hospital. hehe.