Saturday, July 27, 2013


We are all weird in our certain ways.

I am weird in my own ways, and it is very weird, I know.

Sometimes I look back at times I collect old newspaper so that I can sell off them in Kilos.

But on the other hand giving RM50 to a complete stranger patient who is seemingly poor.

I have very strong opinion on certain people who think that they have gone through hell and back, and therefore entitled to have belittling views on other people.

Especially doctors.

Scolding patients stupid, although not infront of them, reflects badly on your personality, at least to me.

There is no stupid patient in this world.

No doubt some will have very different health beliefs compared to the conventional beliefs that we held closely, this is by no means equaling stupid.

Some patients are disrepectful - agreed.

Some patients are ignorant of certain things - agreed.

Some patients overdone, or underdone some things - agreed.

But please dont take another human, who are not on same exposure field as yourself as stupid.

I dont know if I sounded holier than thou, but the reason why I counted pay day so closely

is because that is the only way a 25th July is meaningful, and that gives us a sense of time and space.

For actually this Monday and next Monday has no different. Every week in and week out it is the same same questions, same same problems, with same same treatment, and same same consequence.

Count pay day, it keeps me sane.

For the only reason I am still going to work is because I know, I am doing good for another human (s )


Isnt it scary that we are almost half way through our lives

And we are still wondering who are we and what are doing?

And the strange fear that if we are alone now we might die alone by then.

And still, we are willing to be alone

Because being alone is yes scary

But being with the wrong one is not less scary.

I sit down and think to myself, sometimes certain phenomenal happens 

Not by accident

Or in my classic terms - all the blunder, mistake, tragedy, disaster, catastrophy - all might just arrangement for u to realise certain things are for certain ways.

Sunday, July 14, 2013


When that strength of need, want and hope

unable to make

that leap of faith.