Saturday, August 31, 2013

Independence Day?

I had an interesting chat with a very learned Sarawakian friend the other day.

He was so adamant that the real Independence Day of Sarawak is 22 July.

(On that date 1963, British Crown was said to have granted the Sarawakians self-Independence, before Sarawak joined Malaysia federation on 16 September 1963)

Now that struck me deeply.

I have this tendency to think too much (TTM). And that TTM Syndrome has caused me so much of my free time, for which actually I could have make use of to pass my exams.

I am trying to think hard of  when is it the real Independence Day of Penang?

Or is it when the first Sultan of Kedah put a Kedah flag on the peak of Bukit Bendera some 100 years before Francis Light came in 1786? (I remembered from History Class 10 years ago, hoho)

Is it when Sultan Kedah leased the island to British and Francis Light took over Penang?

Or is it when Penang joined Malayan Union in 1946?

Or is it when Malaya was formed in 1948?

Or is it when Malaya was granted Independence in 1957?

Or is it when Lim Guan Eng took over Penang in 2008?

Actually what is Independence Day?

Is it the day one of your kind become your leader and collect your hard earned tax money?

I actually asked my Sarawakian friend let just say if Sarawak is not part of Malaysia, would you feel more independent nationalistically? and how is it different?

Is it that because we think that we will feel that the money from Sarawak will stay with the people of Sarawak?

And you wont think that there is any particular leader with songlap the money for their own perusal? That if there is no Malaysia, there will no CMS in Sarawak?

I think Independence is when you feel you are part of the society in which everyone is treated the same.

Right now, it is difficult to feel that we are part of a big family.

Politicians attitude reflects the society's acceptable attitudes, generally (Quote the late Markus Ng)

My TTM is very time annoying at times.

It is difficult for me to understand why I am so in love with this country (actually it is difficult to explained love)

But the thing is;

I feel happy as a Malaysian.

You too will feel happy one day. Especially when your IC, can get you free ATS Mechanical Heart Valve.

Happy National Day People.

(The date is just abstract. We just need to have a reason to have a day to wave our own flag, without feeling childish)

Monday, August 19, 2013


It is almost invariably that we will lose something and gain another all the time.

When we lost the agility and the fitness, we gain the quick decision making and precision. Through aging.

The same is with other things as well.

There is a balance in everything.

We lose something to gain something.

Finding the correct balance might be challenging.

We lose time. all the time.

We gain memories. good and bad.

But sometimes, the balance seemed to be tilted one way than the other.

When we gain good memories, it is happiness.

But as with all the ascent, there will be a descent.

The key is to hold to ourselves, and keep telling ourselves and keep telling ourselves that

There will be another ascent if I going through this descent.

-Plato Ang-

Saturday, August 17, 2013


A good break from the normal routine is what we term as "holiday".

It can be achieved at home.

Or just a 10 mins drive away from home to another place.

Or even taking a 14 hours flight to another continent.

I have travelled a lot before.

some are alone journeys.

and some I travelled with some friends.

I think the most important aspect of a holiday is the company.

The holiday which gives us a lot of memory, are the ones with certain special people.

and revisiting the place after a while give us a lot of memory.

a lot of good memories

and you can never see the place like just another place any more. even the road feels not the same. even the wind or the rains have special meanings.



Friday, August 16, 2013


Someone reminded me today that I should be more careful in writing stuffs to the public.

Do not step toes or tails of anyone up there.

I thank him.

I think what is lost in our society is the courage to speak up.

And it would be very unfortunate if young people with not much baggage do not have the courage to speak up.

If the leaders are not able to take a reality check, then there would be nothing to lose in being incorrect, to begin with.

Be mindful when we comment or write about racial relationships, yours or others religions

but go all out to air your opinion on social justice and fairness, across lines of race and religions.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Diet programme on hold awhile.

As per picture. Went from house to house. full.
Cholesterol today sure kenot be detected. coz it is out of scale.
Selamat Hari Raya...
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Health Inequality

Someone very famous said that " Off all the forms of inequality, justice in health care is the most shocking and inhumane".

I am one young doctor who had just started the learning curve of treating the unwellness of another human. Coming from a humble background, my empathy to people who are disadvantaged in getting health care makes me sad. And this is even sadder when those whom claimed to have been living in reality long enough; laugh off the very discomfort I have for the injustice of healthcare. They say "This is How the World Work" and that "Welcome to the world".

Is that so? I know you would have think the same.

And any hope and ideals in having a just and equal world, is immature, unrealistics, and idealistic, or even utopian?

Lets not digress into other inequality, just stick to health care. Apparently it is acceptable and reasonable that the world works by the concept of the more money you have, the better care you would have, and this is at the expense of those who have less money than you.

Queue is different for everyone. Treatment is different for one person to another. Same disease, different persons, would have different course of treatment, despite having similar natural history and progress.

I can give aplenty of examples.

Those who has money will go to top class most senior doctors, who get their years of experience by treating the poor. So when you have money, you dont have to take part in providing learning curve and avenue to young doctors.

Other examples like doctors placement. This has been going on and on for tens of years. Same story different centuries. We cant actually blame these doctors. Human are born to be individuals, and no one would want to be away from the comfort of families, entertainment, connectivity, and good future. Meaning it is understandable why doctors are still packing up, overflowing the cities and big towns, leaving very few in the rural areas. We have 20 doctors seeing 20 patients a day, but at the same time there is one doctor seeing 200 patients in the rural. Is this acceptable?

Other examples like hospital placement. The best of facilities are almost always at the biggest city in the state. If we go by simply the above examples, having 200 doctors in the rural areas but no modern facilities, it is pointless too. But at the same time, it is unavoidable that the best of equipments must be in the biggest town, I understand. However, there must be a real effort to alleviate the scale of facilities inequality.

In simple words, the difficulty of a patient travelling from his house to the healthcare facilities need to be address.

This bring me to the most important message that I want to convey in this piece.

We need holistic development. Building a world class hospital needs to bring with it a world class connectivity of roads and public transport. The education level of the society around the area needs to be improved. Schools, sanitations, transportations, healthcare, educations, and so on and so on, needs to be pull together, not just one after another.

Those in power in Health Ministry can slowly take sips of their hot coffee at the comfort of their air conditioned offices looking at the many projects they put in placed; Mobile Clinics, Flying Doctors Service, latest PET scan machine in Putrajaya, hundreds of new clinics and hospitals across the country; but if there is no simultaneous development of roads, public transportations, educations and sanitations, the real problem of health inequality will still depressively, be there. How can we claim success when patients earning RM70 a week spend RM40 on transport to see us in the clinic follow-up frequently?

The recent General Election concluded with a razor thin majority to the current government. As an impartial and concerned civil servant, this is very unfortunate. I would hope for a clearer majority to whichever sides to form government. This is so that there will be less politiking, less populist decisions, and more difficult but necessary steps can be taken.

But there is still hope, I hope.

Friday, August 09, 2013

Do you read?

People always underestimate my reading power.

Seriously, where you think I get all my none stop talking ideas from?

I read this piece about a month ago in NYT. (I kid you not, i read guardian and nyt on daily basis)

Funny is when you met some people who talked so much about so many things, 
about their hardship to get all As and still cannot get a scholarship, about the social injustice 
that they are facing that they cant invest in ASN etc

I know we shouldnt judge.

I tried not to judge. But u know, when you know that the person family has got lands 
and shops and houses to collect rent, you cant help but to feel...shut up!

Hmm, we shoudnt judge.

Quiet is a book by Susan Caine which historically finished in a week, and of all places 

- Starbucks.

Quiet is such a craft, I was totally blown away by the ideas that Caine pumped into my head.

Perhaps I must be quieter. 

Yes I should.


When I was Form Two, my mum went to work for the first time in her life. LoL #truestory

Then no one fetching me to school.

So, my brother bought me a bicycle from my cousin. Dont know how much la.

Then I cycle to school everyday.

Not too far, just about, erm 10 minutes tops.

After school, I would cycle to the my favourite chicken rice, tapau my one and only chicken rice, for the entire month, every single day.

Until the ah pek one day told me that actually he can cut other parts of chicken for me so that I dont get bored. And still count the same price. And sometimes gave me some freebies like the neck and butt.

So I changed from normal chicken rice, to drumstick chicken rice, to wing chicken rice, and rotate and rotate. It was RM2.20 per pax I still remember.

The uncle had since change his career to be a plumber. I still saw him on his bike around Perak Road at times when I went home.

Fast forward, about ten years later, I went to Edinburgh.

Bought a second hand bicycle as well.

Cycle here and there. And got stolen after 2 months. ARGH!

I actually found the bicycle in the second hand shop but I cant claimed back, coz I bought it from a second hand shop, which I think is stolen bike as well.

Then I stopped cycling, and another 3 years later, me and my friend operated a home-cook Takeaway business to cater for busy Malaysians during exam period.

And I cycle to deliver those nasi packet to them, still remember how dangerous is that holding 20 packs of nasi, 10 on each handle, and cycling around Edinburgh.

Nolstagic memories.

Just a few days ago, I bought this.

Asking price was 450 ringgit.

But I look at the bike, I gave this friend of mine 600.

150 ringgit duit raya for the children I say.

Hopefully I can burn some fats off, while save on Minyak.

No la, just want to cycle around Kuching.

I tried cycle to my working hospital from my house. 

Wah butt damn pain.

Selamat Hari Raya people.

Friday, August 02, 2013

How far would you go?

According to my anti karma theory, big shit awaiting to happen liau.

I prosper during the days of me doing evil.

And past few years have been rather neutral.

Today I saw the most difficult patient I have ever met. And the two old husband and wife were so blur that they have never ever ever understood simple medication instruction.

Seriousssssly. Almost vomit blood to speak to them.

I was in the mood to educate.

And i found there were some pills which are expiring soon, so I explained like this.

i just hope they dont stop the meds after 5/8/2013

(I just hope that I would be able to maintain such an effort to do this everytime I see patients. 

and I know it is difficult to maintain such an effort)